Weekend Coffee Share – 17th January, 2022.

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

Believe it or not, it is actually Sunday night. Or, more accurately early Monday morning, because it’s after midnight and I’m not about to confess just how far after midnight it might be. Let’s just say the cow jumped over the moon quite awhile ago now. So, I’ve actually made good headway and hopefully won’t be rushing it through on deadline again. After all, it’s a whole new year, and I’ve been reformed, transformed but strangely still look, feel and act much the same as I did last year.

Awhile back, I remember hearing someone say covid was from the Devil. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of that. However, as time goes by, I’m increasingly pointing the finger at the man downstairs and wondering whether he does have something to do with this mess after all. After all, he’s not going to leave his calling card out as he spins his evil web. If he’s really smart and let’s just say he’s had a lot of experience at being the Devil, he’s cunning and knows how to cover his tracks. He’s not like the two year old who stole the chocolate bar and is denying it while having chocolate smeared all of his his face and tiny hands. He slips right under the radar and probably even convinces you it’s all your fault when it was him all along. Anyway, we have people like myself boarded up at home avoiding covid. We have people holding covid parties to try to catch the darn thing now and get it over and done with. I even read a story tonight about someone who hosted one of these parties and everyone else caught it but him. In the last 24 hours, NSW had 48,768 reported cases. However, that’s a spit in the ocean. It’s mission impossible to get tested and the big question on everyone’s lips is where can you get RATs? Perhaps, I should start selling off the residents of our roof if they’re still up there. They could make me a pretty penny right now.

How many of you have had covid or had someone in your household with it?

You know things are weird when you’re teenager goes shopping with her friend and brings home a slab of toilet paper.

I live in Greater Sydney, and until now we’d largely been spared. I didn’t know anyone locally who’d acquired covid and we could do our typical Australian thing of thinking we’d be right. Being relatively isolated, we can hide away from quite a few of the world’s ills. However, our politicians in their infinite wisdom, decided to “let it rip”. Now, to quite a friend, “it’s everywhere”. The NSW Health Minister says “we’re all going to get it.” Sounds like I might as well just throw myself under the bus and get it over with. However, my dad heard that the health department expects only 50% of the population to get it, which is much better odds, and he’s determined to be in the 50% that doesn’t get it. I’m out to join him. Meanwhile, our son is at youth camp and very likely to bring it home. We’re trying to be prepared for that. A number of my friends have caught it, and are still isolating at home. Where it gets tricky is how to manage it when you have a household especially where someone is vulnerable, how to you contain the contagion? As the days go by, things have escalated so quickly and we’ve gone from very low cases numbers to an explosion and it’s no longer in Italy, USA, UK it’s our our favourite cafe. It’s at church. The hardware store…but only a case here and there, but now it’s in our homes. The Grim Reaper MKII is actually in our homes. Indeed, it’s even invaded some of us. It’s not very nice.

Meanwhile, I’ve been beavering away on my family history, and trying to enter it into Wikitree. I’m really pleased to be getting it online to share it, but also if something happens to me, my research will be out there. I’ve been doing it for years and my kids aren’t hugely interested. At least, not yet. Hopefully, someone or someones will appreciate it all or in part.

One of the interesting things I found out a few years ago is that two of my Great Grandfather’s uncles married Aboriginal women and that he had cousins who were Aboriginal and a number had been put in orphanages, and were part of the stolen generation and really had a rough time. I’ve known about the Stolen Generation and known members of the Stolen Generation and heard their stories. Indeed, my aunt wrote the national history of the Stolen Generation and I was living with her at the time and read through some of the drafts. She was so strong reading through all their stories and interviewing these people and taking all their heartbreak on herself. Of course, I cared about that and was outraged. However, it’s quite a different thing to know that someone from your family went through that, and to hear how that not only impacted on them personally, but also for generations to come. It’s made the racism in the country which is directed at our indigenous people even more abhorrent. You might not be aware of this, but Aboriginal used to be classified as fauna on the national census. They weren’t even considered human. So, I’ve entered all these names into Wikitree and hope it helps someone out there to find their roots.

He hasn’t quite hit the road yet, but he’s turned on the ignition. Geoff is talking to him through the window. Must remember to keep it simple. He asked which pedal was the brake. We do so much on auto-pilot.

I’m inclined to tell you that nothing much has happened around here, because truly it hasn’t. I’m locked away avoiding covid, and it’s very humid outside and I’m struggling to breathe outside and need the air-conditioning on. However, this I remember and it’s so bad that I guess I filed it in the denial basket. A 13 year old local boy was stabbed and murdered by another 13 year old about a 15 minute drive away. To be honest, we assumed initially that it had happened in our local park after dark. However, it happened further afield but that won’t make a different to the family and friends. My daughter’s friend’s brother was good friends with the boy via the football club and the two families are friends too. I bought a succulent in a pot for the brother and wrapped it all up in cellophane just to acknowledge he’d lost his friend and that mattered. I also gave a bunch of sunflowers to his mum. It’s just awful. This fight was unfortunately was pre-meditated so it’s not looking good for the guilty party. Two lives ruined in an instant, and families shattered. It also reminds me how vulnerable teens are to making truly life-changing mistakes. I bought a book on leadership for teens by a friend of mine Dr Tim Hawkes who is a retired headmaster. I’m hoping it can knock some sense into my kids, although I doubt they’re read it. I’ll try and glean the wisdom from it and slowly but steadily drip feed it through.

