Shark Smile!

Sharks don’t smile.

That is, aside from the cheerfully reformed Bruce the Shark in Finding Nemo. However, who really trusted him deep down when he said: “Fish are friends”?

However, like so many things, it’s all a matter of perspective.

This week I discovered that when you look at a shark’s mouth from down below and swivel it  around, you get a smile.

And, if you’re really lucky, you might even get a toothy grin!

Shark Smile2


Me being me, I couldn’t resist adding some eyes but Mr Shark was smiling too much to even attempt a moustache!

Now, I can just hear you asking: “How on earth did you come up with this?”

Well, it’s not often that even this intrepid Australian comes face-to-face with a live shark. Indeed, I’ve never even seen a shark outside a tank until this week when a fisherman caught one off OUR beach!

Then, he caught another one!

Baby Bronze Whaler sharks which wouldn’t do much to a human but what about a small dog? I can just imagine the talk down at Dog Beach! Full Story Here.

So, it just goes to show how you can find smiles in the strangest of places!

This has been part of the Weekly Smile blog share at Trent’s World

What has made you smile lately?

xx Rowena


The photo  shown here isn’t “our” shark. It was much younger with much smaller teeth.

21 thoughts on “Shark Smile!

  1. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much, Cindy. I’m still working on the post about the guy catching the shark at our beach. I don’t usually take my Nikon SLR down there when I’m walking the dogs and so there I am witnessing this guy catching a shark and my son holding it and no camera. Fortunately, the guy took a photo and emailed it to me. So grateful! xx Rowena

  2. Norah

    You turned that menacing mouth into an amusing grin. Very creative. Well done. I thought, with your mention of dogs, you may have been warming up for the Four Paws for Noah flash fiction contest. Sounds like you’ve got all the ingredients for a good story. Are you entering?

  3. roweeee Post author

    Our shark was a lot younger and its teeth were nowhere near as big. That said, it’s smile was still rather haunting and didn’t inspire much joy at all.

  4. trentpmcd

    Nice smile. A little gap toothed, but I won’t judge (I want to keep my fingers ;)) I think I said in another comment that if you are in the ocean, there is a shark close by, usually within a couple of hundred yards/meters. Of course, most sharks, even great whites, won’t attack you or your dogs. Knowing the sharks are there and seeing them, of course, are two totally different things!

  5. roweeee Post author

    Oh my goodness, Merril. Thanks I think for putting me onto that story. It was a bit chilling and too much like Jaws for my liking.
    We’ve had a few serious shark attacks further up the coast and 20 years ago my second cousin was killed by one. He was a shark fisherman in South Australia and I think he’d become complacent.
    Your cats sound great. My kids are staying at my parents’ place at the moment and I think i’ve mentioned how the neighbour’s cat visits. They’ve had a great time playing with Archie. Geoff is allergic so it allows them to get their cat fix without Geoff sneezing.

  6. roweeee Post author

    I think we’re right swimming at our beach but further up the NSW coast they’ve had a spate of attacks on people. There has been quite a to do about all of this with public meetings etc. Fortunately, we’ve been fine here.
    I am, enjoying the weekly smile, Trent. It’s very encouraging and like all these great doses of positivity.
    We had a stinker of a day today and its just after midnight and I still have the air-con on. Take care xx Ro

  7. roweeee Post author

    Blogging has really taken over my brain. Imagine standing on a beach watching a live shark and thinking: “There’s a different perspective for Trent’s smile share”.

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  9. Minuscule Moments

    I would like to think he threw them back, my son if walking on the beach would have asked him to because he hates that part of fishing where people keep the fish. I explain to him that its a choice we all make and some people enjoy eating fresh fish. Funny how he loves fish cocktails from the local Chippy……… but thats how his Aspie brain works Rowena. Amazing photo.

  10. roweeee Post author

    I was a bit divided about the fate of the shark. While intellectually I know how important sharks are for the environment and how their numbers have dropped, emotionally there’s still that sense that the only good shark is a dead shark.
    I think many people have trouble translating the animal to the meal on the table part. I know my daughter really doesn’t like it and has been that way for awhile and she does have vegetarian leanings but with her underweight issues, I’m not keen.
    I was stoked about the photo. I’m usually the one with the camera taking photos so I really appreciate a complete stranger taking the photo and emailing it to me.

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