Royal Wedding…A Front Row View.

Sorry you couldn’t join me for a front row sear for last night’s royal nuptials. As I’m sure you’ll appreciate, it was a rather exclusive event and since Dame Edna was unable to make it, I went in her place along her my possum handbag. Unfortunately, the pups got out and followed me. Perhaps, you missed the TV coverage, but they had a great time chasing the corgis around Windsor Castle. So, I can assure you that everything you saw on tele last night was something they’d prepared earlier and went through multiple takes and extensive editing. After all, how did you think Meghan’s dress stayed Omo white with all those grubby little page boys and flower girls wiping their fingers all over it. I was aghast. Some idiot had fed the kids chocolate crackles to keep them smiling in the royal automobile, and in the true blue wedding footage, you’ll see chocolate finger painting all over that dress and a huge tear in that precious train from when they were playing tug of way. Just as well Meghan had plenty of acting training and knows how to keep smiling under circumstances that would make an a saint hopping mad. Now, you’ll also understand why Harry was looking so nervous and shedding more than the occasional tear.


Anyway, we had our own little running commentary as the full Royal cast passed us by. Upon the arrival of the Queen, my son pointed out that she was wearing “Hi Viz”. A friend also pointed out that she won’t get lost in the crowd. Anyway, she always looks delightful and I’m serious impressed at how the Queen and Prince Phillip keep going. They both walked into the Chapel unassisted from what I recall, which is a real commendation to them as well as a bit of good luck no doubt.

Rowena Zac Rosie

Watching the Royal Wedding from my front row seat.

The second thing I really appreciated about the wedding, was how Prince Charles was there to support Meghan Markle and her Mum, through what was quite an emotional thing of walking up and down the aisle. He was the consummate Gentleman and he was just like how I’d expect my Dad to be in that circumstance. He was just beautiful and I felt very compassionate. As Meghan’s Mum left the chapel, the only member of Meghan’s family to attend the wedding, Prince Charles against stepped up and walked her out. While Meghan’s Mum was rather regal herself through proceedings, it must have been a terrifying prospect. Yet, she handled herself with what is described as “aplomb”. I literally took my hat off for her and my high heels and put on my cosy ugg boots.



By the way, my Ugg Boots were a real hit at Windsor Castle, and the envy of most of their guests. Of course, most of them were wearing what I call toe-crunchers and didn’t have the nous to put comfort before style. Indeed, Camilla even tried to snatch them off my very feet. Indeed, I had to threaten to tell the Queen, and it was only then that she let go.

This brings me to the address. Well, to be honest, I’d like to give the Most Reverend Michael Curry my address.In case you missed it or had continuous interruptions like yours truly, here’s a link: Link and here’s a link to the  Full Transcript , which is truly worth an indepth study more than a glossing over. This man not only wore his heart on his sleeve, her radiated love like the sun. Not just any ordinary love either. God’s love. I have a feeling. Indeed, I know, that if there were more people like him in this world, it would be a better place. Moreover, I think we’ll be saying the same about Harry and Meghan before too long. Indeed, they’ve each made a significant contribution to their chosen spheres.

So, to finish off the big day, I pulled out a couple of trays of my world famous lamingtons and shared them with the crowds. I made quite an impression and you might even see me on the next season of Masterchef. That’s if I’m not playing my violin at the Sydney Opera House. My calendar is clearly starting to fill up.

Best wishes,



12 thoughts on “Royal Wedding…A Front Row View.

  1. TanGental

    Well I’ve not seen any of this event but I understand Harry W won 1-0 with a defo penalty after clumsy defending from some half cousin roach farmer on the distaff side. What with all the scandals and divorces it’s as well for Harry that he’s marrying well I think.

  2. New Journey

    I made it up in time for the carriage ride. What a beautiful wedding, I didn’t get as dressed up as you did, but I did wave back as Duchess Meghan went by. Glad you were able to catch it all. And your outfit was lovely especially your slippers. xxxkat

  3. oftheicebox

    A shame Dame Edna couldn’t come. Alas, rumor (and personal encounters) tell me she’s touring Australia right now. I’m glad you were able to attend in her place. The Uggs definitely did her justice.
    And I, too, admired the high viz of the Queen’s ensemble. What other white woman can pull that off? Certainly not I. All hat’s off to her.

  4. Rowena Post author

    Yes, Dame Edna is touring Australia, and she’s playing the role of Barry Humphries. The tour is called: “Barry Humphries: The Man Behind the Mask”.
    She looked amazing in that outfit and very elegant, as usual. Red is a favourite colour of mine, although not something I’d wear from head to toe.
    Thought you might appreciate this discussion I had with my daughter today. She converted me to a makeup superstore called Sephora where they let their hair out each Saturday and go all out with their makeup to a theme. I was feeling a bit rebellious and found this violet coloured lipstick and tried it on and wore it home. A few viswits later, I lashed out and bought it. My daughter was rather excited as she thought she could use it, but she was mortified when I told her I almost wore it on Mother’s Day to Church. “Not appropriate”. I wanted to break with that whole image of the floral Mum. I pressed her further on the subject today and she said “Mother’s don’t wear purple lipstick”. Little does she realize that she just gave me the greatest motivation to wear it!
    Best wishes,

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  6. Rowena Post author

    I think I’ll have to sneak out with it. I’m actually feeling a bit more rebellious as I get older. Indeed, I might be rebelling from my kids and not the other way round!

  7. oftheicebox

    I actually happened to coincidentally get free tickets very recently. It must be hard for Barry to live in Dame Edna’s shadow. On the note of purple lipstick (love it), my mother would say, “Child, have you seen the 1980s ’cause anything original you think you’re up to, you’re actually borrowing from me.” Buy it and own it!

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