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Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a Merry and Blessed Christmas!

Love & God Bless,

Rowena & Family

PS We’re about to evacuate to my Aunty’s place. This is my solution to not being about the get the house, kids, dogs, self Christmas-ready.

Now, we’re off to jump in our sardine tin to  join the conveyor belt to Sydney.

Bilbo & Lady

Bilbo & Lady

Merry Christmas from Santa and Our Kids.

Merry Christmas from Santa and Our Kids.

Well,we all know how Santa gets around…especially now he’s given up his sleigh and has allegedly bought himself a Jeep!!

So here he is Sydney, Australia.

My mother took the kids off to get their photo taken with Santa. While it was an improvement on the days when our daughter screamed blue murder and refused to go within a mile of the dreaded beast, it was a struggle and you know how it is they have fabulous clothes and shoes and here she is…Humph! Felt like photo shopping out those shoes… Kids!!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a Ho! Ho! Ho!


Rowena, Geoff, Mister, Miss, Bilbo & Lady

Angels and Shepherds Smile at the Camera

We might have had a real baby playing baby Jesus this year but there weren’t even any dress-up sheep this year for the shepherds to round up…just toddlers. Once again we were late for Church even though I was doing a reading and Mister was a shepherd and Amelia an angel. But we made it… Didn’t break any bones before this “performance” and the cough behaved itself as well. Even managed to photographed the children afterwards in costume in front of the tree.

I almost forgot to mention that we drove home via a scenic tour of the Christmas lights. decorating your house in Christmas lights isn’t huge here but some people really have gone all out. Being summer and daylights savings time over here, the kids are usually in bed before you can really get a good look at the lights. Hence, it’s become a bit of a tradition to have a look at the lights after the Christmas Eve Service.

Anyway, we could like to wish you and yours a loving and blessed Christmas and a peace-filled New Year. Let’s see if we can really set the Golden Rule in motion in 2015!

Love & God Bless,

Rowena Geoff, Mister, Miss, Bilbo and Lady xxoo

Angel and shepherd smiling at Mummy's camera.

Angel and shepherd smiling at Mummy’s camera.

An Australian Christmas, Pearl Beach, New South Wales.

An Australian Christmas, Pearl Beach, New South Wales 2006.

Bush fires are as much a part of Australian summers as going to the beach. With the local bush fire brigade being so critical and an integral part of the community, you often see Santa attending his pre-Christmas engagements on  the local fire truck. Santa used to turn up on this gorgeous vintage fire truck at the Pearl Beach Playgroup every year until is was very sadly sold. Santa has had to update his transport.

Wishing you and yours a loving and peace-filled Christmas and may that continue through the New Year!

Love & God Bless,

Rowena, Geoff, Mister, Miss, Bilbo and Lady xxoo


How would you respond to this catastrophe?


Mess becomes art!


Chronicalling my Christmas Cake adventures in my last post, I revisited this scene of carnage in my kitchen after the kids made all sorts of feral mixtures using food colouring. I love fiddling round with photoshop and changing the colours and had great fun turning the kids’ mess into this striking work of art.

This carnage took place exactly four years ago 19th December, 2010 in the prelude to Christmas when the kids were definitely being naughty, not nice!  I still haven’t forgotten my fury. The kids were very, very lucky that Santa turned up that year. One of their friends wasn’t so lucky. He received a sack of potatoes from their very grumpy Santa.

It was "creations" like this which seriously motivated me to teach my kids how to cook properly.

It was “creations” like this which seriously motivated me to teach my kids how to cook properly.

How do you deal with stressful situations?

xx Rowena