New Arrival Due Today!

Thought I’d better warn you before you’re totally shocked. That said, I’m sorely tempted to spin a little story if only my beloved daughter’s reputation wasn’t going to be on the line. What feels like tomorrow, is actually today and Miss will be bringing her “baby” home from school.

“Baby” is one of those baby simulator dolls they send home with teenagers to turn them off teen pregnancies, although apparently studies show that teens who’ve taken these dolls home are actually more likely to have a teen pregnancy and go through with it. That concerns me a little and if she had a boyfriend, perhaps I’d be sending that baby doll straight back to school. However, Miss has been looking forward to this ALL YEAR and it’s been a big motivation for taking her child studies class.

Of course, we never had anything like this when I was at school. Indeed, we didn’t even get to lug around an egg or a bag of flour to get a taste of parenthood in a warped kind of way. After all, there’s very little correlation between a sack of flour and a living, breathing, screaming human baby. Besides, I don’t think my school believed in teen pregnancies, at least ones which went ahead.

Meanwhile, this high tech baby doll does a pretty god job of simulating a human infant (at least according to the promotional video.) It needs to be fed, have it’s nappy changed, cuddled etc Like a real human baby, supporting it’s head is very important and if they don’t support the head properly, the baby gives a pained scream. Ditto if its mistreated. It seems like this baby has all the state-of-the-art computer monitoring capabilities Big Brother would be proud of including a full record of how the student interacts and cares for the baby. So, there’s no covering up poor or mediocre parenting (Or, heaven forbid…a FAIL!!). Indeed, I am hoping I might gain a bit more appreciation after this experiment is over. More understanding. How would you rate my chances?

Anyway, one good thing about this baby is that it only responds to my daughter, who has been given a wristband, which she uses to interact with the baby.

That means I’m let off the hook. No babysitting duties for me.

Well, I’m not sure I’m even going to meet this baby let alone have a photo shoot or spend time together.

I’ve been told it’s hers.

That’s fine.

Here’s to switching off and having a goodnight’s sleep…oh pretty please!

Have any of your kids had one of these baby simulator dolls come home? How did it go? I think I want to know…maybe not!

Best wishes,


Couldn’t resist this photo of our beautiful Miss when she was only a couple of days old.

12 thoughts on “New Arrival Due Today!

  1. Tails Around the Ranch

    Seems like a great idea, especially here in the states where the whole abortion flap rages onward with very few exceptions. Ironic thing is pregnancies in states with the most severe laws against it are the ones with the highest teen pregnancy rates. I think all teens might benefit from this kind of parenthood, not just girls since it takes two to tango.

    Bravo to you for not being a grandmother yet. You’re much too young. 😉

  2. Gary A Wilson

    I hadn’t thought of these simulators in a long time and it sounds like they’ve gone high tech.
    I’m not yet sure where I stand on them but think I may settle on the fact that they are simulators or even robots with a very specific educational use. As such, they might prove very effective

  3. TanGental

    I’m a bit like Gary. I’m not very comfortable with the idea in truth. Do the boys get a turn? Are they really aimed at turning teenagers off having children? Seems a bizarre way to do it; surely having more effective contraceptive education is far better? Still if Little Miss is keen, let her have her fun.

  4. Rowena Post author

    Hi Geoff,
    Well, the little experiment is over now and Miss ended up opting for sleep on night two but she’s got so much on at the moment d has a cold. I’ve checked out a few Youtube videos and they’ve been very interesting. I even found one which showed a whole lot of ways of cutting corners while you’re minding one of these. Very clever but defeats the purpose. It also makes me wonder how we survived on such little sleep and for so long.
    I wrote a piece about my experience of having the baby here:
    Miss has the doll as part of her Child Studies course and there are only girls in the course and they’re doing it more as a child care thing than contraception. I think both girls and boys should do it but be able to share responsibilities a little and have help from a family member. I helped out a little bit and my daughter’s friend’s sister took quite an interest. I’m really glad we had this experience. It will be something to look back on.
    How are things going over there? I haven’t been following what’s going on with covid here closely but am socialising a bit and wearing masks in crowds and trying to social distance. We haven’t caught it yet to our knowledge. Hope you have a good weekend.
    Best wishes,

  5. Rowena Post author

    Hi Gary,
    Great to hear from you. I’ve been lying a bit low lately while I was doing the freelance writing course and things have been quite busy here.
    The doll went back to school today and part of me missed it a bit. I seem to have bonded with it more than Miss. I’ve written up about my experiences here:
    I’ve also watched a few YouTube videos and they’ve been very interesting and I also read the comments afterwards which also provided some great insights.
    I think they teach people quite a lot about looking after a newborn and along with the sex ed angle, they’re also able to educate people about physical safety for young babies and warn about shaking the baby and not supporting the head. It also made young people more compassionate about looking after a baby and what their parents have sacrificed for them.
    It made me miss Baby Miss. She’s 16 now. Where did all those years go?
    Hope you are keeping well, Gary.
    Best wishes,

  6. Rowena Post author

    Monika, I am definitely not ready to be a grandmother yet and my husband and I are planning to travel after Miss finishes school at the end of next year.
    I agree with you that it shouldn’t just be the girls who have a go with these. They teach quite a range of things including the risks of shaking a baby and the need to support the baby’s head. I watched a few YouTube videos put out by teen about their experiences and they were fascinating and very personal. There was one showing how to cut corners which was particularly good. I’ve posted how it went tonight. It’s been so intriguing.
    Is it starting to cool down there at all yet? Still Winter here, but fortunately the rain has cleared.
    Best wishes,

  7. Tails Around the Ranch

    Hotter than bloody blue blazes still. Hate wishing my life away but the countdown to autumn can’t tick faster in my opinion. 🥵

    Here’s hoping this baby exercise thing goes well and leaves a lasting impression. As mums we both know parenting isn’t easy. This might be just the thing to steer young potential parents in a more thoughtful manner for their futures. 🤞🏻

  8. TanGental

    These days my gut tells me both sexes should experience it. Certainly they’d be a right old todo about it if they didn’t,
    I’m suffering a summer cold that’s not triggering the lateral flow so it still seems like I’ve missed it. Another week of 31/32C that’s triggering drought warnings and hosepipe bans. Continental Europe is suffering more than us. So a bit meah all in all

  9. Rowena Post author

    i’ve been chatting about these dolls/babies to anyone who’ll listen and have their say this week. One friend reckons they’d be great for expecting parents and give them a few insights, which I thought might be helpful. The dolls are about $1k each and so at last here, they’re not very common but it seems they’re used a lot more in America.
    I was chatting to a Year 12 student (a year ahead of Miss) and she said a lot of the girls lasted a day with the dolls and gave up. I don’t think boys take the child care class and I’m not sure how many dolls the school owns but they did need to be rotated.
    However, I am researching this further so stay tuned.
    Best wishes,

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