Weekend Coffee Share – 5th April, 2020.

Phew! Before I even mention coffee or do a Polly put the kettle on, I wanted to tell you that I actually made through to the end of the Blogging From A to Z Challenge and managed to clock up 32,000 words. My goodness, anyone would think I could write underwater. Well, just give me the right technology, and I’m sure I could pull it off.

Anyway, in case you’

A- Amsterdam: 1992

B- Berlin: 1992

C- Canberra

D – Devonport, Tasmania: Crossing Bass Strait 2017.

E – Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania, 2017.

F – Florence: 1992. 

G – Geraldton, Western Australia 1997 and 2002. 

H – Heidelberg: 1992.

I – Ipswich: Visiting My Grandparents.

J – Jindabyne: Skiing in the Australian “Alps”. 

K – Koln (Cologne) – 1992.

L – London: 1992.

M – Melbourne: 1997. 

N – Driving Across the Nullarbor Plain: 1996.

O – Great Ocean Road, Victoria: 1998 and 2002.

P – A Different Perspective of Paris: 1992.

Q – Queenstown, Tasmania: 1995

R – Rotorua: 2001.

S – Sydney Harbour: Forever.

T – Toowoomba: 2010

U – Umina Beach, NSW: Home.

V – Places I’ve Played My Violin: 2012.

W – Whale Beach, Sydney: 1990 onwards.

X – An Extraordinary Travel Yarn (Pinnacles WA) 1990

Y – Yachting Holiday (Hawkesbury River): 1983.

Z – Taronga Zoo, Sydney: 2009.

Anyway, welcome to another Coffee Share!

You chose a great day to pop over to our place for coffee. You might like to join us for dinner. We’ve just polished off  home made peanut chicken with a sprinkling of fresh coriander, but there’s more on the stove. Or, if you feel like something sweet, our daughter made cinnamon spirals my daughter this morning from a recipe she’d found on Tick Tock.

cinnamon scrolls

The cinnamon scrolls my daughter made by rolling out a slice of bread and cutting it into little pinwheels. 

We had our first grocery home delivery this morning. While getting our groceries home delivered made good sense for reducing our exposure to Covid 19, it meant grappling with a whole new way of doing things, and needing to get my head around that. While it took me a lot longer to find what I was looking for, the program stores my past purchases. So, I expect it will be quite efficient in future. The delivery arrived this morning just as my husband was about to log onto his morning meeting for work. By the time I woke up and pottered out there, it looked like Santa had been, and there was so much food. I was very exciting, especially after all the restrictions we’ve had.

This includes a few experimental items. My Dad mentioned that he’s been making fried cabbage and bacon, one of his childhood favourites. So, we now have a massive cabbage sitting in the fridge. Indeed, it look like we could well be eating cabbage and bacon for a week. I also found an ice cream  version of Cadbury Cream Eggs, they were delicious.

Anyway, there have been strange happenings in homes right around the world with the multitudes shut inside on home duties. My daughter’s friend managed to clock up 33kms walking around the local area “exercising” with a friend. My daughter’s painting the back of her door cow print. Other friends have been dying their hair wacky shades of pink, blue and purple. My daughter’s been baking recipes she’d lifted off Tick Tock, and while some have been inspirational others had clearly not been triple-tested in the Australian Woman’s Weekly kitchen!! I clocked up over 32,000 words and my research of WWI soldiers continues. I mentioned a few weeks ago, that my husband had dug up the backyard and buried a special underground paver system, which stops the dogs from being able to dig through, and much to my surprised delight, we now have green grass. Goes to show what hard work and persistence can achieve. Soon, it might even need a mow. Fancy that!!

