Weekend Coffee Share – 4th April, 2022.

Welcome To Another Weekend Coffee Share!

Miracles do happen! We are experiencing two consecutive days of sunshine and I’m almost beside myself after that eternity of rain. I’m surprised I’m not outside soaking up some rays, but I have a few things to do, and even in Autumn the midday sun can be a bit much, and I’ll head out later this afternoon.

So, what tickles your fancy? Tea, coffee or something more exotic?

How was your week?

Last week, was pretty incredible for me.

Above: The Young Endeavour sailing in to dock.

The excitement and dramas began last Monday night when we received a surprise call from our son onboard the Young Endeavour. He wasn’t allowed to use his phone onboard and they had no WIFI access, so we weren’t expecting to hear from him at all while they were away. Of course, that should’ve alerted me to something being wrong. However, he was in good spirits and it wasn’t one of the “Navy Higher-ups” calling on his behalf to say he’d fallen from the top of the mast and was incapacitated. However, the news wasn’t good and I should’ve been expecting the clanger. That morning, they’d all had covid RATs, and three of the youth crew known as “youthies” had tested positive and had to leave the ship. Fortunately, they’d already arrived in Sydney and were docked off Watson’s Bay at the time. So, although their journey was cut short, they did manage to complete the journey from Geelong to Sydney. The news hit the crew hard, as even in those brief seven days they’d bonded really well and had become one. Obviously, there was also the question of whether the rest of them would come down with it either onboard or when they arrived home. Golly, don’t you hate how covid just has to go and rain on your parade?!! Meanwhile, there were even implications for us parents. We wouldn’t be allowed on the base to greet the ship and be a part of their disembarking ceremony, although we could watch them land from the nearby Coal Loader Wharf which had a breath-taking view across the Harbour towards Balmain and Birchgrove (we were out of sight of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.) My parents and our daughter were all planning to be there. However, Dad is having an operation today and had to pass a RAT and be well) and our daughter has a lot of school assessments and dance commitments. We’ve managed to avoid covid so far, and were hopeful that him being triple vaxed and the power of prayer would spare him (and it did). Meanwhile, we cleared out the caravan in case, but he’s mostly been confined to his room.

Youthies on Floral Shirt Day

Of course, for a storyteller like myself, the return of the sailor was a bonanza and fortunately he was really chatty and didn’t object to a gazillion questions from mum, while I was hastily writing down everything he said as close for word to word as I could. I’m a pretty rapid notetaker so I was more than up for the task. Then, we rang my Dad who sails and so was well versed to ask him pertinent sailing questions and I jotted all his replied down there. By this stage, I had pages of notes and was feeling pretty chuffed. However, this was only the beginning and I’m now behind and have pages to type up. I had another win when he got onto Google Earth and took me on the journey from Geelong to Sydney and telling me stories of what happened along the way. Unlike his mother, he has really good navigational skills, and he was very specific abut where they’d stopped. Btw I thought you’d love to hear that they were moored near Taronga Park Zoo on their last night, and he could hear the elephants trumpeting, especially at 8.00am for some reason and he could also see the seal show.

However, the return of Popeye the Sailor wasn’t our only news this week. We actually had quite a busy weekend. On Saturday, it was Open Day at the dance studio and they gave us a sneak peak into the excerpt of Swan Lake they’ll be performing at production later this year. Miss also performed her new ballet solo for the first time, and it was also her first time wear her new tutu. I was absolutely dazzled, although it seemed strange because I’m so used to the old ballet solo and it’s a very different look. It will be really good to see it when she competes in the competition in a few weeks’ time up on stage and under lights.

That afternoon, I drove up to Long Jetty about 30 minutes or so away where my cousins were holding their studio opening. Gina and Katie are sisters. Katie’s business is Mudita Collective https://www.mudita.com.au/. I must admit it’s funny seeing my younger cousins all grown up and a real businesswoman. This is how she describes what she does: “Inspired by nature’s earthy tones and bohemian vibes, Mudita bursts with femininity and whimsical feels. All of our fabrics are ethically sourced and produced by talented artisans.” Meanwhile, I quite fancied this article from her blog about salvaging your old clothing and turning it into beeswax wraps. I see so much beautiful fabric at the charity shops in clothing that’s too small for me. It’s often really cheap, and I have bought a few pieces with grand ambitions of rebirthing them. So, perhaps making these beeswax wraps might be the way to go. You can read about it here: https://www.mudita.com.au/blogs/mudita-blog/upcycle-your-old-clothing-with-beeswax-wraps

Meanwhile, Katie’s sister, Gina’s business Ginagee Creations has a completely different vibe. This is how Gina describes herself:

“Ginagee creations is a reflection of my creative journey. This forever evolving array of hand-crafted pieces started from a very young time in my life where I was drawing, sewing and crocheting. The more I created, the more I was able to learn and grow as I explored new techniques and ancient crafts. I have not stuck to one particular idea or craft. I am constantly expanding and trying new things to make unique creations. Combined with a deep passion for mother earth, I also source as much sustainable, local, recycled, second-hand materials as I can, so I leave less impact on this precious land. It also allows me to bring a second life and a story into my handmade treasures.” https://www.ginagee.com.au/

Yesterday, the action continued when I went for a picnic on the waterfront with some friends. It was wonderful to see them again.

