Once Upon A Virus…

Millions are following what the coronavirus is doing, how different countries and individuals are responding and it’s sort of like a huge social and cultural experiment which jumped out of a movie set. So, I’m quite interested in checking out what’s going on out there, especially as I’m staying home and there’s not much to say about that once I’m done commenting on the kids doing school from home. So, I wanted to share this clip I came across on Facebook and it’s also been reported on the news here in Australia.

Any thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “Once Upon A Virus…

  1. Ritish sharma

    I recently walked alone in the street of my town, it was really cool having those empty places. No people, no hustle just the wind following me. Surely these days will left a great story to tell 🙂

  2. Tails Around the Ranch

    I’m sad to say that video pretty much nailed it. Discovered this morning that “freedom” apparently means “irresponsibility.” Sign on store says you must wear a mask to enter. Guy breezes in front of me with no mask. Ugh. Why are these people so stupid?

  3. trentpmcd

    Mostly true… the problem is, it’s not Americans in general, it is Donald Trump and his supporters and those who watch Faux, I mean Fox, News (i.e, same thing as Trump supporters…). And those inconsistencies and lies? I think he is actually lying less now than over the last three years, only now over 65000 people have died because of his lies…

  4. lindamaycurry

    It is Chinese propaganda of course but is largely true as far as I can make out. The two things it doesn’t mention are Dr Lee Wen Liang who was a whistle-blower for the emerging disease and was forced to sign an apology letter by the police In China before he passed away from the virus. He was posthumously exonerated. Also the numbers from Wuhan were initially under reported by 50%. That doesn’t make Trump’s reaction excusable in any way.

  5. Rowena Post author

    Thank you for pointing those issues out, Linda. I posted that well after midnight last night and didn’t even go to the trouble of putting in a featured image. We’re huge fans of Lego Masters here and so I loved the clip just from a Lego perspective, even if it was propaganda.

  6. Rowena Post author

    I agree, Ritish. I really wish I could’ve gone into the heart of Sydney and done some photography while the place was sound asleep. I haven’t seen many Australian scenes of iso on the news but they showed places n Italy totally deserted at the height of the crisis. It was like a horror film.

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