Night Time Ferry Fever…Sydney Harbour.

Sometimes, all your Christmases really do come at once, and you have to make the most of them because there can be a long wait for the next big buzz. My first day jaunting around Sydney Harbour after overcoming covid was like that. Indeed, it was so good that I’ve had to break it down into four posts to give each part of the whole an opportunity to shine. Naturally, most days aren’t like that and there’s a lot of blah, blah blah instead. What also made this day extra special, and indeed all of my time houseminding in Sydney, was having my world open up again post lockdown and after being shut away from Sydney all that time, it blew my mind going back. I’d also been away from Sydney because we bought our home just North in Greater Sydney and what with having the kids etc we became pinned down. it was now Macquarie’s Chair where I photograph the Sydney Harbour Bridge after dark when it was all lit up like a Christmas tree.

The other aspect about night photography, is that it’s tricky for a woman to go alone and feel safe. I’m not sure if it’s any safer for blokes either. Too often there’s someone just busting to start a fight.

However, the ferry is ideal.

Waiting For the Ferry – Circular Quay.

Well, it would’ve been if I had my tripod with me and the ride can also get a little bumpy., but that didn’t hold me back and what with the wind blowing in my face and trying to capture the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the wake from the boat in the foreground, it was truly exhilarating.

Then, to blow me away completely, this voice calls out to me. “It’s you again. Remember me from Balmoral Beach?” Sure enough it was the woman I’d met while I was photographing my reflection on a back mirror in the Bather’s Pavilion. Here she was again. We got on so well. We were like Thelma and Louise having so much fun taking photos together and almost blowing away with the thrill of it all. I tried to find a pen and paper but the ferry was soon at Cremorne Point and I disembarked a bit disappointed to lose my new friend, but on such a high. Photography can do that to you. That is when all your Christmases come at once and all your hopes haven’t been dashed against the rocks, which unfortunately happens quite a bit. Indeed, many of these photos were blurry, but I now had a vision and a few weeks left to improve. Yet, regardless of how the photos turned out, I had so much fun that I’ll never forget this particular ferry ride or my new found friend.

Best wishes,


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