Driving The Tutu Taxi.

Frankly, parenting can take you down some wild and random roads, and I never quite know where I’m going to end up. Or, what death-defying challenge I’m going to be facing next. How I’m going to be stretched right out of my comfort zone. Stretched, and stretched and stretched until breaking point feels like blessed relief.

Geoff and I waiting for the concert to start.

Just as a bit of background, I’ll share that when our son was in kindergarten aged five, a friend and I cottoned on that what you really want as a parent, is an average kid. After all, academically the school system caters best for a child of average intelligence, and you don’t need to be Einstein to realize that if your progeny has any kind of talent, you’ll not only be driving from here to Timbuctoo, you’ll also need a second or third job to pay for it.

However, at the same time both my friend and I couldn’t resist booking our kids into enriching after-school activities, and we paid the price. Her son went on to excel in soccer, and she ended up driving out to the farthest reaches of the state, and almost into the outback. Meanwhile, we’ve driven to the ends of the earth for dance, sailing, and scouts. I have to be honest and say that in some ways being locked down for a few years gave us blessed relief. We could actually stay home. Yet, at the same time, we missed watching them, being part of these communities ourselves, and seeing our friends there as well. It hasn’t all been a one way street.

Anyway, this brings me to the actual good news, and that was that our daughter was accepted into the Youth in the Performing Arts Concerts (YIPA) held locally. It’s held annually for young people aged 13 to 21 years. Being selected was a significant achievement, and an indication that she’s climbed a few extra rungs up the ladder. Wow! Where the ladder is heading at this stage, we don’t know. However, progress is progress.

Photograph: Emily Stoddart.

However, the downside of these performances is all the work which goes on behind the scenes. Today, I spent the afternoon dashing around like a maniac chasing last minute paraphernalia she required, but we actually got her there, on time, in one piece, and she performed to perfection. We were so proud of her, but I’ve got to be honest and say I was just relieved it went without a hitch, especially given how she incorporates the rose into her incredible tricks. It always goes without a hitch. However, since I can barely walk with a mug of tea without spilling it, my own anxiety an run wild. Indeed, I spent most of this performance fixated on that rose and praying nothing would go wrong. Dance, is after all, a nerve-wracking business.

Yes! It all went brilliantly!

Notice the rose in her feet – photo Emily Stoddart.

Anyway, last night’s performance was breath-taking. We very proud of her…and relieved. I am now looking forward to watching her performance again on the video in the comfort of our lounge. Phew! Pure joy!

Does this trigger any memories for you? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Best wishes,


PS Here’s a flash back to her first YIPA audition 2019. Aged 13.

4 thoughts on “Driving The Tutu Taxi.

  1. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much for your encouragement, Monika. It means a lot to me.
    Yes, we certainly missed out on ordinary in this household. I remember my mother asking me why nobody in our family could be normal when I was growing up? I’ve never been quite sure what “normal” was, but I was pretty sure my mother was right about me not being a part of it.
    I am proud of her. She’s been quite unwell lately and has tried to push through but it’s been really hard and she’s been missing school and dance classes and sometimes it feels like it’s caving in, but then things start to improve. It’s easy to look at her incredible dancing and be proud and impressed, but I’m proud of the grit and determination she has as well and the young woman she is becoming off stage as well.
    Lastly, I was thinking of you today as my friend lost his much beloved Golden Retriever, Jake and it reminded me of Sam. My friend loved Jake in such a special way and with his golden coat and gorgeous wagging tail, he was his sunshine. So hard losing your beloved dog.
    Hope things are going well at your end and that you’re enjoying the Spring. We’re all wandering around here wondering why it’s cold. We just don’t get that there is Winter. I’m still wearing tshirts by day but the jumpers are creeping in.
    Best wishes,

  2. Tails Around the Ranch

    If by Spring, you mean 4 inches of snow, yes we’re ‘enjoying’ it. While snow storms in May is fairly common, I don’t recall them coming so late in the month. There’s lots of broken tree branches and with the freezing temps probably lots of plant damage as well but we’ve been desperate for moisture so I’ll take it.

    So sorry for your friend’s loss. I hope at some point soon he will reveal in the tender memories of their time together rather than the sorrows shrouding the loss. Two years later and I still cry thinking about my beloved Sam. He made such an impact on everyone who met him and once I realize that, smiles shine in my heart. Hug your fur babies and those two talented kiddos extra tight this weekend. Hugs and tail wags to you, Ro.

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