Weekend Coffee Share 17th November, 2020.

Welcome To Another Weekend Coffee Share!

How are you and what’s going on in your neck of the woods? While you’re thinking about that, let me offer you something to drink and perhaps a Lime & Coconut Biscuit, because there’s nothing left of the Key Lime Pie I made last week.

After a cool and wet start to our Summer, the sun and heat returned with a vengeance today. It was so hot, and perhaps the best indication of the sudden heat wave was how our dog Rosie suddenly shed her undercoat today. She’s not even a long-haired dog. However, a message went to her brain today, which said something along the lines of “Dump fur now” and it’s been coming out all day by the handful. The house is littered with black clouds.

The big excitement this weekend was heading to the beach after Church for some water baptisms. I’ve never been to a baptism at the beach before and I wondered how it would go on a crowded Sunday with all and sundry around. However, we went down the beach a bit and one of the guys got the guitar out and we sort of blended in. Well, that is if you ignore a few of us who were wading out into the water in our good clothes. We forgot to take hats, sunscreen a change of clothes and got sunburnt. Welcome to Summer.

Well, I’m going to keep this short and I’ll try to get back tomorrow and write a bit more. I need to get to bed. Goodnight!

This has been another contribution to the Weekend Coffee Share: https://eclecticali.wordpress.com/

Best wishes,


5 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share 17th November, 2020.

  1. Gary A Wilson

    Hello Rowena. I’m glad you stopped by. This kind of venue for baptisms are the best in my mind. On a very rare trip to Israel, with my wife and folks from my college, I got the opportunity to (re)baptize one of my instructors in the Jordan river – what a treat that was!

    Anyway, I’ve stepped away from work long enough to check in with you and ask that you find the time to review my coffee share long enough to consider if you would be interested in joining a global coffee share zoom meeting? I can see you getting as big a kick from this as I’m expecting to, but only want to presume so much.

    In my share, I put up a time chart showing what time it would be for those I thought would want to be a part, so of course, I added Eastern Australia. Anyway, I’m adding the direct link below to help you get there quickly. I’ll also cut this short because, work is calling. TTY soon I hope.

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