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Weekend Coffee Share: 9th April, 2017.

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee  Share!

Our TV was disconnected this week so No. 1 son could get his assignments finished. While I could’ve questioned why the rest of us had to miss out on his account, you won’t find any complaints here. Indeed, I felt liberated and was delighted to see him reading his book and we got back to having dinner at the kitchen table. That had lapsed over the hot Summer when we escaped into the air-conditioned lounge room. It’s now time to move back. After only one family dinner around the table, I could see the difference as we discussed so much and started to moved closer to the same page. With so many comings and goings and these only intensifying as the kids get older, the family dinner as corny as it sounds, is worth fighting for.

The other thing about turning the TV back on, is hearing the news.

Our condolences to the people of Sweden.

This past week, was the last week of term one for the kids. This saw our son frantically needing to finish off some assignments, which had lagged after he’d  been sick for about a month. We also had open week at the dance studio. I felt so privileged to be able to watch my daughter’s classes and  also see her teachers’ dance. I have become intrigued at how it could well be the seemingly little things which differentiate a good and great dancer. That how you point your foot or hold your hands, and smile while dancing, make an enormous difference. I could well be a case of “take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.”

I spent the day at the studio yesterday. My daughter is now in Dance Team and they put on more of a performance and the students taking privates, performed their solos. Naturally, performing in the studio, is a great stepping stone, easing them into public performances. Contrary to the stereotype of very extroverted performers dominating the creative arts, I find so many creatives are actually exceptionally sensitive, intuitive and can find performing excruciatingly difficult. From what I’ve seen the likes of Sia, who doesn’t want to show her face in public, aren’t the exception. So, well done to all the students who got out there and performed their magic. I loved each and every performance.

Anyway, after a very stressful week and feeling so relaxed watching the dancing on Friday night, I decided to do my taxi runs and dinner and head back. My daughter decided not to join me as she needed to unwind. Said she’d be trying to work out the steps in her head and being a serious observer. I told her that I would be doing the same thing. That said, my expectations of being able to are set at a realistic zero, where she has aspirations. Huge aspirations which seem to be getting bigger and bigger by the day and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for “mortal mum” to keep up. I’m still trying to get one foot in front of the other and am thankful I have a place for my car keys.

Last week, my Alphabetical Tour Around Tasmania for the Blogging A-Z April Challenge continued. So Far, we’ve been to:


Theme Reveal

A- Ashgrove Farm (Here’s the cheese!)


C- Convict Brick Trail, Campbell Town.

D- Doo Town, Eaglehawk Neck.

E- Eaglehawk Neck.

F- Ferndene, Penguin.

G- Gordon River Cruises

It’s been fantastic to revisit our holiday and a timely reminder to keep putting the photos away, reprint some more and write up some kind of family journal. After all, this was no ordinary holiday. My husband is Tasmanian and his roots go back as early as the 1830s. So, we had a lot to catch up on as well as checking out the usual tourist spot and nature escapes.

I’d love you to join us on this epic journey.

Well, I hope you’ve had a great week and I look forward to catching up!

The Weekend Coffee Share was created by Part Time Monster .  Thank you Diana for all the great Coffee Shares in the past!  If you haven’t heard, the Coffee Share is now hosted by Nerd in the Brain.  Thank you Emily!  You can join this week’s Coffee Share on her blog or by clicking on the “Linkup Linky“.  In fact, I encourage you to click on the “linky” to see what’s been going on in the lives of other bloggers and even join us if you haven’t before….Trent put this too well to come up with something better myself!

Love & Best wishes,


B- Bridport: A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Welcome to Day 2 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Today, we’re cruising from Ashgrove Farm in Elizabeth Town to Bridport, in North-Eastern Tasmania. Driving from nearby Deloraine, it’s a a 129km drive, taking about about 1 hour 34 mins. However, it could take a lot longer if you stop off at any of the vineyards around Piper’s Brook. With our supplies of cheese and crackers from Ashgrove Farm, it only seems fitting to wash them down with a drop or two.

Bridport is many things to many people but for Geoff’s family, it was also where Nanna and Pop lived and they weren’t far from the beach either. Nanna was known for her canaries and she used to bake the canaries a form of sponge cake loaded with egg yolks from the chooks as well as caraway seeds. Nanna was also renowned for her homemade bread, which took out prizes at the nearby Scottsdale Show.


