Weekend Coffee Share 27th June, 2022.

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

Well, how about we shift a pile or two of paraphernalia off the couch so you can sit down, and I’ll return with your choice of beverage and a plate of one of my favourite supermarket indulges…Ginger Kisses. These are a two biscuits of ginger sponge sandwiched together with a lux cream filling. I go through phases with my late night snack, and these are a returning addiction. Don’t know what they put in them, but they’re irresistible. However, just when I reached a point where I couldn’t live without them, they abruptly disappeared from the supermarket shelves and I had to go without. Being a resourceful woman, I hit the other local supermarkets and on my third hit, I stuck gold and bought all four packets (which by the way was all they had!) So, I hope you feel privileged that I’m actually sharing my stash with you, even if it’s virtual.

Do you have food shortages where you are? While relative to how things are going in some parts of the world, we still have it very good here. However, the cost and availability of fruit and veg is skyrocketing. Even the humble choko which used to be dirt cheap, is now $9.00 a kilo. As for iceberg lettuce, it’s overtaken toilet paper in discussions here. The crop was wiped out in the recent floods and Coles is now asking for $6.00 but it’s been up to around $10.00 in places. KFC, as only one example, has been substituting cabbage for lettuce on their burgers. It’s a tough life for some, and while I’m talking about prices, there’s the obvious increase in fuel prices. I wonder how people are getting on…

Well, I should’ve been keeping a closer eye on the time. I jumped on here to get this post written (or at least my link in place) before link up closed, but I got too engrossed in the price of lettuce and while I was rabbiting on, time ran away. Oh well.

My troubles with missing this wretched deadline is that I have historically written my post on Monday nights Sydney time and written about my weekend. On the other hand, most people seem to write about their week and they’re sharing on the weekend. I haven’t adapted to this change in mindset, and this week I’m rather under the weather. I had my fourth covid vaccine on Friday and I’ve been feeling sluggish over the weekend and my lungs haven’t been in their A1 condition. So, this week being late will just have to suffice and I’ll try again next week.

My big news this week, is that I finally enrolled in a freelance journalism course with the Australian Writers’ Centre online: Freelance Writing Stage 1. I first heard about this course about 8 years ago via my friend Shelley but didn’t follow it up. However, the course has now moved online and I’ve also come to realise that freelancing could give me the flexible income I’m looking for. Moreover, with Miss still at school and her dance and cheer commitments, I’d be stretched to juggle regular employmentin addition to my health issues.

Lady Reading frankie Magazine.

I have now completed my first assignment which involved analysing a magazine. I chose frankie. Have you heard of it? It’s a quirky magazine geared towards up and coming creatives, artisans and like-minded peoples. I don’t know whether my fellow students absorbed their magazines quite to the level I did and I probably went well beyond and above the scope of the assignment by checking out all the featured artisans. I had a ball. It was like visiting an enthralling artisan market from home. Understandably, however, it took me a little longer to actually get the assignment done and unbelievably the deadline started getting close. It was only a simple assessment, and I could’ve polished it off earlier if I hadn’t been so thorough and I was also a bit confused about how to pick out freelance contributions. However, I’ve also picked up Caravanning Australia as a magazine of interest, and eliminated Great Walks (this should be named exhausting never-ending hikes or Are We There yet? It’s way beyond my meagre fitness level). So, my market research has begun. The group also has an line chat function we’ve already begun bouncing ideas off each other.

Meanwhile, the Miss has been busy. Yesterday, she completed in the State Cheer and Aerobics Championships and her team were the State Champions and gold medallists. She also placed third and received a bronze medal for her individual cheer performance. This means she’s off to Nationals on the Gold Coast, which is very exciting and a bit of a what the? I’m not used to our family competing at that level on the sporting front. Meanwhile, on Thursday, she’s off to the Sydney Eisteddfod to compete with her ballet solo and lyrical number. Wow! She’s a busy girl and we are by default. Wish her luck. It’s the classical ballet solo which really matters!

Anyway, I might head off now. I managed to sleep through the first half of the day and jumped on here before I’d had breakfast or even my first cup of tea for the day. So, I’d better reverse engineer my day and get on with it.

