Weekend Coffee Share – 12th September, 2022.

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

This week, I’m going to make you a pot of English Breakfast Tea and make you a Marmalade Sandwich and we can pretend we’re the late Queen Elizabeth and Paddington Bear having lunch together at Buckingham Palace.

It’s hard for me to know quite what to say about the death of the Queen. She’s been the monarch for 70 years and at the very least, she’s been a constant all that time at least in terms of being a portrait in our school halls, classrooms, scout and guide halls etc seemingly watching everything that’s going on and being a part of things, yet not. It’s going to be very strange to see King Charles III there instead, especially when I’m a Republican. Personally, I think it’s time to have an Australian as our Head of State and quite frankly I don’t want to see them to have the same ubiquitous presence the Queen has always had. She was quite an exceptional human being, stuck to the straight and narrow and was a worthy role model and leader. Most of us are a lot more human and so many leaders both in and out of politics have let us down. It would be good to move on.

Meanwhile, perhaps you might be interested in reading about the Queen ‘s death from as an Australian perspective: Farewelling the Queen: An Australian Perspective I’d be interested to know your thoughts.

Meanwhile, we’re coming into Spring here. I’ve heard the local Waratahs are back in flower and I’ll have to drive out and have a look. They’re about ten minutes away and simply growing beside the road. We’ve also seen groves of golden wattle in bloom, which is absolutely beautiful. This is all a reminder to keep your eyes open to the positives around you, even when the going gets tough. There’s always something to make you smile and radiate joy!

Lady at Ocean Beach, NSW.

Speaking of joy, we’re actually very happy and relieved to still have Lady, our Cavalier x Border Collie still with us. Last Sunday she vomited and the next day she went off her food and was barely moving. I had no idea what was going on with her and after her carrying her out to bed, didn’t expect her to be with us in the morning. However, there she was at the back door wagging her tail and full of beans. Far from being sick, she was actually more lively than usual. I was most surprised. We’re not real good at keeping track of how old our dogs are. Probably because we really don’t want to know. As we all know, they speed through life seven times faster than us and that’s a tough thing to contend with. However, we think she’s about eleven or twelve so she’s older than she looks.

Well, that’s about it this week.

This has been another contribution to the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Natalie the Explorer.

Best wishes,


4 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – 12th September, 2022.

  1. Gary A Wilson

    Hi Rowena,
    Well – I think we could sit back, with our virtual tea and British treats and utter satisfying deep sighs about the death of the queen.
    We could ride the teeter tooter of asking what’s the point of having a monarch and an elected government versus the warm tradition a benevolent monarch has left us with.
    I’ve binged-watched The Crown – twice in the past 2 years, trying to get a tad caught up to the idea and different perspectives of that crown and have been careful not to form too many opinions based on what and how that show chose to portray of this antique of a tradition.
    I have few, if any, British roots as my family really are American mutts with blood elements from all over western Europe so I get to chose from: Irish, Scottish, Dutch and Swiss as my likely heritage as the mood swings. Thus, I was confused as to how this monarchy made it at all to 2022.
    About the only thing I think I believe about it is that it would not have unless they changed from monarchy to benevolent and limited monarchy. They chose to keep most of the trappings of a ruling dynasty while pushing most of the burden and responsibilities for ruling to disposable elected officials.
    Like it or not, it’s a masterpiece of survival by adjusting.
    I’m not sure that son Charles will prove to be up to keeping it alive. He was such a wimp regarding his marriage to Diana and in dealing with his mistress. That alone should have sunk him and I’m not clear on how he kept his place in line.
    But then there’s Australia. How even Elizabeth kept you all in the common wealth is beyond my powers of reasoning. I know that Diana is thought to have played a significant part, but that was a long time ago now and surely there is a case to be made for politely thanking the Brits for all they did to stand up such a thriving community, but “it’s time we left the nest and became a sovereign nation like all the others we live with, but please do stop by for tea and a short visit from time to time. We can still be great friends.”

  2. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much, Monika. Rosie was sick last night. She climbed up on mylap which she rarely does and was sick over me straight away and then on the floor in two spots in a big way. OMG! It was about 1.00am and our hot water service has been leaking and Geoff had turned off the hot water. That left me boiling the kettle several times to clean the mess. Oh the joys of family life!! she’s fine today too. She had been eating her blanket and all had a plastic cheese wrapped down there. She seems to think she’s a goat.
    Anyway, I need to run. Miss has been at a Billie Eilish concert and I’m picking her and her friends up from the station. She was offered a lift with a friend of a friend on his P’s but I thought I’d be protective Mama tonight. Take care and best wishes,

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