Weekend Coffee Share – 8th June, 2020.

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

How are you and what is going on in your neck of the woods? I’d like to offer you a slice of Lemon Meringue pie with your cup of tea, coffee or whatever. I made it for my parents who both celebrated their 75th birthday this week. I added some raspberries to it, which made a wonderful addition. The raspberries were a bit light on as I wasn’t too sure how they’d go However, they went really well and I’ll add the full punnet in future. Not that I make Lemon Meringue Pie all that often, but I’ve been doing more baking since Covid 19 came along and Masterchef 2020 is also on at the moment giving me plenty of inspiration and intimidation.


If we were to meet up for coffee in person, I know we’d probably be talking about the riots and #blacklivesmatter. I live in Australia. So, I’m geographically removed from what’s going on in America, although the TV brings it into our living room and it’s hard to know how much the news represents what’s going on over there. While I think the original #blacklivesmatter hashtag was a great rallying cry following the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police, I’m not so sure about using it in such a broad-sweeping sense because every life matters and there are a lot of people who are equally being discriminated against, killed and also dying from neglect. As a person living with a disability, people in my community have been denied access to wheelchairs or basic equipment needs and lack a voice. A woman with cerebral palsy recently died due to neglect by her carer. Aboriginal people here have adopted  #Blacklivesmatter to raise public awareness of Aboriginal deaths in custody which really does need to be acknowledged and addressed. It slips so easily under the carpet, and it’s hard to keep up with all these horrid things in our communities which definitely need to be addressed and fixed now and not consigned to some politician’s eternal inbox where it never sees the light of day. I personally believe that if we treated everybody with respect and applied the Golden Rule and tried to put ourselves in other people’s shoes, as Harper Lee says in To Kill A Mockingbird, that much of the discrimination, inequality and hate would at least be reduced. However, some communities have particular areas where more is focus and action are needed and I understand the need for the slogan #blacklivesmatter even though every life also matters. It’s to draw attention. Have an impact. Make us sit up and notice, and that’s important too because it’s very easy for each and every one of us to get very comfortable in our easychairs at home and be oblivious to what’s going on beyond our own four walls. My own ignorance abounds and I’m generally living back in WWI with my research. It’s such a long way away from the present, that it’s easy to forget anything is going on beyond what I can see.

While it’s important to highlight discrimination, struggles, hate etc certain groups might be experiencing, it’s also important, indeed critical, to keep building bridges between people and we’ve seen so many examples of that during these protests. People coming together across that so-called black-white divide and embracing each other in love (and despite Covid 19 restrictions). There is good and bad everywhere, but it’s important that we stay informed somehow of what is going in the bigger picture and don’t close our eyes to suffering, injustice, cruelty and neglect.

Anyway, I don’t know if you wanted to come over here and talk about all of that over coffee. However, I couldn’t not talk about it and I’d really like to see some really strong role models rise up out of this to lead us forward and on a global scale. Let’s see humanity unite and connect building bridges right around the world and make everyone feel at home, safe, valued and at peace.



Meanwhile, my photography walks continue. Last Friday, I decided to head over to another local beach at Killcare about a 15 minute drive away. However, in the absence of any signage, I took a wrong turn and ended up at MacMasters Beach 10 kilometres further down the road. It also turned out that the battery for my SLR had failed to charge. That left me taking photos with my phone. Being a committed SLR photographer and unashamed snob, as far as I was concerned, I might as well be taking photos with my shoe. However, while they turned out quite well, and using my phone is certainly much easier than lugging the camera around, I’m not a convert yet.

Despite all these mishaps, MacMasters was breathtakingly beautiful. I stopped off at the Barefoot Cafe for some homemade prawn spring rolls, which were scrumptious and deliciously crunchy and I’ve been plotting my return ever since. Meanwhile, rather than walking along the beach, I decided to walk across the rocks to the headland and watched the surfers as I went. It was all quite mesmerising, particularly as I reflect back on it now from the relative blandness of our lounge room. Indeed, from that perspective, it was absolutely magnificent!! I’d love you to join me at: Surfing Through The Lens.

Meanwhile, yesterday, we drove down to Sydney to celebrate my parents’ 75th Birthdays. It was Dad’s birthday yesterday and Mum’s through the week. Thanks to the blessed coronavirus, we just celebrated with our family and my brother. As I mentioned before, I made an Leon & Raspberry Meringue Pie and Dad picked up a chocolate meringue cake from a local French Chocolate shop. It’s to die for. Except if you die, you can’t go back for a second piece. It was a shame not to catch up with my aunts, uncles and cousins, but getting all of that crew together isn’t as easy as it used to be either. We’ve scattered and outgrown a standard table as well.

