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Poem: A Modern Day Hero

There’s a tick-tock,

tick-tock tension

shooting through my veins…

a mighty strong caffeine,

poisonous toxin,

I can not contain.



almost delirious,

my head’s spinning.

The entire world’s

spinning round superfast

in an absolute blurred haze.


I’m staggering down the plank

as rom pom kettle drums

herald my demise.

Moving further & further

until my calloused toes curl

right over the very edge.

They’re now clinging on for dear life.

They won’t let go.

I’m not going anywhere.



my alter-ego

sips champagne watching the sunlight

dance across the harbour,

weaving a dazzling, diamond carpet

across the blue.

More champagne,

life is so good!


Yet, through my lens,

the water’s freezing.

Hungry sharks

with huge, wide jaws

& razor-fangs are poised,

just waiting for my foot.

Thunder roars.

Huge lightening bolts crack

the heavens open like an egg

with its insides oozing out.

I’m a pile of broken goo splattered

all over the pavement.

Hardly a modern hero.


Yet, despite this picture I paint,

there is no raging ocean.


my little boat’s still

tied up to the pier.

Life jacket on,

I can swim.

No reason to fear.

With barely a ripple in the water,

I am fine!


Yet, though I’ve somehow

conquered the world,

I balk at each new hurdle.

No longer the rock,

I’m nothing

but a pile of

quivering sand.


Yet, if only my inner hero

accepted my quest

without question,

without hesitation,

the deed would just

have been done.

Ticked off the list.

Instead of crashing

in a choked up roundabout

inside my head

and never getting out.


No longer weighed down

to the earth with

my leaden-eyed despairs,

I’d be soaring like a bird.

Not just any old bird either.

I can almost hear a sea gull

calling my name…


“Come fly with me!”


“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding. Find out what you already know and you will see the way to fly.”
― Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull


Rowena Newton

25th January, 2016