Weekend Coffee Share – 21st November, 2021.

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

This week, it feels like I’m needing some kind of snorkel or perhaps a kayak to connect with you through the heavy rain which is besieging us at the moment. I’m not complaining yet, because I’m probably so used to being in lockdown that being indoors due to the rain doesn’t feel like such a big imposition as it used to. I am also older, and finding the comforts of home much more alluring than I used to.

How has your week been?

I hope it’s gone well!

Geoff with his birthday loot including the five free McDonalds apple pies our daughter brought home from work after working the closing shift.

Yesterday, was my husband Geoff’s birthday. We had a very low-key day, after a stressful week and ordered Indian takeaway, rather than braving the crowds and potential covid risk at the restaurant. That, however, meant clearing the kitchen table for us to sit down. OMG!!! That was an effort. I don’t know how things are with your kitchen table. However, ours seems to fill up with all sorts of detritus, which on a good day might be stacked carefully into neat piles in descending height order. However, on an average day, stuff just gets pushed up the other end, and the sedimentary layers buckle to form unstable mountains and inevitable avalanches onto the kitchen floor below. Just to compound the chaos, our cleaner had to stop coming because she hasn’t been vaccinated and they couldn’t provide a replacement. That certainly hasn’t helped.

A miracle- a clear table

Anyway, by the time the takeaway arrived, the table was clear, cloth in place, and table set. What more could he ask for? Presents, of course. Well, I had them sorted too after wrestling with the crappy wrapping paper which wouldn’t allow the sticky tape to stick and so I had to use the stapler in the end. You can just imagine how that turned out. Indeed, it reminds me of when I managed to end up sideways on zoom during the week when the dog pressed a few buttons on the keyboard. Boy, was that humbling. I was asked to mute myself while we went in to watch the video and I had to apologise. Can’t find the mute when I’m stuck sideways like this and the host kindly muted me instead. Welcome to my chaos.

In addition to the chaos, the last couple of weeks have been incredibly difficult for some people close to me, and I absorbed their tragedy very personally. Indeed, the shock hit my physical body like being rammed by a truck. Since then, a different friend has has a micro-stroke or what is called a TIA, another friend has a tumour in his colon, and another friend who had gone off the grid has resurfaced which brought me absolute joy, although her harrowing tale was very distressing. My husband half-joked to stop answering the phone. I didn’t but Friday was a busy day, and I’m not in the psychology business or a doctor. I’m just garden variety me.

I don’t feel that I’m of an age where your friends start dropping like flies, and I certainly recall my grandparents telling me that all their friends had died, or they were going to funerals all the time, and the reality of that didn’t really sink in back then. However, there is that progression through life…children’s birthday parties, 18ths, 21st’s, weddings, births of kids, for some divorce, and as the zero birthdays start to add up, it’s inevitable that we’ll end up at funerals…the last stop on life’s journey. Not that I intended to get all morbid on you. After all, my friends are doing well. One is recovering and the other off to surgery so nothing too worrying there at this stage. It’s just that all of this has made me think.

flannel flowers

Meanwhile, I’m trying to keep myself on the straight and narrow. That’s involved trying to ensure I get regular exercise, and extricate myself from my writing/research to get outside and absorb the expansive coastal landscape right on my doorstep. I went on a walk to the Mt Ettamalong Lookout. The flannel flowers were still out and waving their pretty faces in the wind while I was there. There was quite a blanket of them, and they just looked magnificent. I continued on to the lookouts, which I found so healing after recent events. I don’t know what it is about looking out over a steep cliff and across the water at an expansive view, but it was absolutely breathtaking.

The view across to Pearl Beach

I also went on another walk at the Mt Penang Gardens up the hill at Kariong. The garden here have quite a mix of native and overseas plants, and so much to scintillate the camera lens (or my phone in this instance). I didn’t come across too many labels identifying the various flowers and so you’ll just have to enjoy their visual appeal without knowing exactly what they are.

Since I missed last week, I’ll also mention that Geoff and I went out for dinner at nearby Terrigal Beach last weekend, while we were taxiing our daughter and her friends around.

Anyway, that about sums things up. How has your week been? I look forward to hearing from you.

Meanwhile, you might like to join us over at the Weekend Coffee Share, which is hosted by Natalie the Explorer https://natalietheexplorer.home.blog/

Best wishes,


15 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – 21st November, 2021.