MacMasters Beach feet

Lastly, I’m trying to find a way forward for my violin and have taken up the piano again hoping they’ll fuel each other on. I’d like to record my piano playing and accompany myself on the violin and put together a CD just for myself. Something to work towards. The music school has been closed for a couple of months now due to covid restrictions and i’m going to take the next term off as well to fund a keyboard synthesizer. My son who is studying entertainment and sound at school and helping out at Church, tells me that a note on a keyboard is like a button which triggers off a chain reaction of sorts. I’ll be interested to see it in action. Meanwhile, I’ve been playing Leonard Cohen’s Alleluia on my daughter’s keyboard and setting it to tenor saxophone, which sounds very moody and atmospheric. I’m also playing New York and pretending I’m a violin-version of Frank Sinatra in a pink dressing gown, spotty pink PJs and ugg boots. It’s not quite the New York look, but that’s me in lock down.

Daleys Point2

Sunset Daleys Point 

Anyway, it’s really got very late and I need to get to bed.

I hope you and yours are keeping safe and are finding a way to navigate a path through everything that’s going on at the moment.

This has been another contribution to the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Eclectic Ali

Best wishes,




9 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – 8th June, 2020.

  1. lindamaycurry

    Enjoyed the chat. I agree with what you say. I didn’t march although I agree with the protest and the focus on ‘Black Lives Matter’. A Royal Commission didn’t stop police brutality but maybe smart phones will. I’m now hoping the mass gatherings didn’t increase the incidence of COVID-19. It would be great to arrive at the NZ result of no new (or existing) cases.

    I’m doing a bit of WW1 research in my serial blog as I read my bio dad’s war diary. I’m deciding how much to include and am rewriting it to fit the story. I’m writing about my own conception and trying to do it tastefully. Difficult!

    Great to catch up and I’ll enjoy having coffee with you again soon.

  2. Gary A Wilson

    Hi Rowena and thanks for the visit.
    I’m fortunate I guess. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve witnessed a racial event in person. My class in Trade school right out of high school was full of different skin tones and eye shapes and we got on famously. My best friend there was half black and half Filipino. Years later, he stood with me at my wedding as my best man. Together we worked at the same job assembling and testing and fixing computers with other men and women from the Silicone Valley ethnic melting pot, and had more fun than I think I’d ever had. I could go on but I already sound like a denier – right? Well, I’m not.
    I just have plenty of evidence that both our media in the US is an embarrassment and exists to drive the agenda of one party over another. They also blow up or selectively report issues in ways that are grossly out of proportion to reality or, often, is a pure dishonest way, playing us to drum up viewers or to turn us on each other.
    So, I’m not on very good terms with them.
    But, I do feel better for having spelled all that out. I’ll stop it now.
    You do now have me lusting after a certain lemon pie, thanks for that BTW.
    I would go out an buy myself a new digital SLR camera, but don’t have time for the writing hobby I already like to think I have.
    Have I ever told you the story of how I snookered my good friend from Trade School on his birthday? It actually lead to one of the two raciest experiences I can remember, but was a fun way to love on a good friend anyway.
    Interested? Here’s the link. I may help put your smile back where our media has likely knocked it away.

  3. New Journey

    Hello my friend, I have been absent from here for what seems like forever. I haven’t been up to anything exciting just doing nothing!! LOL oh well, I did send you PM Happy Birthday, I thought of you and was hoping that you were having a wonderful day. I will get back on here and read through your blog I promise. but its late here and I have men coming in the morning to help with some yard work out-front. we are pulling out 2 connecting empty ponds that the previous owners were installing, they are an isore so we are ready to get them out of the front yard. Sending you love and joy XXXkat

  4. Rowena Post author

    The raspberries are a fabulous addition. Loved it. The price of raspberries here has been pretty good lately so I’m using them a lot more. Let me know how it goes. xx Ro

  5. Rowena Post author

    Hi Kat!
    Funny you should mention ponds. I wrote a flash fiction piece about renovating a pond which I know you’ll love and you’ll have a good laugh.
    I don’t know whether you knew we bought a camper, but that generated so much other work so we can get it parked in our backyard. We’re replacing the dreadful carpet and much of the flooring with a floating floor. It’s such a massive job. However, we’re slowly getting there. Meanwhile, my research and writing on the WWI soldier project is going well. I’m getting there slowly. Hope you’re well and stay safe.
    Best wishes,

  6. Rowena Post author

    Gary, i don’t know what to make of what I see of America on TV. We have our own journos over there but probably get much of our news from US sources. We also view it through Australian eyes, and we’re a pretty cynical bunch. I try not to take the media too seriously.

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