I also just remembered that I’d written last week’s coffee share post before we had our drama, and something did actually happen here. Last Monday afternoon, Geoff was out the back working on the trailer, when he cut his leg open and rudely disturbed by cup of tea. Indeed, I was told to call 000, and fetch the medical kit. At least, we had one this time. A few weeks ago we couldn’t even find a Band-Aid when our son burned his foot on his campfire. Geoff went into shock and didn’t quite pass out, but he wasn’t able to speak and sweat was pouring off him. Good thing I was under the misguided belief a ambulance would pull up any tick of the clock, because although I was stressed, I wasn’t in total panic. As it turned out, that Monday was not a good day for the ambulance service and they advised me to take him myself in the end. That day, a woman gave birth to a premmie baby at home and there was no ambulance for them either and they drove themselves to hospital and she was giving the baby heart massage in the back seat. After hearing that, our drama was nothing.

Our son leaving or Summer Camp. I told Geoff that he at least could’ve photographed his face, but at least he got no protest. The poo brown esky belonged to Geoff’s mum and is probably now a collectable despite being baby poo brown.

Meanwhile our son has gone off to youth camp. He’s gone for three days and we fully expect him to have covid when he gets back. However, he has such a good time there and I couldn’t bare for him to miss out.

Shopping with her friend. Masks are our second-skin around here.

Our daughter is currently on school holidays putting in a lot of shifts at McDonald’s and the holiday dance classes have started up again. We are also starting to thinking about buying her a special tutu and we were just browsing through a few to get some ideas. It’s like shopping for a wedding dress without having to worry about what happens afterwards.

Well, how was your week? I probably should’ve asked you that at the outset and not the end. However, I have pictured up having coffee together. Indeed, it’s been a rather long coffee because once again deadline is looming and I’m about to miss out.

Meanwhile, you might like to join us over at the Weekend Coffee Share, which is hosted by Natalie the Explorer https://natalietheexplorer.home.blog/

Best wishes,


15 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – 17th January, 2022.

  1. leannelc

    Hi Rowena – lots of drama and happenings in your world! Covid is definitely a worry isn’t it? In WA we’ve had a really good covid-free run, but they’re talking about dropping all our borders nationally and internationally on Feb 5th – and then it will pour in with a deluge. I don’t think any of us even the remotest idea about what that will look like – seeing it happen in NSW & Vic and our pollies thinking it won’t happen here – it’s just crazy. Still we can’t lock ourselves away forever and I’m making the most of these last few weeks before the onslaught begins! Stay safe and well 🙂

  2. TanGental

    There was a chart in the Guardian that suggested only about 2 percent of the over 15 population here have either had covid or at least one dose of vaccine so will have some antibodies and T cells. That’s meant about 150k deaths likely linked to it so far – 1 in 2200 people or something which is hardly a roaring success but is better than some I think it puts us about 26th in a leaguel table. Oddly we’ve all avoided it despite London being an epicentre of 3 peaks now. Good luck probably.

  3. trentpmcd

    I’m sure it is difficult times for those of you with a medical condition. I had my booster and am never sick, so, fingers crossed, if I get it, it won’t be bad. But I am avoiding getting it! Hope you are able to avoid it as well.
    Interesting that you have indigenous family. It makes things like the Stolen Generation more real for you, and, importantly, your kids. It will be their generation that will be putting things right, or as right as can be after generations of racism.
    All too close with the teen murder! What an awful thing.
    Kind of scary about your husband. Glad you were able to get him. Hope al is well.
    I hope you have a great week!

  4. Susanne

    Oh my goodness, the drama you’ve had around you!
    I’m not familiar with the concept “the stolen generation”. I need to go and find some information about it now.
    I also stay at home 100% to avoid Covid. I understand your feelings about when your son comes home from camp… Covid is everywhere, especially in those settings. I hope it will be mild if it happens.

  5. Natalie

    Glad to hear your husband is OK. I hope your family stay safe and well from covid. Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

  6. Gary A Wilson

    Gracious Rowena !
    Yes, I’d say that you’ve had more than your fair share of excitement.
    I was very young when I opened up my knee with a chain saw and will never forget that little episode. It sound like Geoff did a more thorough job of it as I didn’t need much more than a big bandage, but wow!
    Sorry to hear about the murder. That kind of stuff is supposed to stay on TV dramas but here we are grieving with shattered families with injuries that no words will comfort.
    These things only answer to prayer which remains a pretty solid sanctuary from such things.
    Wow! Just Wow!
    Stay safe and tell Geoff that he’s restricted to a keyboard for the next, umm, 30 years….

