The Yarn Spinner…Friday Fictioneers 7th July, 2022.

Just out of high school, the boys had stopped off at the Alfa car dealership looking for mechanics apprenticeships. Although he’d never got his hands greasy, Tom was strangely confident.

“My parents have a couple of Alfa Romeo 159 turbo diesels. Dad does all the repairs himself. Had a beast of a time getting the engine out. Talk about needing a lot of tools!”

The service manager was impressed.

“Shame you don’t have a driver’s licence or I’d give you a job.”

Tom felt 10 ft tall, although much better suited to a career in sales than mechanics.


98 Words. PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

This is another contribution to Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wishoff Fields.

Best wishes,


15 thoughts on “The Yarn Spinner…Friday Fictioneers 7th July, 2022.

  1. oneta hayes

    Rowena, I like your character, Tom. He seems well able to spin any situation into something he can handle. However, I can’t see the connection to the picture. What am I missing?

  2. authorfleurl

    I like the dialogue and the character, Tom..but like Oneta, I can’t see the connection to the picture either. What am I missing? Is it spinning a car tyre or steering wheel instead of a spinning wheel, perhaps? Key word is spin?

  3. Marsha

    Cute. Makes you wonder why he didn’t have a license if he graduated from high school. I know I didn’t, but we lived in Portland, Oregon which was very hilly and my mom had a stick shift car. that didn’t shift into first gear easily. After a few difficult starts, Mom said I had to be able to afford insurance before I could get my license and she refused to practice with me. I had to wait until my best friend turned 18 before I had someone to practice with. LOL

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