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Mummy Sleeps In!

Struggling to come up with a title for this shot of a father and son down at the beach yesterday morning, I finally seized on “Mummy Sleeps In.”

Our son might have turned 12 this week but I still haven’t forgotten that extreme fatigue that comes with having young kids. I think Geoff might have taken the kids for a walk on Saturday mornings to try to give me a chance to catch up…not that he’d fared much better himself. Indeed, commuting to Sydney and working all day, he could well have been worse off.

Little peoples are incredible cute and enchanting but they’re also incredibly high octane and a 24/7, round the clock “job”, for lack of a better word.

I still remember the impossibility and luxury of a hot cup of tea…not something you can drink around the little peoples, even if you do manage to pause them and time for an instant.

By the way, this photo was taken yesterday morning when our town was blanketed in thick fog. The fog was so thick and expansive that it even filled our street, right up to the front door. It was quite incredible! We’ve been living here for 15 years and it’s never done that before.

That’s why I rushed down to the beach with my camera. I was expecting some good pickings but nothing this good. The bright early morning sun shining through the thick fog, really created an incredible ambiance…a photographer’s paradise!

I wonder if this image brings back any memories for you? The beach is such a way of life for many parts of Australia. I just love it! I spent so much of my own childhood there and now I go there with my own kids…and the dogs! Thus, the beach somehow moves beyond time, as generation after generation walks it’s sandy shores.


Beach Feet.


This photo is part 2 covering my walk yesterday through the Mist. Here’s part 1: Walking Through the Mist.

I hope you are having a great week!

xx Rowena

Self-Portraint in Rainbow Paint. Day 5: Five Photos Five Stories.

It looks like Mister reinterpreted what it means to paint yourself and painted on himself instead.

Actually, this shot was taken in the lead up to Christmas 2005 when we were1 making Christmas cards to send to the family. For his first Christmas, we’d pretty much stuck with footprints but it looks like we became a lot more ambitious for his second Christmas. You can see paint all over the paper as well as the boy. Howeever, even though it was so incredibly messy and it felt like I hasd to scrub out the entire house by the time we’d made it through the bath, we had a fabulous time taking creative self-expression to new heights.It also reminds me of the value of letting creativity run its course and actually flow rather than being caugyht up in being neat or having the perfect child. A child who sits perfectly still and colours in instead of painting themselves, the table the floor and even the bathtub as “Operation Scrub” goes into full swing.

Too often, we put on the brakes. Lock our child up in a cage. Force them into a mold.

Love that paint job!

Love that paint job!

Believe me! It is very tempting. It is so much easier thasn allowing them to be themselves! I’m not just talking about cleaning up the mess here or all those trips to Emergency patching up the scapes. I’m also talking about managing a non-conformist and all that means when it comes to interacting with other kids, parents, teachers and just about anyone. It would be so much easier for them all if we could just run kids through a factory to a set of “standards” but easy doesn’t stretch our horizons or challenge our thinking. It doesn’t give us texture, colour. Indeed, there wouldn’t be any rainbows anymore because we’d love all those beautiful colours without that mix of sun and rain.

I’m guity of this myself. I remember the first timew Mister mixed the different playdoh colours together that I almost had a heart attack. There his was squeezing those beautiful rainbow colours through his little fingers when I heard this chastising voice from somewhere in my deeply repressed past: “Do not mix the colours”. Playdoh was considered expensive when I was a kid and something of a luxury and we all knows what ultimately happens when all those rainbow colourss mix together for too long. They turn “poo brown”.

Seeing this photo also reminds me how long it’s been since we’ve done paintiing at home. I even enjoy doing a bit of painting myself but got a bit turned off by all the cleaning up afterwards and what with trying to keep up with writing, photography and playing my violin, it’s been awhile.

That’s about to change. I think we’re well and truly overdue for a paint date.

I was nominated by Geoff Le Pard fromTanGental for the Five Photos Five Stories blog Share: http://geofflepard.com/2015/06/10/five-photos-five-stories-day-two/

I would like to nominate Eli from Coach Daddy at https://coachdaddyblog.wordpress.com/ We met through the April Blogging A-Z Challenge and I thought he might enjoy another one.

The rules of the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge are:

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xx Rowena