Starting Over – Friday Fictioneers 17th September, 2020.

Dan couldn’t believe his luck when he spotted an almost new, wooden high chair sitting beside of the road. It had been sent straight from heaven, landing right at his feet. Although a new job would’ve been better, it was still an answer to prayer. He said nothing to Jess, and wrapped it up in a huge, pink bow. Dan didn’t have a TV, and didn’t worry about the news. Never found out what had happened, and how that high chair came to be sitting beside the road. The chair didn’t share its tragic secret either. It was starting over.


100 words. This week’s photo prompt has kindly been provided © Roger Bultot

This has been a contribution to Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wishoff Fields. Please forgive my clumsy links here. I’ve been forced over to the new block editor and am lost in the undergrowth. I am improving but still have a lot to learn.

Best wishes,


29 thoughts on “Starting Over – Friday Fictioneers 17th September, 2020.

  1. Rowena Post author

    I just had another thought about the high chair and how an empty chair is often used to represent someone you’ve lost. This high chair could sit well within that framework.
    Speaking of empty chairs have you seen the 185 Empty White Chairs memorial to those who died in the Christchurch earthquake? Here’s a link:
    It’s so poignant. We went to NZ on our honeymoon flying out of Sydney the morning after 9/11 and stayed in Christchurch.
    We are doing well. I heard the waratahs were out locally and so I set off to find them today and also went for a bush walk. The waratahs were growing on the edge of the road in the National Park. They were just beautiful.
    Hope you are doing well too.
    Best wishes,

  2. Iain Kelly

    Good luck with the block editor. We’re all getting there with it! Not knowing opens up the possibility of a sad back story here, but I’m hopeful it’s not and it’s previous owner has just grown too old for the chair!

  3. Tannille

    That would make a good story. I’ve heard stories that in the past some cultures would leave an empty chair at the dinner table and offer food. Sad about Christchurch, that was a terrible earthquake.

    Sounds lovely. Nothing like a bush walk to calm the nerves!

    All good here. We’re pretty much out of lock down. Life has gone back to normal. There is still social distancing but it doesn’t impact life. It’s nice that cafes are spaced out. The spring weather has hit – yay. I don’t dare gloat this virus can flare up like wildfire.

  4. ceayr

    Cleverly woven tale, Rowena, with lots left unsaid.
    And I think we are pretty unanimous in our dislike of the new editor, I have had a running battle with WP and they are just not interested.
    I have decided to close my AnElephantCant blog and I’m looking for alternatives to WP.

  5. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Sue. I actually quite liked Iain Kelly’s explanation for what happened to the baby. It was much more positive that where my mind was heading. Super Baby would be very exciting.

  6. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much, Rochelle. That’s the beauty of these short flash fictions. They’re great for suspense and you don’t have to have all the answers yourself.
    Best wishes,

  7. Rowena Post author

    Thank you very much, Isadore. It’s been interesting to read people’s comments and their desire to know more. It seems they’ve really been drawn into the story which is interesting.
    Best wishes and I hope you and yours are staying safe and well.
    Best wishes,

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