Life ain’t been no crystal stair…

Good morning All.
I came across this post on my phone as I was waking up this morning. We’ve had a couple of really hot, humid days here and my breathing’s been really bad. It’s been tough.
I also try to impact some wisdm into my kids, who are now teenagers, so even catching them on their way out the door can be difficult and what does mum and dad know anyway? Enough to know we need to apply the KISS principle when talking to our kids…Keep It Simple, Stupid.
This poem is an excellent encouragement.
Best wishes,

The Sunstone Journal

I was around 13 or so when I first read this poem by Langston Hughes. I remember thinking… wow, now there’s someone who’s telling the truth about life!

Around this age is when childhood starts to end… innocence gives way to experience. It’s a sad thing if you think about it… the loss of innocence… having to come to terms with the black and gray areas of life.

This poem gave me a lot of comfort during that time in my life and ever since then when my life has gotten crazy and out of control.

I always marveled that Hughes chose the image of a crystal staircase. Why this image? Why not a vase or something… silly kid thoughts, right?

Now that I’m in adulthood I know that a crystal staircase is what makes a poet a poet and what transforms a good writer into a great writer.

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4 thoughts on “Life ain’t been no crystal stair…

  1. Rowena Post author

    I could’ve written this poem, except the language is different. Still haven’t shown it to my kids. I’m waiting for the right moment.
    Best wishes,

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