Weekend Coffee Share – 9th March, 2022.

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

Don’t know whether it’s Mother’s Day in your neck of the woods, but it has been here and I have a large bunch of flowers on the kitchen bench, and we had various delicious snacks, German Bee Sting Cake and white chocolate rocky road. We had a low key Mother’s Day, because I slept through half of it, and my parents are keeping a low profile still avoiding covid, although we did have some lengthy conversations on the phone. Of course, it’s not the same, but hopefully we’ll get down there soon.

I had a bit of a Mother’s Day tribute in my previous post.

Well, I have to tell you it’s getting chilly around here now. The weather isn’t always the best judge of the seasons around here, but the end of daylight savings is usually the death knell to Summer. Just to put you in the picture, the weather is expected to range from 11-18 degrees Celsius today. That’s cold. Anything below ten is FREEZING!!

This weekend, Geoff and I drove over to Hardys Bay to watch the sunset. As you can see, it’s a truly magnificent spot. While we love and appreciate our own beach, it’s always good to mix it us and this little patch is emerging as a really special place for us. It is so incredibly tranquil there. I don’t know whether that’s a function of it being on still water rather than the surf, but I can easily lose track of hours sitting there watching and photographing the sunset talking with Geoff. Indeed, it felt totally timeless. Indeed, I’d have to say we’d finally managed to relax into human beings instead of human doings (or in my case it’s often a “gunna do”.) We went over there yesterday and went on quite a long walk (at least for me), and we went back today to drive further round to Pretty Beach but we loved Hardys Bay so much we headed back and parked ourselves at the end of the jetty feasting on spiced nuts. The sunset seemed to last forever and more and more colour somehow managed to leak out. I was a very happy snapper.

Sunset Hardys Bay

I’ve been thinking a lot about my future lately. It’s a future I didn’t think I’d have a few years ago, and I didn’t really give a lot of thought to going back to work because time was short and my family mattered most, and my writing and research interests were intellectually stimulating and probably even more so than most jobs. My kids have also needed me around, but that didn’t prevent me from working part-time. However, then covid hit and my health situation has meant I’ve spent much of the last 2.5 years in isolation and trying to stay alive on that front has been very draining too. It’s been a war zone for vulnerable people like myself, especially when you’re living with family who are out and about and could bring it home. However, the extra income would be good and I’m think work might give me a bit more grounding and direction. I’ve been feeling a bit lost lately. Then again, there have been so many changes, it’s not surprising. Our daughter s now halfway through her second last year at school, and I’m also wondering if I should just wait until she’s done. She’s got her school work, heavy dance commitments and working at McDonalds. I could continue on with my WWI research and get that polished off in the meantime. I’m going to pray about it. That’s not another way of saying I’m going to sit on the fence, procrastinate or do nothing. I don’t really have strong views either way. Have you had to go through this process and how did you go about it?

Well, I think I might head off.

How has your week been? I hope you’ve had a good one.

This has been another contribution to the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Natalie the Explorer: https://fresh.inlinkz.com/party/d195f0f14edb4d419024884d730b8c75

Best wishes,


6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – 9th March, 2022.

  1. Astrid

    Oooh, I love sunsets! And just so you know, I totally agree with you about the temperature. Then again, here in the Netherlands, we get daytime highs of 10 degrees Celsius or less quite regularly.

  2. Rowena Post author

    Thank you, Dan. Time goes by so quickly. Once upon a time which doesn’t seem that long ago, my brother and I were the children. Then, it was our kids and now that honour is falling to their cousins’ kids. My mother is grateful her older brother is still alive and she’s not the eldest.

  3. Gary A Wilson

    Hi Rowena,
    I know you had a rough time with the covid lifestyle rearrange that washed across the world like a tidal wave of uck. I’m glad you came through it as I’ve been thankful for your friendship multiple times. But yes, with kids growing up regardless, wanting a life of their own, doing new things that we don’t want to miss out on and remaining their mum and dad for as long as God allows – somehow it all is worthwile and seriously – other than covid – what would we really change?
    Parent on my friend, parent on with pride.

  4. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Gary. I think it’s always good to have friends who are a few steps ahead of you and just one or two steps ahead so you can see what’s ahead and what’s about to hit. I went for a walk with a friend today and his daughter left school two years ago and two of his kids live interstate and one an hour away in Sydney. Miss asked me to watch a TV series with her today on Netflix. Can’t remember the name of it, but it was pretty good. I managed to get out for a walk today with a friend, but now it’s raining again. My goodness. What have we done? I’m surprised the house hasn’t floated away.

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