Inside Outside – Friday Fictioneers.

Dimity was next up, but she just wanted to run.

“Idiot! You absolute idiot! How could you let him talk you into singing THAT song? Raw, red-raw, it was only meant for the shower.”

Delving into the agonizing depths of self-loathing, she’d turned herself so completely inside out, her heart was beating outside her body, and the neurones were spewing out of her head like the guts of a computer.

“It’ll help someone. Save a life,” he said.

Now, she was wondering why she had to sell her soul to save the world? Why couldn’t she just plant a tree?


100 words exactly.

This has been another contribution to Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wishoff-Fields. Photo prompt © CEAyr.

As a closet musician, I related to this photo prompt of the stage. While naturally rather extroverted, I usually have no qualms about getting up on stage and doing that most dreaded of tasks….public speaking.

However, playing my violin has been a mixed bag and early on, I put myself through the intense stress and madness of doing my Preliminary exam. This is the most basic exam you can undertake, and yet it was much harder than I expected, although I was determined to get an A, not a C-. I remember stressing out so badly on the train on the way to the exam, and being rather hard on myself. Then, I realized I was doing this to myself. No one else had made me do. It’s not like I was a kid and I could blame my mother. Moreover, just to give you a bit of a laugh, you can picture me practicing in the bus shelter out in front of the exam venue trying to warm up my ricketty fingers. The stress was through the roof, but I’ll have you know, I did it. I got my A, and I haven’t done an exam since.

Best wishes,




17 thoughts on “Inside Outside – Friday Fictioneers.

  1. ceayr

    Sounds like quite a song she’s about to sing.
    I rather think that if music doesn’t hurt a bit there is no point to it.

  2. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much, Tannille. These flash fiction pieces usually work out very well for me, and I’m actually surprising I stopped writing them for quite a few months while I was doing my research.

  3. Rowena Post author

    I like that CE. I used to do poetry readings back in my early 20s and some of those pieces were very raw and personal with no protective coatings. I was thinking a bit of Sia when I wrote this who kept her ace hidden for awhile at least. I also know quite a few people in the performing arts and trying to make it but it can be a double-edged sword.

  4. Rowena Post author

    That’s very much the way I think. I’ve been through some pretty dark and heavy times and even at the heart of them, there’s been humour and it’s often come out of nowhere too. When I was told I was having chemo to treat my auto-immune disease, I immediately had this picture of a little cartoon character with both barrels drawn ready to take up the fight. I didn’t even know his name and had to ask my husband. It turned out to be Gethsemane Sam. I given up trying to understand how my brain works. It’s definitely off-beat.

  5. ahtdoucette

    Such an intriguing story and use of metaphors. I think all of us creative types can empathize at least a little with this process. Words and music can be so powerful – and so terrifying at the same time in terms of baring your soul. Thanks for sharing this little bit of your thoughts with us!

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