Weekend Coffee Share… 22nd June, 2020

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

How was your week that was? Perhaps, you might need a cup of tea or coffee while you reflect on that and a Tim Tam might also get the brain cells moving. They were on sale this week, and we have what would be a year’s supply of Tim Tams for the more restrained consumer stashed away in the cupboard. However, please don’t accuse us of food hoarding in these lingering days of Covid 19, as these supplies could well only last us a week, especially if the teenagers stage a raid!

It’s Winter here, and to be honest, it feels like I’ve spent the last week snuggled up in my dressing gown and ugg boots. However, I know I’ve been out and about within a fairly confined circuit because I’m still social isolating and being careful as much to avoid Winter colds and flus as much as Covid 19. I don’t know how I’d go living somewhere it actually gets cold. I’ve been huddled by the heater rugged up and it’s been 18°C. I clearly have no resilience to the cold at all!!

Lady June 2020

Lady is clearly thinking mischievous thoughts and is in stealth mode.

That said, I did manage to get Lady to the beach for a walk and I actually clocked up around 5000 steps. However,  I wasn’t so virtuous on Saturday. I talked instead of walked and the sun set before I managed to get going. As I picked up dinner, my phone flashed a report on my screen usage and congratulated me on 5 seconds of exercise. How’s that for impressive!! Well, at least I went for a walk while I was waiting for our meal.

Lady & Ron Kallmier

Lady and I ran into a friend who’d caught this huge salmon down at the beach. As I took the photo, I wasn’t watching the dog and as you can see, her nose in only millimetres away from the fish… the scallywag!

I’ve done a lot better on the research front. I’m continuing my research into the stories of Australians serving in France during WWI. I’m really excited about how this is going and how lucky I am to be putting these stories together in 2020 when I have so many resources online at my fingertips and I can flit around all over the place to build really comprehensive profiles. It really enhances my capacity to get inside their shoes, slip inside their skin and try to get some idea of how they lived, breathed and possibly even viewed the world around them. Or, at least, I can delude myself into believing I can. After all, these people aren’t going to be so obsessed with themselves on so many different levels as I am, and they might even appreciate finding out what I’ve put together and would get quite a surprise. I certainly haven’t allowed for things like getting a song stuck in their heads for hours on end. Or, what it’s like to basically be a bloke. That is exceeding the realms of even my over-zealous research. Moreover, I also need to factor in what goes on in my own mind. Sometimes, there’s absolutely no traffic at all, and at other times, the same thought can get stuck driving round and round the roundabout, and there’s equally very little to report. So after that rethink, I’m going to retract my great confidence about stepping into these soldiers boots and confess that no matter how much research I do, they’ll still be characters where the facts will always be infused with a dose of me along with the effects of being buried in history for over 100 years.

The other thing I wanted to mention this week, is that I am now well on the way towards resetting my sleep patterns. I’m not sure whether I’ve ever truly confessed about just how out of synch my sleeping habits have become during lock down. Although I’ve been a night owl for some time and might get to bed around 1.00 am, this has slipped back a considerable notch and I was going to bed at 3.00 am most nights and waking up at midday. Indeed, some days, I was waking up in the afternoon. I was rather embarrassed about this, and it wasn’t working for me or anyone else. It was like I’d become a shift worker living in a time zone all of my own, and it needed to change. Now, I’m gradually working towards waking up at about 7.00 am to help get the kids off to school. Geoff’s still working from home, so I’ve been let off the hook. So, next week, I’ll  be down to 9.00 am. Being Winter and losing so many hours of sunlight, sleeping through the day simply doesn’t make sense so I’m pleased to be seizing more of the day.

Lastly, I wanted to update you on the story of Will Callaghan, a non-verbal teenager on the Autism Spectrum, who went missing for two nights in bush land in Victoria a few weeks ago. A friend of his mother’s is now hosting a fundraising campaign to help make the family’s life a bit easier. As you could imagine, looking after Will and his brother, who is also on the spectrum, has additional challenges and it’s also equally important to look after carers and ensure they are not stretched to breaking point. If there’s a way we as the community can help lighten the load, we need to try to do what we can. This is most certainly challenging atm when so many people are in need. However, what strikes me about this family is that their needs are long-standing and ongoing. There isn’t that capacity to plan for a rainy day or build a nest egg. It’s more a case of getting by and hoping the wheels don’t fall off. Anyway, here’s the link: https://www.mycause.com.au/page/229759/will-callaghan

Anyway, I’d like to have something more exciting to share with you next week, but it looks like that will have to wait. Excitement seems to involved large crowds, partying, swinging from the chandeliers. However, I’m hoping to find somewhere new and interesting to explore on foot and through the lens, and there’s always the possibility of unplanned excitement in this household, but that wasn’t the kind of excitement I had in mind.

So, how was your week? I hope you and yours are staying safe from the dreaded Covid 19. Melbourne’s having a few troubles, but it’s all good here.

Take care and stay safe!

This has been another contribution to the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Eclectic Ali

Best wishes,





9 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share… 22nd June, 2020

  1. maxwellthedog

    One of these days I will have a Tim Tam. I may be the last person on Earth not to have sampled the treat. A deprived child hood. Anyway, good on ya for staying away from the virulent crowds and infectious masses. Stay safe…I reckon we still have a ways to go before we put paid to this Covid-19. It will be interesting to see how seasonality plays into the mix – we are in Summer and you guys are in Winter so now what happens with the spread?

