A New Year!

I have no idea what to say about the arrival of 2022, except that it’s here and none of us have a crystal ball.

We had no plans, but weren’t disappointed, except in the music which accompanied this year’s TV viewing of the Sydney Harbour Fireworks.

Although we spent the night at home, we went over to Pearl Beach in the afternoon, and walked around the rocks. It had been an exceptionally hot day (especially after all the heavy rain we’ve had lately). So, by the time we arrived in the early evening, t was perfect. Happy Days.

However, covid had even made it onto the local rock face.

The Covid Pandemic in Pearl Beach

That might not sound like much, but people don’t write things on our rocks around here as a rule.

So, you could say that it represents a degree of frustration.

Or, perhaps it’s simply a statement of fact!

Of course, it’s probably not “a local” being this time of year, but some interloper from Sydney, although the people of Pearl Beach probably blame the uncouth hoards from “over the hill” (which includes yours truly).

However, if covid truly comes to town, Pearl Beach is prepared. I spotted this:

After dinner, as per usual, we watched the fireworks extravaganza on TV grateful for the extraordinary celebrations going ahead amidst uncertainty and stormy weather. Indeed, listening to the news tonight, I could be excused for thinking life was continuing on business as usual. At least, that’s what we’ve been told.

What did you get up to for New Year’s Eve? I’d love to hear from you!

Best wishes & only the best for the New Year,


8 thoughts on “A New Year!

  1. Tails Around the Ranch

    The year may be different, but the ‘celebration’ (if you can call it that) was the same. Quiet reflection on the past year with strategies for dealing with a lot of that for this year. With the brutal wildfire just north of me in the suburbs, my thoughts have been whirling about how to help the community recover. Here’s hoping this year is safe with less drama than the past couple of years. All the best, Rowena.

  2. Rowena Post author

    We’ve been thinking and praying for the folk affected by your bushfires in Colorado. It seems like an odd time of year for you to have bushfires. It’s usually our thing this time of year, although we’ve had so much rain lately everything’s soaked. That said, yesterday and today are scorchers so it’s drying up.
    I certainly agree with you about less drama in the new year.
    I’ve been keeping an ear out for commentary on the start of the new year. I really loved a comment Geoff found on a photography blog he follows. These guys are really into airplane photography in particular. He’s flushed 2021 down the toilet but he had plenty of Draino and a plunger on hand in case of emergency.
    Best wishes,

  3. Tails Around the Ranch

    What a clever comment. Perfect for these times. Better check to make sure there’s plenty of Drano on hand. 😉

    The wildfire was so unusual for many reasons. Looks like just 991 homes destroyed with another 127 damaged. The sheriff reported there are 3 people missing which is really awful. The lack of loss of life was miraculous but guess it should have been expected given the size. Still the community has rallied around those affected but it will take a long time before things will be normal for way too many people.

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