Happy Easter Weekend Coffee Share- 18th April, 2022.

Wishing you a Happy and Blessed Easter and Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share! Easter was very low key and virtually non-existent at our place this year, because I fell at my daughter’s dance competition last Wednesday and for some reason haven’t been feeling right ever since in ways that go well beyond the sore foot.

Photo: Emily Stoddart Photography.

The dance competition was intense on steroids both in terms of how incredibly talented, moving and beautiful each and every ones of these dances was, but also in terms of the huge amount of physical and emotional energy it demanded from each of the dancers, their teachers and parents. Miss competed in seven dances I think, which really was a phenomenal effort especially when you factor all the costume changes and steps involved. It’s mind-blowing and I really don’t know how she does it, except she’s been doing it since she was three, and it is her absolute passion and calling. I doubt this is something you can even consider going into half-mast.

The life of a dancer is thwart. There are days where all your ducks line up andeverything goes your way. However, there are also times when it can completely fall apart, which we haven’t really experienced. While I’m a Christian, I still suspect there’s a Lord of the Dance out there too, who is either for or against you on the day. It’s almost like you need to leave a burnt offering on the altar outside when you go in. Well, of course, I didn’t do that, but I did pray that she would come first before she did her classical ballet solo with her new tutu and routine. I wrote a note to myself: Is it wrong to pray for your daughter to come first with her ballet solo? The other dance mums I conferred with thought it was fine, and were equally enthusiastic to see her perform, which was absolutely delightful and made my day. There’s inexpressible joy, but it can get a bit foreboding, and I can’t even begin to describe what goes through your mind while you’re sitting there. However, her dance went beautifully and she won. She has won other sections before, but this meant so much more. She was competing in the open section which is the highest level, but what it meant was that she’s on track for reaching her dream of becoming a ballerina. It was a resounding: “YES!!!” (although she still has such a long way to go!!)

Of course, I was proud. However, my overriding emotion was relief and pure joy!

BY the way, I drew on my years of supporting my daughter’s dance efforts, to write my 100 word weekly contribution to Friday Fictioneers: Last Flight of the Swans: https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2022/04/13/last-flight-of-the-swans-friday-fictioneers-13th-april-2022/

However, somehow this ridiculously compulsive book addict managed to make it to the the local Pearl Beach Book Sale on Saturday. Trust me. For a book addict like yours truly, it’s up there on a temptation level right alongside a chocolate shop. Moreover, since all the Easter eggs had virtually sold out by Thursday according to my husband, feasting on books it is.

The other drawcard about this Pearl Beach Book Sale is that the books are top notch. Pearl Beach is a rather exclusive retreat, and attracts a lot of creative people, who seem to have great taste in reading material. I arrived mid-afternoon, and I don’t know how much the books were at the outset, but I was paying $2.00 each. Of course, this was an absolute steal. So, it didn’t make too much sense to be too selective. It was more a case of fill a box, another box, and while you’re thinking about it, why don’t you fill this one too. The irony of all this was that I’m actually in the process of seriously downsizing our book collection, and the boot of the very same car I drove to the book sale, was full of books I’m planning to drop off for the next book sale at the local PCYC.

Another issue is that I am not a voracious book reader. I read a lot doing my history research. However, that’s mainly involved old newspapers online. I also read blog posts. I also do a few Bible studies and try to read my Bible daily. So, it’s not like I’m not reading at all. I’m just not one of those people who polish off a couple of novels a week. Geoff was doing that without any dramas when he was commuting to work on the train. However, he’s been working from home for the last two years. So, he’s reading has dropped off a lot. He’s just finished reading a Harlan Coben novel: Hold Tight. Have you read it? We’ve been making our way through a few TV series based on his novels. I mostly love them, although there was one that I felt had too much violence, and was just too seedy. I managed to pick up another Harben Coben at the book sale: Just One Look.

Meanwhile, we didn’t really celebrate Easter. I haven’t been well since my fall last week, and my dad had surgery last week and we thought we’d leave it a week or two. Yesterday, was also my brother’s 50th birthday and he didn’t mind when we got together. However, I did spend last night going through my photos and fishing him out. I might actually manage to get this photo attempt printed up.

Anyway, I hope you and yours had a Happy and blessed Easter.

Love and blessings,


All dance photos were taken by Emily Stoddart Photography.

11 thoughts on “Happy Easter Weekend Coffee Share- 18th April, 2022.

  1. Dan Antion

    Congratulations to your daughter, The photos are lovely and awe inspiring. She is beautiful. I know very little about what dance should look like, but the movement you captured looks good to me. I hope you are feeling better soon. Falls can keep us guessing for a while. Take care.