    PS: Tell Lady she should have just grabbed the fish and run like hell.

  2. Tails Around the Ranch

    Treats like Tim Tams get placed in a secret hiding spot so as not to alert any snooping by the roommate who has a habit of noshing sweets like a mouse in a grainery. 😁 I’m keeping my distance from most people (though I have made exceptions for my family when I visited for Father’s Day and a couple of dear friends. We were careful, wore masks and had a great catch up session. For the most part it’s been just fine not chatting with walkers or lingering at the grocery. Will likely continue even as there’s been a gradual return to pre-COVID times. Stay safe, stay sane and keep smiling. And, of course, keep warm. We’ve been setting heat records for most of June. Ugh…I can’t begin to contemplate July and August. Ugh.

  3. Rowena Post author

    I loved your description of your room mate’s activities. Rosie ate the second Tim Tam I was planning to have with my cup of tea before bed last night. I wasn’t sure whether I should be having it, but she most definitely shouldn’t have been eating chocolate. She is an absolute stealth bomber and leaves you wondering whether your morsel had ever been there at all. Did you like the photo of Lady eyeing of our friend’s fish? She’s a scallywag too.
    Please be careful with Covid. I don’t know what they’re reporting on the news over there, but from what we’re seeing here it’s a nightmare. Our local shops are still being very careful with handsanitizer at the door and strictly adhering to social distancing. Church is a mixed bag with social distancing enforced in terms of numbers and spacing during services but otherwise some people are hugging, shaking hands etc. but I just say I’m social distancing and it mostly works. It’s harder to stick to with people you know really well, than when you’re out and about which makes sense.
    Hope you have a great week and survive the heat.
    Best wishes,

  4. Rowena Post author

    I love your suggestion for Lady, Tom, and I’ll have to pass that on to the owner of the fish.
    I’d heard before that there were I guess hopes that the low incidence in Australia and New Zealand had a seasonal base, and that numbers would improve once you hit Summer. Its a shame your your sakes that didn’t hold up. I hear people say that we’re lucky here. Perhaps, there is some luck and we were lucky to be living here and not somewhere else. However, we locked down early, and we do have a spirit of self-sacrifice and helping out a mate. We have some extraordinary natural disasters here and we’d just got through the worst bush fires on record and they were mostly fought by volunteers. We also have much lower populations and can spread out much easier. I don’t live in the hear of Sydney and I’m not forced onto crowded trains to commute, but even when I go out, there’s no drama being at arms length. When you compare that to conditions in India, it’s chalk and cheese and where any of us lives I guess is a matter of luck and destiny.
    You have indeed lead a deprived life not having had Tim Tams. They used to just come in one standard flavour and they evaporated out of the pack as it was. I’m currently rather partial to the dark chocolate orange ones and they just melt in your mouth. I hope you find some and get a good stash when you find them, because one pack won’t be enough.
    Best wishes,

  5. Sagittarius Viking

    Thank you for that delicious coffee. I’m on the opposite of your sleeping pattern. LOL. I usually get up between 4-5AM depending on what shift I work. I’m on vacation now and I am “forcing” myself to stay up later, and sleep in. I’m slowly getting there, sort of. My body don’t like to stay in bed late, but staying in bed until 6AM at least during vacation time feels more decent. Some days I’ve even stayed in bed meditating until almost 7AM. I’m so enjoying having time off, since that is so far from the norm for me. I’ve been on a very tight schedule for a while. I hope you stay wells and get to enjoy some beautiful camera walks.


  6. Tails Around the Ranch

    I’m very careful and religiously follow social distancing and masking protocols. Colorado isn’t too bad, Arizona, Texas & Florida are real hots spots.

    Another hot one on tap. Only 89 days until autumn arrives. 😊 And for the record, I’m a real sucker for scallywags. They hold a special spot in my heart. 💖 Stay safe, warm and keep smiling.

  7. Rowena Post author

    Sorry it’s taken me awhile to reply. I got back into my WWI research and it swallows me up and I can barely see my out. I’m just peering occasionally out the top of my bunker.
    We’re heading for trouble here. People are saying we’re heading for a second wave. However, we never had a first wave. Just a blip. this thing really seems to bring the idiots out of the woodwork. As you may have heard, security guards at hotel quarantine slept with the guests and triggered the community spread. Thought you’d like to read this: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/jul/10/kfc-birthday-party-in-melbourne-costs-26000-in-covid-19-fines-after-police-track-order It would be funny in a movie but I could throttle them.
    Hope you’re well.
    Best wishes,

  8. Tails Around the Ranch

    No worries, Row…I know life gets busy. Yeah, things are exploding here (included COVIDIOTS have a corona party which has led to the death of at least one 30 year old in Texas-what is wrong with people?!). I put out an animated video today with a PSA once again reminding people if they follow these rules, we can get out of this nightmare. Stay safe, sane and keep smiling. Hugs and tail wags.

  9. New Journey

    One of our stores has TimTams, and I love them, they come in all flavors, the mint is my favorite. They carry food from all over the world and I always come home a couple bags filled with food from Germany, and lots of curries and of course timtams. LOL

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