Weekend Coffee Share – 23rd August, 2020.

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

This is the first time I’ve actually written my coffee share post on the weekend for a very, very long time. I usually leave it til Monday night when the weekend is done and dusted. However, I’ve missed a few weeks as Mondays have been busy. For me, the start of a new week is a bit like starting a new year every seven days. Monday is the day when everything needs to be in order, so we can all get off to a fresh start. It doesn’t always work and there even times where the kids’ uniforms sometimes even miss the wash and pandemonium reigns. This has been happening more often since the so-called kids became teenagers and the relaxation of parental vigilance on part isn’t usually matched with an increase of responsibility on their part.

Anyway, I can offer you a choice of banana muffins with macadamia nuts or chocolate chip cookies with dark chocolate and macadamia nuts. Both are home-baked and a scrumptious treat.

We went on a picnic across from the beach today with some friends and decided to go for a beach walk together afterwards. Going walking with Geoff along the beach is a very rare event. Although we live right near the beach, he seems to be allergic to sand and much prefers the still water where he goes sailing most weekends or occasionally out on the kayak. I took some photos of us down at the beach. I particularly like taking shadow photos. They always intrigue me and you can see my scarf blowing in the wind, which was rather strong and definitely unsuitable for sailing unless you want to end up in New Zealand.

You’ll notice that Geoff had adopted a new look. He usually keeps his hair and beard short. However, hewas avoiding the barber during lock down and his hair now reaching down to his shoulders. In keeping with the longer ahir, the beard has followed suit and he'[s stareting to look like his 4 x Great Grandfather Robert Sleighthom who had what Crocodile Dundee wouldcall: “Now, that’s a beard!!” I don’t know what the meaning of all this is. Or, how long this look will be hanging round. Not unsurprisingly, it’s attracted quite a lot of comment. I call him Moses. He’s also been called Santa. Yet, there’s still no snippers in sight.

I can understand in a way. I haven’t had my hair cut for over six months. I couldn’t be bothered doing much with it when I was just at home, and perhaps Geoff’s had the same idea but he’s out and about more than me and has also been back to work for a bit. I didn’t bother to get my Winter clothes out of storage.

Clearly, Covid isn’t doing much for our motivation.

Well, at last not in some areas.

Although Geoff was going to be replacing the floors throughout the house, he’s been diverted into car maintenance. This has been a frustrating business. We have, among other cars, a bright red Alfa Romeo which was my pride and joy until she started making fearful screeching, scraping noises leaving little doubt she was requiring emergency surgery. While Geoff works in IT, he’s also very good with cars which is the only reason we’d buy a finicky Italian car which looks absolutely gorgeous and goes fast, and is as temperamental as any hot-blooded Italian. There often seems to be that trade off between style and reliability and any character car, usually seems to have plenty of character (or is it just old age?) Anyway, Geoff sent the turbo down to Wollongong to be reconditioned. That came back, but unfortunately so did the screech. He’d narrowed the noise down to three parts in the same general vicinity so he order the lot and now we’re just waiting for them to arrive. Geoff’s having great fun watching the exotic list of destinations they’re passing through. I think collectively they’ve come from Estonia, London and somewhere else and they’re seemingly hopping all over Europe whilst most of us poor humans are stuck at home since Covid’s turned travel into a dirty word. Oh to be an exotic car part travelling the world…Gee. Now, I’m really getting desperate.

Meanwhile, my research continues. That’s my research into WWI. What started looking at the experiences of a couple of family members, expanded into soldier’s bios and then took another twist and turn and now I’m putting together a series of bios of people from the home from who made a difference in some way. I’d collected these together while I was researching the soldiers and found them very inspiring. Most of these stories are about ordinary people who took a simple step, which proved extraordinary in some way. Given my own personal limitations due to health and disability issues, I found the whole idea that you could write a letter which could trigger off a movement rather extraordinary and highly motivational, especially in these current times.

However, while the concept is good and I’ve collected an amazing amount of information, it’s quite something else to convert facts into lively story telling without losing the truth. This is why any authors change the names and it becomes “based on a true story”. I’ve found myself trying to turn the engine over and really get into the flow and its a lot more difficult when you’re dealing with facts. The pace can feel quite jerky and it can read like a boring business report too. However, there’s that balance somewhere in between and that’s what I’ve striving towards. Indeed, last night I finally had a taste of what it is like to write at full flight and really get some lively words down on paper. It was such a relief and I would’ve been thrilled to bits if the flow didn’t wait until 2.30am to kick in and it was close to am by the time it stopped. I sort of cared. I am trying to be responsible. Follow regular hours. However, it’s hard to be regular when you’re simply not.

Can any of you relate to that? I’m sure you can.