So, I hope you have a great week ahead.

Best wishes,


11 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share 27th June, 2022.

  1. lindamaycurry

    I am impressed with your new course of study. The most taxing thing I am doing is making up questions for Book Club tomorrow night. I nominated The Good Wife of Bath by Karen Brooks and hoped to find some ready made questions on the internet. No luck but there are lots of opinions out there so maybe we’ll discuss those.

    What an amazing girl your daughter is! You will certainly be busy keeping up with her.

    I’m standing in front of the heater wearing three layers of clothes planning our caravan trip to Queensland in one month. I have booked some caravan parks for the trip north and we plan to do some free or National Park camps on the way back. Planning is half the fun.

    Cheers, Linda

  2. Tails Around the Ranch

    Many thanks for sharing your Ginger Kisses and your post. Yes, shortages seem to be routine any more. You have to strike when the iron’s hot so to speak otherwise you’ll do without. For me, I can manage, but there are some things that I get for the dogs’ well being that require lots of sleuthing to find sources or some creative adaptations. Have a super week!

  3. Gary A Wilson

    Hi Rowena.
    This post reminds me of when our gang were all competing in speech & debate and we were frequently scooting all over California, grabbing meals and hotel rooms and sleep wherever we could. Fun times and halcyon years that are coming to a close now that our daughter is about to leave for medical school. She finally getting her chance to be a doctor. Our youngest has introduced a carefully selected gal as his girlfriend- something he kept putting off.
    Rowena- our kids turned into adults when we weren’t looking.
    We are disoriented by it all.

  4. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much, Geoff. It’s so, so useful. Writing these feature stories has set ways of doing it and so many boxes you need to tick to pass the basics, which I knew nothing about. One of the fundamentals is meeting deadlines, which I failed once again even with my simple Weekend Coffee Share this week. I not only have a lot to learn, but so much to implement. Implementation is real challenge.
    Meanwhile, I’m enjoyiung reading all these magazines and we’re plotting and planning a few trips in the caravan. That is once we get it spruced up.
    Hope things are going well for you.
    Best wishes,

  5. Rowena Post author

    Have you thought of doing any writing about your caravan trips, Linda? There seem to be quite a few opportunities. On The Road Magazine came up today and I’m looking into that. Our caravan is in a sorry state but I’m now thinking about renovating it. I think it’s roadworthy for short distance but it’s one to park in the bush or round the corner.
    I haven’t read The Good Wife of Bath. How did you find it? I’m still reading The Paris Bookseller. I’ve been reading it for weeks even though I love it, and I now have about 50 pages to go. I seem to be quite a slow reader. I also seem to get so distracted.
    Anyway, I’m determined to get it finished soon.
    Your trip to Queensland sounds wonderful. It’s interesting that you mention planning your trip, because I read someone else talking about going with the flow on their trips today. Interesting how different people approach travel.
    Well, I need to get to sleep. My sleeping habits had improved a lot but the night owl has been fluttering her wings again lately. It’s 2.00am and I am wide awake.
    Take care and best wishes,

  6. lindamaycurry

    Rowena, I have written about caravan trips in some of my A to Z blogs. Maybe this trip will inspire some more writing. You asked about planning or going with the flow. We always used to play it by ear but reports of increased numbers of caravans on the road and caravan parks on the coast being fully booked all winter made me book a few spots I really wanted to visit. We have booked a snorkelling trip to Lady Musgrave Island a a visit to Cobbold Gorge which might be difficult to access if left to the last minute. We can always cancel a week before if for some reason we can’t make it. My husband does most of the driving so I am also planning reasonable distances and lengthy stays in each place to ensure he is not exhausted. We still have a lot of unplanned parts of the trip, mainly on the way back, but we are set up for off grid camping which we will do as much as we can.

    I follow the ABC Book Club Facebook site and get lots of ideas about books to read. That is where I heard about The Good Wife of Bath. Everyone in our group enjoyed it and found it quite different to anything they have read. I know what you mean about finding it hard to finish a book. I’m reading Apeirogon for Book Club and finding it well written but I need lots of breaks and have renewed it several times.

    Sleep well.

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