  1. Gary A Wilson

    Hi Rowena,
    It feel like a long time since we lifted a virtual cup ☕ together and I see we still share several experiences except were older still and our kids are also older than yours.
    But old age stuff is hitting us & friends as well and it frequently makes me think as you’ve written. The old circle of life sure has its unpleasant kinks.
    I’m still thankful for what moder medicine has done for me. A back surgery is still a valued daily source of pain-free living, having been vaccinated delivered from a bad experience with covid and several other goodies I’ll not bore you with but I’m happily living a pretty good life with the help of several doctors and their technologists. I don’t have a beach as handy but I’m walking a lot these days as that too pushes back the side effects of age.
    Cheers to you & the family 👪
    It’s good to have you back amongst us.

  2. Tails Around the Ranch

    Happy birthday to Geoff! As always, you shared lovely photos. Here in Colorado we’re waiting with bated breath for moisture and have been hearing about rains down your way as well as in Canada. Mother Nature is very confused these days. Stay well and keep smiling.

  3. Astrid

    I definitely feel you about the cycle of life and its hardships. I am so glad your friends all seem to be recovering though.

    I am glad your husband and you were able to celebrate his birthday somehow despite lockdown by getting Indian takeaway. Yum! As we say in Dutch, wishing him many more years!

  4. Tena Carr

    Happy belated Birthday to your husband.
    I feel like I may be in a somewhat similar boat. I’m not at an age where friends/acquaintances/ classsmates/ etc are necessarily dropping off but constantly seeing updates on kids of those who were kids when I first met them…. Or at the very least updates of older kids/teens that were mere kids when I first met them years ago. I enjoy reading those posts but it also is a reminder than I am also getting older and how fast time passes by. Not to mention, hearing about health situations and such of people I know who are about my same age. I hope you and your family all have a Wonderful Week.

  5. tidalscribe.com

    This time last week I had both sons and a daughter-in-law at the table for the roast I had cooked and chocolate cake I had baked, feeling great with energy and taste d. On Monday it was my penultimate round of chemotherapy and back to being confined to home and energy and taste completely gone. But It has been an enlightening experience, a taste of what chronic ill health and fatigue is like, at least I get a break every three weeks. I enjoy food anyway, but realise just how comforting food and meals are. Each time it is different which foods taste disgusting – at the moment I am sticking to boiled eggs, marmite and smoked salmon, all with butter spread thickly on brown bread!

  6. 4963andypop

    I can identify with the kids and happy chaos and the sorrows piled high and wide. Nature is a comfort at least and how beautifully you’ve captured it!

  7. Natalie

    Lovely beach and flowers, Rowena. I’m glad to hear your husband had a nice birthday celebration with Indian takeaway. Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

  8. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much. Getting outside has really helped. It is hard at times when I absorb people’s the heartache of those around me, especially when an emotional bomb hits. However, I’d rather that to being a stone, a robot devoid of feeling. Meanwhile, I’m trying to get outside, slow my breathing and keep things simple. I hope you are managing to do similar.
    Best wishes,

  9. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Tom. I can usually do much better than a McDonald’s apple pie. I baked a chocolate cake for his birthday and it barely got eaten. I live with a strange mob.
    BTW I have seen a few dogs lately who look like Monika’s late Sam. I intend to post them soon.
    Interesting how you can become so connected with people you’ve never met via the blog and I include yourself and Max in there.
    Hope things are going well with you.
    Best wishes,

  10. maxwellthedog

    I know…your pastry offerings are always tempting even as I struggle to maintain my girlish figure. But, hey, an apple pie is nothing to ignore. I look forward to see Sam-clone photos; he was such a great doggo and her current herd is pretty good, too. Things here are going well with we three and getting ready to foray into the holidays.

  11. leannelc

    Happy birthday to your husband – I’m a November birthday too. I laughed about your cluttered dining table, ours is always completely bare, but my sister-in-law’s is exactly like yours and I can never understand how they end up with so much stuff stacked up all over it 😀

  12. Rowena Post author

    Leanne, the mountains of clutter on tabletops is something I have studied long and hard. My husband talks about handling something once and putting it straight away instead of say leaving your bag on the couch when you walk in. I also think it comes from doing too many things at once and perhaps getting interrupted or distracted. My dad’s old saying was “a place for everything and everything in its place”. However, he’s derailed in his 70s and leaves stuff everywhere too. There’s also the whole question of what’s important and whether being tidy is a priority. Some personality types are messier than others.
    My daughter intrigues me though. She has tiny meticulous handwriting and is studying and and ballet which demands perfection, and yet she has the messiest room even for a teenager I’ve ever seen. She’s not one who has ever been easily lead. I haven’t spoken to her about the room for awhile. However, she asked me to find her work uniform the other day and I got stuck into it though you wouldn’t know. She’s mentioned wanting to renovate her room. So, that could be our chance.

  13. Rowena Post author

    The holidays…oh dear! I should be excited but there’s so much to do and dance concerts galore which I am looking forward to.

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