Weekend Coffee Share – Christmas 2020.

Welcome to the Christmas Edition of the Weekend Coffee Share!

Well, to be precise, it’s actually post-Christmas and we’re currently drifting along in the lull between Christmas and New Year where we recover from Christmas indulgence, over-consumption and back-breaking stress and veg out. Well, that’s as long as we haven’t done something stupid like inviting people over on New Year’s Eve. I wouldn’t know anybody who is crazy enough to do that, especially after hosting family on Christmas Day. However, there is this strange logic that once you’ve tidied the house up, get all of your entertaining done immediately before the place does a Cinderella on you and turns back into a pumpkin.

Our local bookshop

Anyway, before I ask you how your Christmas or Holiday celebrations went, I’d better offer you a cup of tea, coffee or perhaps you fancy a cold drink. We’ve had quite a few hot days, so you might prefer something cold. I’ve been doing a bit of baking and we have Christmas cake, shortbread, Honey Biscuits, Mars Bar Slice and Caramel Macadamia Nut Tart. Yum!

Christmas baking.

So how have you been spending Christmas or the Holidays?

We went to the 11.00pm service on Christmas Eve. The earlier services were cancelled and went via zoom instead, as there’s been an outbreak of Covid in Sydney along with a couple of local cases. There weren’t too many booked in for the late service and so it could still go ahead now we’re back to the 4 square metre rule.

The, on Christmas Day, my parents drove up from Sydney for lunch. I did all the cooking, which went surprisingly well. We had a roast chicken, veggies and gravy with the Caramel Macadamia Tart for dessert. We were too full to even consider eating the pudding, but we had a wonderful day which seemed to race past like a bullet train.

The rocking horse has been feeling fairly nervous. It’s seen the piano and the carpet go, and it’s very concerned it’s going to be next!

The prelude to Christmas was crazy busy. After guttering the loungeroom to replace the carpet with a floating floor and finding the room also needed a paint job, we then had a mad scramble to get everything back in situ for the big day. We managed to get there but quite a few things got shoved anywhere they could fit and goodness knows if we’ll ever see them again. However, it was all worth it, and the house was nice and comfy and we could actually spread out.

Miss after her hair extravaganza

Another big development in the lead up to Christmas, was that Miss decided to get her haircut. Indeed, to be precise, she decided to get her hair lopped off and she also wanted to donate the ponytail to make a wig for someone who is experiencing long term hair loss. This seemed like a great idea and something her friends have done before, although I was concerned she was going to regret cutting it off and I also loved her hair being so long and it had become a fundamental part of her. However, it was also very heavy, especially when she went swimming and it also covered her face in the water and might even have been a bit dangerous. By the way, in addition to getting the chop, she also got some foils. She talked me into this, but it was a fun adventure and I emphasised it was a once off. However, it was a lot of fun and seeing her incredible smile at the end, was truly worth it. You see quite a few storm clouds brewing in the teenagers eyes, so it makes it all the better when you see those radiant, sunny smiles and all is good.

Her hair before the chop. She had 17 inches cut off.

Since Christmas, we’ve tried to relax and do as little as possible. That said, we had the big clean up after Christmas lunch and today we headed off to Specsavers to replace our glasses before the annual health fund allocation ran out. I can tell you it was quite an experience getting our eyes tested and trying on glasses with face masks on and glasses fogging up. I hope they turn out okay. However, I thought you’d enjoy this photo of three out of the four of us trying glasses on.

Well, I’d better head off now. Time’s always getting away from me.

Not long now until we reach the end of 2020, but it’s pretty clear to me that there aren’t going to be any instant miracles once we turn the page into 2021. That said, vaccination has started and maybe that will start having an impact soon.

Meanwhile, we hope you and yours are safe and that you have a geat year ahead in 2021. Any resolutions yet? I’m still working on mine. My word for the last couple of years has been ACTION, and I might go with that again. Although when it comes to my WWI research project, the word is now WRITE, and when it comes to going away in January, it’s WAIT. Need to see what covid is up to by then.

Best wishes,


9 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – Christmas 2020.

  1. lindamaycurry

    It’s amazing what a difference clearing out a room makes. We had our floors resanded and when the wall unit was removed we didn’t want to put it back. So it was broken up, salvaged and partly reused in the garage. This was all while we were getting the house ready for sale. We have since decided to stay where we are and love our decluttered house.

  2. Fabio

    You Aussies know how to enjoy Christmas. Excellent report, Rowena, and great photos as well. Thanks so much for your great post! PS: And the Christmas baking table watered my mouth!!! 🙂

  3. Beaton

    even after the lopping of 17 inches its still quite long… havent had my hair cut in years and its just about mid-back length wooo hooo and no plans of cutting thank you very much
    Compliments of the festive season

  4. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Beaton. Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you too.
    I knew my daughter’s hair was very long but she often wears it up in a bun, and we’re generally pretty busy and I wasn’t quite so conscious of just how long it really was. It looks fabulous.
    Your hair sounds great, and it’s great to develop and maintain your own style and sense of yourself.
    Best wishes,

  5. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Fabio. I hope you could taste the baking. I’m about to fire up the oven again for New Year’s Eve. We’ll be roly polies after all this food.
    Best wishes,

  6. Rowena Post author

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and that 2021 goes well for you, Linda. The house feels so much better, and I’ve kept going at an intermittent rate from yesterday and even that’s made a difference.
    Not sure what’s going on with covid atm and whether we’re going to end up in lockdown again soon. I should be getting out a bit more and walking along the beach, but I’ve been chilling at home after being so busy before Christmas.
    Take care & best wishes,

  7. Sagittarius Viking

    I think your daughter look incredible after the haircut. It takes some time getting use to a major change like that. She is very beautiful. How wonderful that you got to see your family for Christmas. In Sweden the recommendations were to only spend it with the family you currently live with, tough for many people. Your food look and sounds delicious. It is a big responsibility cooking for everyone. Good for you! Happy New Year!

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