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Daunted By the Year Ahead?

How do you feel about starting another year? Have you made numerous New Year’s resolutions or goals, even writing them up in a spreadsheet with KPIs, deadlines and possibly even a star chart? Or, has the start of another year washed right over the top of you barely leaving a ripple in its wake?


Fireworks Sydney Harbour NYE 2016

Well, I was still struggling to get my head around the last year when the fireworks started booming off the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was all happening. Indeed, 2017 was already here.

What the? Couldn’t I somehow press rewind, repeat and start the new year all over again when I’m ready? What about this new-fangled feature I have on the TV called catch up? Would that do the trick? As my daughter just reminded me, if I press the paw button on the remote, will I suddenly catch up on last year like magic? If only…!!

I guess that leaves time right where it is. Grr!

The terrible thing about starting another year is that our “exhausted post-Christmas end of year crashed out on the couch self” is suddenly confronted by our ideal, perfect self. The one who is going to exercise like an Olympian, diet like Jenny Craig, run on time like a clock and write more books than Enid Blyton. That’s while being the loving, attentive spouse/partner and even parent. Some how, we’re juggling like a clown and not dropping any of our balls at all.

This is what happens on the 1st January and it’s no wonder I’m feeling depressed, overwhelmed, inadequate and looking for someone else to drive the bus. I’ll disappear and hide in my hammock for the rest of the year, giving what you could describe as a totally underwhelming performance.

Okay! Okay! I’ll get out of my chair and get moving.


One mixed up fridge door.

One look at the cluttered paperwork stuck on the fridge door gave me somewhere to begin.

Then, I thought I’d better clean the kitchen table first so I could sort out all the stuff on the fridge without it drowning in muck.

From there, I somehow ended up cleaning the inside of the fridge. It now looks like something out of a storage company catalogue with everything neatly stacked into boxes and tubs. Who owns this fridge? Has the fairy been? I must’ve woken up in someone else’s house.


Eeyore Chilling Out in the Clean Fridge.

This reminds me of one good thing about ending one year and starting another. You can turf all last years notes and paraphernalia and create empty space. Indeed, if you’re lucky, you can now stretch out without causing an avalanche!

While I’m still formulating and getting my head around my goals for 2017, one word is entering my vocabulary….no! This is particularly pertinent to my daughter and all her activities. We can only do so much. That’s it. No more. There are limits. There are only 24 hours in a day and at least 8 are for sleeping. She can not live multiple lives at once. We have to make choices. Well, I’ll be making choices anyway. As I said, I’m learning how to say and apply the use of the word no, which will also apply to our son and the excessive use of electronics. No. Enough. Stop.

I can do this. Take a deep breath. Stretch into my full height and say no and mean it. Put my foot down and even push it through the floorboards, if that’s what it takes to be heard. That said, I sure hope it doesn’t come to that!

Meanwhile, I still have to muster up my inner strength. Lady, our recalcitrant Border Collie x Cavalier has been refusing to go out to bed at night. Last night, I ended up carrying her and trust me all that Christmas Cake she ate weighs a tonne. She’s going to find herself dealing with a sterner voice as well. I won’t be accepting “no” as an answer either.

Humph! Looks like these embryonic resolutions are starting out with training myself  and that’s a task I really don’t relish!

How are your New Year’s resolutions going so far? I’d love to hear from you!

Good luck!

xx Rowena



Weekend Coffee Share April 3, 2016 #atozchallenge

Welcome to another Weekend Coffee Share and if you are popping along from the A-Z Challenge, make that an extra special welcome! As you might be aware, I am in the habit of offering Tim Tams or Vegemite toast with your beverage of choice. This week, you’re in luck. I bought the Tim Tam bag at the Royal Sydney Easter Show. Eat up!

How was your week?

Our week has been a bit manic what with going to the Royal Sydney Easter Show and getting fired up for the A-Z April Blogging Challenge.


Our family at the entry to the Royal Sydney Easter Show.