  2. Tails Around the Ranch

    Best wishes for Easter Monday (Easter here was subdued as well). The images of the Miss are incredible and really showcases her passion and hard work. Here’s hoping you’re back on your feet feeling better. Hugs and tail wags.

  3. Natalie

    Hi Rowena, Congratulations to your daughter on her amazing achievement! The photos are beautiful. I’m sorry to hear about your fall. I hope you’re feeling better. Thank you for your weekend coffee share.

  4. Gary A Wilson

    Hi Rowena.
    Wow – and a big congrats to your not-so-little girl. I loved her photos even though it’s always a love-hate thing with me and dance photos because by definition, dance is a motion and the magic of dance is that motion. There is collateral art in still photos that capture some of the best moments of the movement which I did enjoy as I did when watching my kids perform back in the day, because the effort and skill that certain moves take to accomplish is often so transitory that they’re easy to miss unless you stay glued and stop all blinking. Ballet seems to be a long string of amazing motions that few can do and even fewer make it look like art.
    Well done Amelia! I hope your audience left you knee-deep in roses as you finished each dance.

  5. leannelc

    Hi Rowena – well done on all the books. We have a book stand outside our local Coles – the proceeds go to bushfire relief. The books are all $1-$2 and I’ve snapped up a few for collaging over the last 6 months. Sorry to hear you had a fall and that you’re not feeling your best – hopefully things will pick up soon. And CONGRATS to your daughter on her win – that’s so great!

  6. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much, Leanne. Are little book exchange libraries around over in WA? I love them. They have one in Pearl Beach too which rarely disappoints.
    I’ve just got back from going to the hairdressers with my daughter. We get out hair done by a close friend of mine. It’s a fact of life that as their star is rising our star is starting to fade, although I still feel my writing star is ascending. It has to be.

  7. New Journey

    Oh my, she is beautiful. I am so happy that she won, those victories make the heart go a flutter. And as far as I am concerned, its okay for a mum to pray for goodness to fall upon her children. I still do it for both of mine and they are 45 and 35, LOL I hope this finds your ankle doing better and that other feeling you had has left too!!! I love the picture of you with all your books. What a great smile. Life here in Arizona is starting to heat up, in the high 90’s, everything is blooming and the colors of the desert is showing through. I even noticed the saguaros starting to send out there cigarette like blooms. So we had a set back in our travel plans, went to the MD for our 6 month check up and go over labs, all labs looked fine, but he heard an arrythmia in my heart, and not one of the good kind!! I believe it was a build of high anxiety I have been having, getting ready to head East in the new RV, my son in in the middle East working on refuge migration, he started before Putin started bombing Ukraine, so he has styed on and will go to Romania next and then head back up to Germany., plus on Monday my husband was told his tremors have turned into Parkinson Disease, and our wonderful MD is retiring and I am left looking for a new MD before we leave, plus the other triggers I am sure I had were, allergy pills daily for 3 years, I am a caffeine addict so I am sure that wasn’t helping. SO I am caffeine free, no allergy meds, doing some much needed meditating, and deep breathing, and cut way back on my vitamins and natural meds for my arthritis. I see a cardiologist a week from Friday, fingers crossed I get the go ahead to travel, after all this was on the 12th of April and my MD didn’t think I needed to go to ER, he said he would put a referral in for me so that’s where I am at. I feel fantastic actually. My daughter flies in on Sunday for a 4 day stay and I am looking forward to spending some much needed mommy/daughter time together. I will let you know what happens after the appointment. I am hoping that you are up and running around and feeling wonderful yourself. Sorry I am not on here as much, just been busy. Hugs XXkat

  8. Rowena Post author

    Hello! Hello! Hello! I’ve been missing you my friend. Sorry to hear about the arrhythmia in your heart. Good on you for cutting out all those triggers, and hope that’s made a difference. Sorry again to hear your husband has developed Parkinson’s. He’s already dealing with a lot with his lungs, and i know that as we get older, things start to break down a bit (or a lot), but it’s never nice.
    It’s interesting watch our daughter blossom and she’s stunning. I never looked like that as a teen. I wonder what it would be like to be petite and so talented with her dance instead of overweight and uncoordinated. I’m not sure she’s any less self-conscious or unsure of herself though. I feel liberated from most of that now.
    Your son’s job sounds very stressful but such a positive contribution to the terrible things which are going on in our beleaguered world.
    Your visit from your daughter sounds wonderful. Wishing you a wonderful time together. I’d imagine she’s concerned about you both.
    Take care and big Aussie hugs to you!,

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