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Photo Booth: Centrepoint Tower, Sydney.

After Miss finished her audition, we caught the bus into the city and we caught the lift up Centrepoint Tower. On the way up, we found ourselves being photographed in front of a green screen and when we returned, these irresistible photos were waiting at the counter…$40.00 Mum. How could Mum say “No”? They were incredible shots and that T-shirt Miss is wearing looks a rather surreal with that rabbit on the front..especially when you look at all the amazing places we ended up!

Coming up next, we’ll have our 360 degree guided tour of Sydney and I’ll try to match the aerial photos up with images taken on the ground. This is going to be fun.

Stay tuned,

xx Rowena & Miss.

Miss in front of a Sydney nightscape.

Miss in front of a Sydney nightscape. You wouldn’t catch her standing out on a ledge like that, especially on her own.

The view from Centrepoint Tower

The view from Centrepoint Tower

Transported to Sydney's New Year's Eve Fireworks extravaganza.

Transported to Sydney’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks extravaganza.

Captured by the Ginormous Koala demanding more gum leaves.

Captured by the Ginormous Koala demanding more gum leaves.

Seized by a Ginormous Koala!

Forget all your fears of being attacked by killer drop bears out in the Australian bush.

There’s a new threat posed by the Australian koala population. A mutation in the eucalyptus leaves which the koalas eat, has caused these once small, cuddly critters to grow and grow and grow and grow, dwarfing tall towers and crushing anything in its path.

Miss and I were simply eating ice cream in Hyde Park when a huge paw swooped down from the sky and took us heavenwards. You could just imagine our horror. As much as I might love koalas, this was obviously no ordinary koala and not being able to get hold of any gum leaves in the city, it was a cranky koala as well…not at all like those sleepy koalas you see at the zoo.

Anyway, we were rescued and were much relieved to return to terra firma.

Take it from us, do not pat these koalas or even attempt to take photos. Instead, be afraid. Be very afraid. Miss and I were very lucky to escape and you might not be lucky!

xx Rowena