Monday, we went to the Royal Sydney Easter Show, which is the largest event in Australia and the sixth largest event in the world. As we were struggling to squeeze everything into the day with aching legs, we weren’t surprised. It’s huge!

Dodge Ems

If you are interested in things Australian and experiencing a virtual tour, here’s an overview with links through to specific exhibits.Royal Sydney easter Show Now & Then.


Best in  Show.

Friday April 1st, saw the launch of the A-Z April Blogging Challenge. As you may recall, my theme is: Letters to Dead Poets. On the eve of the challenge, I decided to share the works of a living poet Nan Whitcomb, who wrote: The Thoughts of Nanushka. I first discovered her poetry when I was at school and it not only blew me away, it also guided me through what a family friend very aptly called:”the swirling vortex of pubescence”.

I also received this poem from a “dead” poet just to remind me to tread a bit gently around the subject:

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die.

Mary Elizabeth Frye

So, it seems that even death can become complicated!

While Letters to Dead Poets might be my theme, I consciously decided against having a strict format for each letter, preferring something more fluid…allowing each poet to speak to me personally and take me where we end up. Go with the flow. As the April deadline loomed like a menacing black rain cloud, this lack of structure was a bit alarming but it’s falling into place far better than I’d ever expected. This has now become my book project, fusing much of what I’m been working on in the past together, which is such a thrill…and relief!!

We’ve only had two days of the challenge so far.

A was for AA Milne I addressed him specially about growing up and my grievance that now that my kids are growing up, my second childhood seems to be growing up with it without my consent. I wonder if that’s something you relate to as well?

B was for Banjo Paterson. Andrew “Banjo” Barton Paterson is an Australian poet whose best-known works are:  The Man From Snowy River and Waltzing Matilda, which is Australia’s unofficial national anthem. Given that the Man From Snowy River was perceived as the iconic Australian bloke for many years,  I asked Banjo: “What it means to be a bloke?” Fortunately, he replied but took a more lateral approach and wrote about what it means to be human, emphasising that there is “no prescription”. Read Banjo Paterson’s reply here.


Inspired by The Man From Snowy River, perhaps…RM Williams Truck at The Show.

So, these Letters to Dead Poets have become something of a philosophical discussion.

Meanwhile, I’ve been a serious “Blog Flirt” visiting other blogs. It’s absolutely shameless and I just hope that some of us will hook up again and it’s not all just a series of “one-post-stands”. I know I am certainly looking for relationships!

Speaking of relationships, we welcomed a new family member this week.

Eeyore & book

Eeyore reading “Winnie The Pooh” at the beach.

Feeling a bit of a psychic twang after dropping my daughter off at school, I mysteriously found myself back at the Vinnie’s Warehouse and the Lifeline shop next door, which is selling everything but furniture off for $1.00 before moving. So, I looked out the back of the Lifeline shop and there’s Eeyore sitting there, looking like someone left him behind and forgot to take him to Pooh Bear’s party. Well, being the caring, sharing person I am, I just had to take him home. Yes, I know he’s not Paddington Bear and that our house is already overcrowded BUT…You wouldn’t leave him there, would you?!!

So there I was doing the 45 minute drive home with Eeyore sitting there in the front seat with his shoulders hunched over, eyes downcast.Nobody does gloomy quite like Eeyore which, ironically, made me feel strangely happy. I also started to think of ways of cheering Eeyore up and took him to the beach the next morning. The sun was out and it was an absolutely glorious morning and yet Eeyore was still being Eeyore. Oh well!


Even on a sunny day, Eeyore was gloomy.

By the way, I did find it a bit freaky finding Eeyore like that. It wasn’t just that I was writing about AA Milne. I was also re-reading: Winnie the Pooh.

It was meant to be.

How has your week been? I apologise that I won’t be able to get through quite as many coffee posts during April but will have a go. If you are doing the A-Z Challenge, please leave a link below and I will pop over.

Blessings & Best Wishes,

xx Rowena