DIY- Friday Fictioneers 2nd March, 2023

Hugo recently moved out, and his flat mate Maddy was initiating him into the cruel hard world of the local laundromat.

“Why can’t you just upload your washing and download it when it’s done? You can do everything else online.”

“OMG, Hugo! You’re such a Neanderthal. Doing your own washing is all part of becoming a responsible adult. You’re 18. Time to embrace DIY! Besides, why do you think I come here? Or, didn’t you notice we have our own washing machine? Going to the laundromat is so much more than doing your laundry.

“Hi Hamish, fancy seeing you here.”


100 words PHOTO PROMPT © Miles Rost

I wonder how many romances began at the local laundromat?

This has been another contribution to Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff Fields at Addicted to Purple. We’d love you to join us.

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24 thoughts on “DIY- Friday Fictioneers 2nd March, 2023

  1. James Pyles

    This is the second story I’ve read about “hooking up” in the laundromat. Never had that experience in real life when I was using them back in the day.

  2. Kimber Templin

    Interesting meeting place. I’ve heard it was a good place to pick up the opposite sex. I guess you can tell a lot about a person by the way they do their laundry AND what they wear underneath. Boxers or briefs?? LOL! 🙂

  3. Rowena Post author

    We all do. If only we could invent that we’d never have to work again and would be living on Easy Street.

  4. Rowena Post author

    Most definitely! I had cluey friends like that back in the day. Very savvy. Sometimes I look back and feel I missed the instructions although there were people more clueless than I.

  5. Rowena Post author

    I spotted a laundrette when I was house sitting down at Cremorne on Sydney Harbour and I’ll be heading back there in a few weeks and might check it out for research or send my “kids” in who are now in their late teens.

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