Anyway, since you can’t go to Bridport to see Nanna these days, I’d better keep moving and I’ve actually gone back in time to 1883 to provide a local description of the place as well as a mention of a local ghost…

“We are now having beautiful weather, so good that it makes us think summer is close at hand. The approach of summer always sets people thinking of excursions, picnics, and visits to the seaside. Here we are always at the seaside, and perhaps do not realise quite as much enjoyment from a ramble on the beach as people who only get a sniff of the briny once in 12 months. Still we sometimes take a stroll on the sands and enjoy it. I often think if Bridport was better known, and there were better facilities for getting from Launceston to it, in time it would become a favorite seaside resort. On the east side of the bay there is a splendid sandy beach (none better in Tasmania) for upwards of 10 miles at low water. This beach is hard and firm as a macadamised road, being a splendid stretch to either ride, drive, or walk on. The west side of the bay the coast is rocky, making a nice resort for robust ladies and gentle men to scramble about on. There is also good bathing, boating, shooting, and both salt and ‘fresh -water fishing ; in fact Bridport is the very ideal summer retreat that plenty of people are looking for. We were enlivened for several nights with the visits of a “real genuine ghost.” I don’t think it was a bad sort of ghost in the way they generally go, but it managed to frighten two -or three people very muchly. I think if anything the ghost scared the people more than the earth quakes have done, so we may conclude the ghost has scored one on the earthquakes. A few evenings ago some of the ghost friends went to interview it, but as it did not come up to time they all went home again very much disgusted to find they had no chance of offering it the stock whips, stones, and other things they intended presenting his ghostship with. We have had no visitations from it since. Most likely his satanic majesty has found work for it in another quarter.”

Daily Telegraph (Launceston, Tas. : 1883 – 1928), Tuesday 2 October 1883, page 3


How could you ruin a breath-taking view like this with cabling? You’ve got wonder about humans!

In addition to sharing with you about the beautiful beach and coastline, I thought I should also mention Bridport’s wombat population. I have vague memories about Geoff’s aunt telling me about a local wombat which walked around the shops back in the 1940s and was well known around town. I couldn’t find any reference to it online. However, I did come across “Norma’s Ark”,  which operates out of Norma Baker’s Bridport home. We were quite conscious of the sheer number of dead animals besides the road, particularly Bennett’s Wallabies and Norma does a fantastic job nursing injured animals and then returning them to the wild. You can read more about  Norma and Norma’s Ark Here.

While this is hardly a comprehensive tour of Bridport, it does provide a few insights and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I look forward to catching up with you tomorrow!

xx Rowena

Theme Reveal – Blogging from A to Z.

My apologies. I understand that the theme reveal for the Blogging A-Z April Challenge was some time ago. However, let ‘s  just  say, that I was thrown by the changes this year, combined with the usual mayhem on the home front, and hence my grand announcement was delayed.

This year at Beyond the Flow, my theme will be: Travelling Alphabetically Around Tasmania, colloquially known as: “Tassie”.

I don’t know whether you’ve ever tried travelling anywhere alphabetically before. I certainly haven’t. Indeed, since leaving school, which can be synonymous with alphabetical seating, my aversion to doing  things alphabetically, has even extended to my filing cabinet. Nothing is filed alphabetically in there. It’s more a case of most used at the front, and dead files at the back. This makes perfect sense to me…unlike travelling around Tasmania alphabetically, which is madness in any other realm than cyberspace.

Although I have no sense of direction, thrive on serendipity and am “creative”, the whole concept of travelling alphabetically grates on me. I don’t like waste and clearly we’re not travelling via anything approaching a direct route. Indeed, by the end of the month, I suspect our path is going to resemble something of a spider’s web and a route way beyond the famed “road less travelled”.

I wonder how Siri would cope with that??

She wouldn’t!!

Neither would an accountant.

As you might be aware, the challenge kicked off on Saturday and I started my journey at A for Ashgrove Farm in Elizabeth Town , which is located on the Bass Highway, roughly inbetween Devonport and Deloraine in Northern Tasmania.

Today, we’re moving on to the seaside town of Bridport in the North-East, and could well be picking up a few bottles of wine along the way. After all, wine and cheese are old friends. Mind you, I will point out that we won ‘t drink and drive.

You’ll find that my commentary won’t address the usual touristy blah-blah-blah and be incorporating much of what I’ve gleaned from my husband and his family and historical references. You will also find quite a few historical references and anecdotes.

After all, you can easily Google the rest.

If you are doing the Blogging A – Z April Challenge, please share your theme below along with a link to your theme reveal of A posts.

After all, the best thing about this challenge is sharing and caring  and building new connections.


xx Rowena