Weekend Coffee Share…20th July, 2020.

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

How are you? Goodness know how things are in your neck of the woods. I am feeling rather lucky to be living just North of Sydney As you may have heard, there’s been an outbreak in Melbourne and Melbourne and an adjacent region have gone back into lock down. While there’s always been rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne, it’s hit new heights at the moment and the Victorians are banished. Indeed, some of these dreaded Victorians escaped and spread the love to us here in New South Wales, and now our Premier has moved into double-speak. Says a lot about not going into lock down every time there’s an outbreak, but we’ve been moved to high alert and we’re teetering on the very brink. I hope people get a bit of sense and at least some idea of self-preservation, even if they can’t get their heads around “doing the right thing” or being community-minded. AS much as I don’t want to catch it myself (especially with my compromised immune system), I don’t want to give it to someone else, let alone kill someone by being thoughtless.

Anyway, there is a world behind coronavirus and quite a lot’s been going on. Tonight, the winner of Masterchef 2020 was announced. It was Emelia. It was a tough final and the two women are very close friends, which must’ve been difficult. There was virtually no difference between them on the entre and the main but unfortunately Laura left her fridge door slightly ajar and her ice cream went a bit grainy. It was such a pity, especially as she fought back from a severe born and beavered away one-handed through most of the cook. She was incredible. Last night, was the finale of The Voice, and so that was another night of intense emotion and quite seriously I felt all four finalists deserved to win. The winner was Chris Sebastian.

Meanwhile, I’ve been battling a cold and have had to withdraw from social interaction myself to ensure I didn’t infect anyone. That felt almost as weird as shying away from people everywhere I go in case they might have the virus. Golly, it all just seems easier to become a hermit for awhile and get stuck into my research. Get it finished and have something productive to show for 2020.



Anyway, after my husband came home from sailing with some fabulous sunset shots, I twisted his rubber arm yesterday and we drove of to nearby Hardy’s Bay to photograph the sunset there. It was absolutely magnificent and I hope you like the photos. I was pretty chuffed, especially after being stuck at home for a few weeks. Here’s a link to the post: Bathing in a Glorious Sunset at Hardy’s Bay.


I also wrote a post about taking our dearly beloved dog, Zac (AKA Isaac Newton) for a walk. I learnt a lot about Newton’s 1st Law of Motion from him as he yanked me around the block. He wasn’t going to stop even to sniff the wind…Walking With Isaac Newton


Lastly, I shared about the chaos that was our kitchen table on Saturday morning. It was quite interesting to check out all the detritus deposited there as though the tide had washed overhead leaving these relics of our lives behind. I am constantly trying to keep this rotten table clear, but it’s a thankless task. All the same, I can’t turn my back and give up on it either. I don’t want it to reach a dreaded state of no return. Here’s a link to that post: Home On A Saturday Morning.

Anyway, it’s really late and the kids are back to school tomorrow and they’ll be up before I get to sleep at this rate.

Best wishes,


7 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share…20th July, 2020.

  1. Gary A Wilson

    Hi Rowena. Those are amazing photos! And, you and I can share our woes at being cut off from the world. My women rarely let me out and give me grief even if I call for and then sneak away to pick up some pizza. They way business are running here, you barely see or speak to anyone. I’m amazed at how much I miss them.
    Stay safe down there. We’re rather fond of having you around.

  2. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much, Gary. I enjoy catching up with you too and love all your stories. My son caught the train the other day and a bus and they were both empty. My husband has been working from home for a few months which has been amazing for us. I was hoping it could usher in a new era for us, but they’ve ordered staff back even though our numbers are increasing again. It’s infuriating.
    We’ve had some real idiots here and I guess there are idiots round the world making this thing worse. Feel like throttling them. So, it’s probably best I go back to my researxch. It’s relatively safe for me back then, even though the people I’m researching are in the thick of the battlefield in WWI.
    Take care and stay safe.
    Best wishes,

  3. Sagittarius Viking

    I really enjoyed the sunset photos. Sunrise and sunset is my favourite times of the day. The nights doesn’t get really dark here during summer. The sun sets between 10-11pm all summer, and rises around 3-4am, but in between it does not get pitch dark, just a little darker than daytime. Late august, or beginning of September is when it slowly starts to get darker at night, and we can enjoy sunrises and sunsets again. The summer light is special in other ways. Thank you for your coffee!

  4. Librarylady

    Hi Rowena, I had to laugh about your kitchen table dilemma. I have the same problem but probably for a different reason. I like to write. I have within which to write in but it’s much sunnier and pleasant out on the kitchen table, so all my writing clutter and bill paying clutter etc end up there. Maybe I should remodel my office and add more windows? Anyway, great pictures. Hang in there.

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