So, as you can see, I’ve been out and about a lot more this week, but with covid still around, this will probably be more the exception than the rule.

Meanwhile, you might like to join us over at the Weekend Coffee Share, which is hosted by Natalie the Explorer https://natalietheexplorer.home.blog/

Best wishes,


14 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – 4th April, 2022.

  1. leannelc

    Hi Rowena – there are certainly a lot of creative people in your family! So glad your son (and yourselves by association) have been spared catching covid. Our g/daughter caught it at school last week and has given it to her little sister and her mother (my DIL). The kids were fine but my DIL is feeling quite ill with it. Our poor son is on nursing duty for everyone and is waiting for it to be his turn to be hit with it – it’s inevitable really. For once I’m glad to be living 2 hours away from them!

  2. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Carol. I know very few households who haven’t had someone down with covid yet. However, our family and my my parents have avoided it, but we’ve also been pretty vigilant, triple vaxed and isolated. Am hoping the last week isn’t going to bring me down. Fingers crossed.

  3. CarolCooks2

    Our grandson had it just over a month ago and we dodged the bullet…we all isolated ourselves at home and luckily I have a few bathrooms so we could keep everyone separate so he was delegated a room and bathroom to himself he was good though he stayed there and ate in his room but kids prefer to do that anyway..lol…Luckily he didn’t have any bad effects…Finger crossed for you 🙂

  4. Rowena Post author

    Great to hear from you, Leanne.
    So sorry to hear your son’s family has been struck down with covid. My aunt lives in Freo and she and her husband have avoided it so far, but their kids and grandchildren have had it and the baby ended up in hospital but is fine now.
    I’m not convinced catching covid is inevitable. Maybe in the long run it is but both my kids had multiple exposures and haven’t caught it and I read about this guy who hosted a covid sharing party in January because it suited his business for him to get it over Christmas. Everyone else at the party caught it except him. I think I saw that on the ABC.
    We have had two consecutive days of sunshine which feels totally miraculous. I could’ve gone kayaking at a picnic yesterday but I wasn’t too sure of the water quality and it was a bit chilly. Or, I was just lazy.
    Hope you manage to stay covid free.
    Best wishes,

  5. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much, Carol. I’m sorry your grandson got it, and it sounds like some sort of tragi-comedy with people locked away at home in their rooms receiving room service from the uninfected. I try to have a few family meals too through the week, but we’ve been avoiding them as well due to my vulnerable health. However, that’s too important to forego forever. Managed to get our son out to join us at the dinner table tonight, but his sister was out working at McDonalds. Small steps…

  6. Natalie

    Hi Rowena, So glad you and your family have managed to avoid covid so far. The Floral Shirts Day looks fun and successful. Take care. Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

  7. Gary A Wilson

    Ugh – I hadn’t yet realized that covid cut the great nautical adventure short. Heartbreaking I bet.
    Your weather has been the pits too. Was his trip sailing impacted? I would guess it had to be.
    Yes – covid has really, REALLY outstayed its limited welcome.

    Oh – but where’s the photos of the new tutu in action . . . ?
    We’ve come to expect better from you.

    Glad everyone’s okay.

  8. Rowena Post author

    Yes, Monika. So hard for those who had to leave early, although it hit them all hard. I am seeing more and more parallels between covid and the devil. Seems to get into everything. I finally just managed to get a post up about the journey. I’m hoping L. might write something up yet.

  9. Rowena Post author

    Fortunately, our son didn’t get his trip cut short. It was only the three with covid, although it was really disappointing for them all as they’d really bonded.
    In terms of the weather, they were incredibly lucky. The day after they arrived in Sydney, the winds picked up and we had a few days of rough weather.
    My apologies that there are no photos of the tutu. I was also not to post them. I will try to negotiate.

  10. Gary A Wilson

    Ah. My mistake. Good for him.
    And about your dancer – remind her that she has virtual fans around the globe who have followed news of her career for several years now.
    Hmm, maybe that would only creep her out.
    We’ll go with her mum’s advice.

  11. Rowena Post author

    I will let her know. It’s been open week at the studio this week, which has meant I’ve been watching a lot of dance. I really enjoy it and find it so incredibly stimulating. I think I was almost buzzing after watching the tap. It was brilliant.

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