The down side to all my hours of research and writing, is that I’ve been doing a lot of sitting. While I thought it was really positive to be working so hard and being so dedicated and focused, apparently I need to be distracted. Go for a walk. Move my feet. fidget. This is apparently why I’m ending up with annoying sciatic pain which is also affecting my legs. Indeed, since yesterday I’ve had a clicky knee and that really doesn’t feel good. So, I’ve pulled back a bit and went for a beach walk with Geoff today while the cold August winds swept across the beach and we could’ve been in the Sahara if it weren’t for the ocean lapping at our feet.

Meanwhile, we’re still in need of a major overhaul at home. I’ve taken a boot load or so to the opportunity shop and I have another load ready to go. However, we’re looking at dismantling and throwing out an old upright piano. I’m hoping to salvage some of the parts to display around the house, and I’d also like to make a sculpture of a person out of it using the pedals as feet. This project is even more ambitious than it sounds, because the only sculpture I’ve even made was out of papermache when I was about eight. However, as you might’ve gathered by now, I’ll be counting on Geoff to come to the rescue. He comes to my rescue a lot!!

Lastly, speaking of pianos, I don’t know whether I’ve mentioned that we recently bought a new keyboard synthesizer after I decided to get back into playing the piano during Covid. My initial plan was to accompany myself on the violin and to play the same tunes. However, I’ve expanded from there after picking up a book of easy classics from Mum and I’m now playing Clair de Lune in addition to Fur Elise and the first bit of Moonlight Sonata which I’d kept up. I’m really enjoying my playing, although I’d like to be progressing a bit faster and making less mistakes. In other words, that the rust would fall off immediately along with the realities of what amounts to almost a 20 year break. I’m now playing for at least 30-60 minutes a day so hopefully I’ll be sounding reasonable soon.

Well, that’s about all to report here. What have you been up to? I’m looking forward to popping round to your place and catching up with you soon.

This is another contribution to the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Eclectic Ali.

Best wishes,


7 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – 23rd August, 2020.

  1. maxwellthedog

    Tell Geoff I feel his pain about facial hair. I simply call it “Going Biblical.” When I get too much abuse from the Alpha Japanese Female, I whack at it with a trimmer that is woefully under-powered so the result is dubious at best. No problems with the stuff on top because there wasn’t much stuff on top before the virus – silver lining! Good to hear all are well. Good luck on the car repair – it takes a very brave person to actually buy an Alfa Romeo. Oh, I’ll have the cookie if you please. 😁

  2. Gary A Wilson

    You want to disassemble a piano. . .
    You do realize that those things can explode and someone might lose and eye.
    We have one too and since the kids stopped playing it, it sits abandoned and silent.
    Well except for when something deep inside pops like a sound board slowly giving way. Hmmm.

  3. Tails Around the Ranch

    It’s ironic how COVID has turned otherwise fastidious with their appearance into more grungy versions of themselves. Some do the look better than others. πŸ˜‰The extend of info I know about cars is they need gas as fuel, air in the tires and keys to start. Period. Oh and a nice fat wallet seems to also be part of the whole notion of owning a car. Good luck with the auto repairs. 🀞🏼

  4. thecoffeebeanbrain

    I miss going to the beach, and getting sand on my feet. Although, like Geoff, my significant other can’t stand it unless he’s going into the water. I love walking barefoot and just feeling the and water, it’s almost therapeutic. I love taking shadow pictures, too, especially when the sun gives it a particularly unique angle. I haven’t posted for a while myself on these coffee shares, this is my 2nd since getting back on blogging after two years, to be in fact. LOL. It’s nice to find familiar ‘voices’ and those that I’ve newly ‘met’ over the last week. Thank you for coffee and I sure would like one of each of those goodies with macadamia nuts, thank you very much!

  5. Rowena Post author

    Great to see you back again. I’m not as regular as I used to be and am trying to blog more during covid to keep my social circle alive. Not seeing many people in person and being an extrovert, I appreciate these friendship and chats. I also find it preferable to Facebook where you have the odd person who is actually able to travel atm and at the moment any sort of travel is filling me with envy and a sense of being imprisoned at home where I’m usually more of an opinion that I can wait.
    I’m actually getting out for a real coffee with a friend this afternoon. I have a coffee friend I meet up with once a week. He’s 75 and the same age as my Dad but unlike my peers, is available like clockwork every week and I need to ensure I get out. We’re off for a beach walk this afternoon. Bit more cautious about a cafe and it’s a beautiful, sunny almost Spring day.

  6. Rowena Post author

    Yes, there’s definitely a Covid look. My husband said his head has been too full to even think about his hair. I actually thought I should have a chat about it and whether it was a sign he isn’t okay. I can fully appreciate the full head situation. I’m the same. Don’t want to bother with anything new and complicated. No brain space remaining.
    Meanwhile, Rosie is still leaving balls on my desk and ever at the ready. She’s imcovious. (Hey, I just made up that word and it sounds rather good, although I can’t say no one else has used it. )

  7. Rowena Post author

    I didn’t realize they can explode, but my husband did and we have protective gear. Fortunately the wood part comes apart quite easily so we can feel like we’re actually making progress even though it’s de stringing it that’s going to be the hard part.

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