  7. Rowena Post author

    Sorry for the delayed response, Gary. I’ve had a virus this week, but not covid. The only reason we don’t have covid is divine intervention and the vaccines. Our son was well and truly exposed at youth camp.
    Geoff is still hobbling around and the wound is in a really awkward spot and keeps getting bumped and bleeding. He tried to get back to the nurse this morning but the surgery was closed. Not a good sign and I hope covid hasn’t gone rampant through the place. I’m gearing up for birthday season which isn’t far away and school goes back Monday and order needs to be restored on the home front.
    Best wishes,

  8. Rowena Post author

    Thanks Susanne. Had a close call with covid but dodged a bullet – at least so far. Our tests came back negative.
    Best wishes,

  9. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Trent. Drama never seems to be far away at our place, but I think that’s also a function of having kids and now teens in the house. Aside from Geoff’s accident, things with us are fairly stable and although a few friends died last year, I’m hoping we have a good stretch ahead before we’re attending funerals every week.
    These new-found family connections have certainly given me a jolt. I’m trying to find out more about what my family went through but it’s going to take awhile and won’t be easy. I’m also incredibly unfocused. Or, is it that I have too many projects? Well, school goes back on Monday which is my cue for getting back on top of things and returning, or more like recreating a routine and schedule. Ouch. It’s going to be brutal, particularly if I follow through. With Geoff still working frojm home and our daughter being 16, I could probably dodge it for a bit but I don’t want to go down that path. I want to feel whole (if that makes any sense). That was the word which came to mind.
    BTW you’ll be pleased to hear our son has a berth on board the Young Endeavour. I’ll be writing more about that in this week’s coffee share, although I might’ve mentioned it last week. Not sure. THe days are all merging together, which is another reason I need to get back on deck.
    Best wishes,
    PS THe difficulties of this return to school have been compounded by the last two years of lockdowns etc. There’s a lot to resurrect for schools, parents, students…the whole kaboodle.

  10. Rowena Post author

    Sorry for the tardy response, Geoff. My only excuse is that it’s January. Australia seems to go into a collective slumber in January. We didn’t go away due to covid and have tried to get somewhat sorted for the New Year which really launched off for Miss and myself on Monday when she goes back to school for the new year. It feels a bit like trying to raise the Titanic after the last two years but we’ll get there or at least fudge our way through.
    Our experience of the pandemic went up several notches during the week. Mr was away at youth camp the week before and was involved with sound with a close mate who came back with covid. I even gave the friend a lift round the corner and although we were masked, his mask was falling off. I’m immuno-suppressed. We all went off to the testing clinic together and all negative. Very hard to understand and I’ve deemed it a miracle. In my daughter’s case, it could be that a diet high in McDonald’s scared the virus away but it is strange and a relief although I would’ve welcomed a mild case which would’ve given us more freedom.
    You’re capacity to avoid covid is also miraculous and interesting. I am quite intrigued by the pandemic and how it impacts people, how they respond albeit at a grateful distance.
    Best wishes,

  11. trentpmcd

    I’ll admit I had to Google the Young Endeavour, though it was pretty close to what I was thinking. Sounds like a great opportunity! I know a few people who spent a summer on a boat like for Outward Bound, and it is one of those life events.
    Hope you are having a good week and that things calm down a bit so can have a little more focus after school starts up again.

  12. Gary A Wilson

    Most everyone I know who has been through covid tell me that their symptoms were small stuff.
    Still, I think you should wave off this ride and just focus on getting as healthy as possible because if you do get it, you never know how bad it will treat you. Me with covid = one long nap through most of Sept 2021.
    I did lose 10 pounds though. And I’ve kept it off, so I’m counting that as a win.

  13. Rowena Post author

    Thanks for the insights, Gary. I loved how you mentioned the 10 pounds. It’s so easy to count our gains while going through a hard time. I went to a seminar once, and they mentioned that you can make money in a downturn. That not everybody loses out. My ancestors on my dad’s side were mostly Irish and survivors of the Great Hunger/Irish Famine. I have wondered how they survived. The impact was dire. Around a million people died more from disease than actually starvation, but my question has always been how anyone made it out. It seems that no one else has asked that question. At least, not where I’ve looked. They mostly write about the horrors and how there was food available in Ireland, but it was being exported to England.
    Take care and best wishes,

  14. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Trent. I’ve been trying to empty some stuff out of the loungeroom where I’ve set up camp doing my writing and research. I need to start up again on the WWI research and needed more space. So hard for me to cull back on the books though, even though they’re overrunning the place. Anyway, I’ll come and check out your blog.
    Best wishes,

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