Zac & Rosie dogs grass

Last Wednesday, the kids went back to school, albeit online. While the first day back, is always painful, this was surreal. They’d been schooling from home for about a month last term, and then had two weeks of supposed holidays where they stayed home the entire time, except for exercise. So, when school started up again for term two but still at home, it all felt very strange. Fortunately, the school has provided information and support packs and even though both kids have online access, I picked up the hard copy pack for our daughter, which she’s pleased about. She finds that easier than online. Soon, possibly even next week, they can go back one day a week. However, they’re been allocated their day based on alphabetical order and my daughter won’t be with her friends. Moreover, they’re not in their regular classes or with their regular teachers. So, quite frankly, I can’t see the point of going back for one day when the risks outweigh the benefits. Meanwhile our Federal Minister for Education was bully-boying the Victorian Premier to open schools faster. We are so close to getting rid of the virus, and yet it doesn’t take much for it to spread like a forest fire. We’re seen the case where a nurse working in a nursing home who had minimal symptoms herself, has passed it on and at last count, 15 residents have died and 59 people have been infected. So, it’s not fear talking It’s respect. Responsibility. Yet, at the same time, you also need to be realistically optimistic. Practice social distancing. Wash hands. Our infection rate is under 1% so we’re clearly in a very different boat to much of the world. Anyway, I still wish it would just go away so I don’t have to worry my sweet little head about it.

Rowena Desk

With a cup of tea, cinnamon scrolls and a dog at my feet what more could I want? At least, I managed to clean my desk for the start of term 2. 

So, what’s been going on in your neck of the woods? I hope you and yours are keeping safe and I send our love.

This has been another Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Eclectic Ali. We’d love you to come along and join us each week.

Best wishes,



3 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – 5th April, 2020.

  1. kristin

    Here in Atlanta, GA, it’s 9:47AM. Just me and my husband here. I find getting food these days amazing too. We seem to be eating better than ever, thanks to several of my daughters who help with shopping for things we can’t find in the nearby store. I spend most of my time like I usually do – researching family history and writing it up.

    My grandkids are finishing up their online classes in their various houses and about to begin summer break. Two are graduating, one from high school and one from college. They don’t seem upset by the loss of traditional milestones.

    I am worried that this state is opening back up when the rate of infections and deaths are still rising. I’m glad that all of my children and their families are still hunkered down.

    Right now I’m waiting for my sister and her husband to drive by and leave a book outside after they walk their dog. At least we can wave and say hello down the driveway. That is our new “living room”, unfortunately without comfortable seating at present, where we entertain family members who are dropping things off.

  2. Rowena Post author

    That’s a great idea to have your driveway as your lounge room and I might suggest that to my husband. We recently bought a camper in case I need to evacuaute quickly. At the time we bought it Australia was looking like it was following countries like Italy, USA UK etc and my husband was asking me about my evacuation plan. A friend suggested the caravan and we found one a day later and we plan to travel with it once restrictions are lifted. Well, the camper is currently parked out the front, but will be heading into the backyard once my husband’s done whatever it is he’s doing out there. We’ve at least acquired green grass and a lawn. It might be my job to make the front of the house more habitable. Our daughter is currently painting the back of her door with cow print. Developing the front yard seems like a great idea.
    Please be careful. I have no doubt that USA is opening up too fast and too soon but that also shifts responsibility to the individual and unfortunately the more risks the general public takes, the more people like me need to completely withdraw.
    Where is your family history based? Most of my ancestors came from Ireland, Germany and Scotland and I also research my husband’s family which has some English connections. I am very hooked and absolutely love it.
    Have you thought of taking part in the Weekend Coffee Share? I think you’d like it.
    Best wishes,

  3. kristin

    My family history is African American, so in the USA. Even though I do have me enslavers in my genetic make-up which gives me a large amount of British Isles DNA, I don’t have any stories or specifics about them. So my search is for my ancestors back to 1870 and then before that during slavery. I have shared a lot of my research on finding eliza and in past A – Z. So, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky are where I do most of my research, long distance.
    I will look into the Weekend Coffee Share.
    Yes, they are unlocking too fast and people are gungho to be unlocked. Right now there are workmen working on the house across the street. Adding and addition, raising the roof and I don’t know what. Earlier I’m sure I saw a Mobility Bus – for transporting elderly and mobility challenged people – go down the street. Cars all day going who knows where. Crazy.

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