Weekend Coffee Share… 19th October, 2020.

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

How are you this week? What’s going on in your neck of the woods? For those of you who don’t know or can’t remember, I live just North of Sydney, Australia and so it’s Spring here and we’re also in what seems to be a Covid bubble as it stands.

As time goes by and these truly radical lifestyle changes have become the norm, I’m feeling more relaxed about going out, but trying to remain vigilant. Until there’s a vaccine, we’re in it for the long haul which requires a different approach to getting through than a sprint. That’s not to say I’m taking risks, but I’m no longer Alcatraz either. Well, not when there’s such a low risk of transmission. Meanwhile, I’m somewhat conscious of increases overseas, and hoping and praying for all affected and hoping the numbers will drop. Melbourne is doing much better here, which is great news.

Meanwhile, life here’s been busier than usual, but mostly in a very positive way.

Our daughter with yesterday’s dance trophies

Yesterday, our daughter competed in a local dance eisteddfod and received two 1st placings and a second placing in her ballet solo (she was only .5 behind 1st place). This was the first time our daughter’s placed first and she’s been competing for a couple of years. So, this was a big step forward for her. She’s keen to pursue a career in dance, especially classical ballet, and so it’s important for her to place well to head down that trajectory. It’s also such a buzz to win, even though I know I’ve brought up the usual benefits of having a go when things haven’t gone so well in the past. That said, I’m pretty sure she’s always placed with her solos.

After the competition, we headed off to Terrigal to meet up with her cousin for lunch, and we wandered along the beach front afterwards. I only captured this quick snap of the three of us and didn’t bother with scenic shots as it was a bit overcast and I’ve had better conditions in the past. Terrigal is one of the tourist focus points on the NSW Central Coast and is more touristy and built up than our local beach. It’s also more upmarket. However, we’re surrounded by National Parks and also closer to the train to Sydney. So, we’re happy where we are.

Last week, was a big week for our son. He was off on work experience at a local youth centre where they have a radio station and sound set up. He received very encouraging feedback, which is more than I can say for his commentary on my driving. I had to get across three lanes of traffic to get to our turn off coming home and it really was quite hellish, and people were not real keen to let me in either. I really needed to be able to wave a white flag. Or, have a sign saying: “Mum’s taxi’s having a rough day. Please give me a break!!”

Last week, my aunt, Dr Anna Haebich from Curtin University in Western Australia, was interviewed on Radio National by Phillip Adams:


Meanwhile, last week I was also pretty shaken up. I found out last Sunday that there was a devastating car accident locally involving local teens. Unfortunately, now that my kids are also local teens, it also meant that we knew some of the people in the car and there was also that awful realization that we could also get a knock at the door at some point. I’m also a community-minded person and so I’m trying to be there for my friend and find out more about what our teens are up to. This incident has made me realize that while our teens are very well connected via social media and mobile technology, us parents are probably crashed out at home or happy to be catching up with a few of our friends and enjoying our own new found freedom without being aware of the undertow. I’m now applying my research feelers to this to get up to speed. I’m talking about brain speed here, not putting my foot down in the my Alfa Romeo.

Anyway, I’d better call it a day and crawl into bed.

This has been another contribution to the Weekend Coffee Share.

Best wishes,


14 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share… 19th October, 2020.

  1. trentpmcd

    Congratulations to your daughter 🙂 And it sounds like your son had a great experience, at least when wasn’t in the car 😉 Thinking of car and cars, I’m sure those little checks on reality of having teenagers is scary. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. Fabio

    Excellent, dear Rowena! Congratulations to your daughter and your son for their achievements! Nice pictures from you all! Thank you! Be well and stay strong, my friend!

  3. Beaton

    congrats on the dancing… I was just about to say I havent won anything recent then remembered my blog got a blog of the year award earlier in the year yay me…
    Social media has us connected in so many ways and its part of the new normal people might as well accept its not a passing fad going away anytime soon

    hmm s blogging social media?

  4. Rowena Post author

    Hi Beaton,
    You raise an interesting question about whether blogging is social media. I personally view my blog as alternative media, although there is a social media element to the coffee share group I belong to. I think it depends on the type of content on the blog.
    Congratulations on winning the Blog of the Year Award. That’s awesome. Well done.
    I’m feeling like I’ve fallen under a bus this week. My son is making subject choice for his final year of school and it’s so intense, not just for us but for lots of students and their families. The school keeps telling us that the jobs our kids could be taking up might not exist yet and that makes it very hard to actually navigate a path if you’re not travelling down the road most travelled, which I think is going to be applying to a lot more students thanks to covid. There have been times this year where I’ve been so overwhelmed by just trying to keep afloat during covid that it’s hard to make important life decisions and it’s been good to hover in a holding pattern for a bit. I hink I might try to visit our local beach tomorrow to destress.
    Best wishes,

  5. Rowena Post author

    Thank you very much, Fabio. Lately, I’ve been finding parenting our kids so intense. I think I worry about them more now than ever and perhaps covid’s been a big part of this but I want them to be okay.
    I remember when I was growing up and my Mum would sa: “I just want you to be happy”. However, when I look at that now, I see that entails so much. I want you to find love and be loved. Get a good job. Be able to afford a house. Be healthy. Back then, I thought that simply meant having a smile on my face and feeling good.
    I hope you’re keeping well and away from covid.
    Take care & best wishes,

  6. Rowena Post author

    Trent I need a holiday, most likely from myself, which is clearly going to be difficult. The teen phase of parenting is stressful in whole new ways as our kids venture increasingly future away from the nest and do all those risky things teenagers do and aren’t necessarily concerned about study, the future and being sensible. How boring! Yet, there are those that go down that path. Never veer off left or right. It wasn’t me, but it would be a relief to be able to relax a bit more.

  7. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much, Monika. She was amazing and we had a lovely day together and have been much closer lately, which is wonderful.
    Hope you’re going well and staying safe and sane with all the election stuff going on.
    Best wishes,

  8. trentpmcd

    I am 100% sure you need that vacation, well at least from the stress of teens 😉 On the other hand, it sounds like they are the best of both worlds – they do all of those risky, sometimes stupid, things teens do, but they do seem like good kids that do have an eye for the future, whether it be dancing or audio work, they are there more than most kids 🙂

  9. Gary A Wilson

    Congrats to your girl-child. And isn’t this all so much fun for us dotting parental types. . . ?
    But about that crash. We did get one of THOSE calls one evening and within an hour I was driving our van across the state (~4 hours) to pick up our boy who had been a passenger in an accident that totaled both their van and a trailer with all their gear from a week long Church camp. Fortunately, the way the accident happened to the left (into a mountain side, rather than off the edge of the same mountain side) no one died, but some were pretty banged up. They all walked away, sore, but walking.
    When I got to him, I had to make myself let him out of my grasp. We dotters are not made for losing them – ever.

  10. Rowena Post author

    Thanks for sharing that, Gary. So much is going on with our young people atm accide4nts, near misses and a friend’sson diedin a ar accident wo weeks ago but I only found out a couple of days ago. I was in a daze for awhile, and now I’m bracing myself. There will be many wonderful and happy occasions as kids get engaged, married, 21sts etc but there are going to be tragedies just like there were when we were young. My husband comes from country town in Tasmania and quite a few of them died young in car accidents. When we went through that stage as young people ourselves, I never thought that I’d be reliving it as a parent and more mature adult. It’s a sobering thought.

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