Weekend Coffee Share – 26th May, 2020

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

I’m not going to lie to you. The weather today is absolutely appalling. That’s not just because I’m some wussy Australian who can’t handle  the rain…or the cold.

Well, maybe I am.

However, it’s beyond my control. My DNA’s been reprogrammed by the heat and rain is such a rare thing here at times, that I almost don’t know what it is when I see it.

Moreover, I’m not alone in this either. Lady, our Border Collie x Kelpie wanted to go outside tonight but as soon as she stuck her nose out and saw the rain, she changed her mind.

Well, we had some big news here. Last Monday schools here in NSW were literally ordered back full time by the Minister for Education , just like a frigging dictator. There’s been little thought or accommodation for people in high risk categories. We’ve simply been told that zoom won’t continue. Unless you provide medical documentation, your child will be marked absent and consult your school principal. As you can see, it really annoyed me, and put me in a really dreadful position of having to choose between my kids’ education and potentially my own survival. However, the incidence of the virus here in Australia is seemingly so low, that I do think and hope that the risk is minimal.

So, we’ve had to get the household adjusted and prepared for back to school. It’s all been made much easier by having Geoff working from home. He’s showing no sign of needing to go back to working in the office, which is great.

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to get our for some exercise. I can’t quite recall whether it’s only been the one walk. However, last week I went on a wonderful walk   to the Mt Ettalong Lookout which is about 10 minutes drive from home and on the way from Umina Beach to Patonga. From the road, it’s pretty unassuming. So much so, that it’s simply known as “the water tower walk” locally. However, it has breathtaking coastal views over natural rock lookouts and you almost feel like an intrepid explorer looking over the headland out to sea. I also loved the trees and wildflowers, which really came alive to me. I call myself a tree gazer. I find so many shapes and forms in their exquisite boughs and branches and I was there right on magic hour right before sunset when the magic was at its best. You can read more about it HERE.


What with the whole Covid 19 situation, I’ve found myself in a fairly reflective mood at times. In fact, I’ve caught myself going through my misery list a few times. You know that list of losses and everything that’s gone wrong and been totally unfair. Well, I pulled myself up on it and decided to reflect on the first six months of 2020, through the framework of Acknowledgement & Gratitude. Acknowledgement recognizes those disappointments and setbacks without dwelling on them. You’re just visiting, and in the case of the Monopoly board you’re not going away to jail and staying there. I was quite surprised that my gratitudes outnumbered and also outweighed my acknowledgements by more than two to one. Indeed, that proved to be a very useful exercise and I encourage you to check it out here: Acknowledgement & Gratitude- 2020 Revisited.

I also got back into flash fiction this week, contributing to Friday Fictioneers. My flash this week as: Inside-Outside.

So, how are things going over in your neck of the woods? I hope they’re going well and you’re all keeping safe.

This has been another contribution to the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Eclectic Ali

Best wishes,


6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – 26th May, 2020

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  2. teachezwell

    Ooh, I am jealous for your…

    dog! Yeah, yeah, the beach and walks are phenomenal but I LOVE border collies. Anyway, I am sorry for the sudden shift with school and hope that you all do stay safe. I have really wondered why Australia’s numbers are so low, but am glad for it. Has anyone tried to figure that out? It’s so interesting how our bodies acclimate to temps and humidity. I guess our dogs do the same thing. I was reading a blog from someone who thought 60 degrees was warm! Not!

    I always like hearing about how others handle the whole gratitude attitude thing. I tend to be a whiner and grouch about stuff, so I love your encouragement. I am sure my last 6 months have been overwhelmingly positive, but I do miss out on joy, day by day, by complaining.

    Your photos do look like post cards. I can’t imagine being there. It must be awesome. Apart from the dictator in government! I am a tree gazer as well! There is so much complexity, with branches and vines, light and shadow. Maybe we are twins separated at birth? I’ve thought that before with you.

    Many blessings on your adventures!

  3. waynemullane

    Hi Rowena, My dog hated the rain too. If the heavens opened when we were out, then he’d hide under a bush and it was such a job to coax him out 😀

  4. Rowena Post author

    Sorry it’s taken me a few days to reply. It’s been a chaotic week and then you get the new comments coming in and the older ones sinking before you get back to them.
    I’ve met quite a few people through blogging where we have a lot in common. It’s been fantastic, but also makes me wonder why it can be difficult in the real world. I’ve really found my mojo here. But a lot lot of us are writers, thinkers just by definition so it’s a good start. I went for another lovely walk yesterday. All my walks are around sunset. I even spotted a wallaby (small kangaroo) driving home. That hasn’t happened before.
    Anyway, I’d better keep moving.
    Best wishes,

  5. Sagittarius Viking

    I hope that after the first confusion of the school start got figured out and everything went smoother after that. How are you doing? I imagine it being very stressful to face sending your children out there knowing that you are at risk. I truly hope this virus disappear for good sooner than later. Some of my colleagues are very worried. Our schools have been open the whole time and some parents of students have been diagnosed with the virus. The photos from your walk are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing them!

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