Bloggers Unite for a Better World: 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion

1000 Voices for Compassion

1000 Voices for Compassion

“The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.”

― Mark Twain

In response to recent terrorist atrocities around the world, a call has gone out for bloggers to unite behind an inspirational campaign to highlight compassion around the world. On the Friday 20th February, 2014, bloggers are asked to write a post on their blog about compassion and be a part of the 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion.

This campaign was launched by Yvonne Spence who suggested the idea to a Facebook group she belongs to and it went from there.

As a writer, I have always hoped that the pen is mightier than the sword and in more modern times, the bullet. Through participating in this campaign, I hope to be part of the change which leads the pen and indeed the cartoonist’s pencil, to victory!!

Naturally, I would love you to join us.

Who knows if this will turn into another Woodstock or Paris Rally but wouldn’t it be absolutely fabulous to see compassion being a global focus, hopefully beyond February 20, 2015!!

Recent terrorist attacks around the world, have sent the world a challenge. What are we as individuals and the global village, going to do to make a difference? What is our response? We can’t undo the past but perhaps we can influence the future. Not through the use of bullets or the sword but through the might word and also our deeds.

Indeed, humanity has already responded. Love and compassion have triumphed. Thousands left flowers in Martin Place after the Sydney Siege and in the largest rally in French history, hundreds of thousands marched through Paris (including world leaders with a dubious track record for the very freedom of speech they were supposedly there to support!!!)

At a time where the glass can feel very much half empty, we somehow need to find ways to fill our world with love and compassion until that glass is overflowing.

I live in the Sydney region and our innocence was shattered when a terrorist took 14 people hostage and two people died as a result of the siege: the Tori Johnson, Manager of the Lindt Cafe and Katrina Dawson, a Mum of three kids and a wife, a Barrister who was simply sharing a beloved hot chocolate with her pregnant friend. Most of us Australians probably put too much weight our geographical isolation and naively felt the terrorists were “over there”, even though we could see the ripples in the water. We’ve lost that innocence now and even though we’re getting on with it, the aftermath lingers.

While we as individuals might just seem like a grain of sands in the overall scheme of things, when those grains of sand join together, they can form a mighty rock standing firm against the tempests of terrorism, bound together through love & respect.

You might like to read a post I wrote reflecting on the approaching New Year: A New Year’s Wish: Ask What You Can Do For Your World!

Although the actions of a few have been horrific, I personally do see quite a lot of compassion in our world. As I mentioned before, we have witnessed a real outpouring of love, grief and compassion in response to the terrorist sieges in Sydney and Paris. It is important to remember this because we should never let the evil actions of a few blind us to the good done by the many.

I am a person with a disability and when I go into Sydney with my walking stick, people are usually so lovely and helpful. There will always be the ones who walk into you regardless but I usually come home from my trips with my faith in humanity fully recharged.However, I must say that when the same person ie me is out in public without the stick, I can quite a lot of judgement, especially when I am unable to comply with social norms because of my health issues/ disability.

If you are a blogger, or if you make videos for to upload to the internet, then please do join us! We welcome you.

If you are on Facebook, send a request to join our group. You’ll find it with this link.


If you are on Twitter, check out the hashtag: #1000Speak

Not sure what you’d write about? What does compassion mean to you? Is there enough of it in the world, or would you like to see more? How do we feel compassion, and how do we lose it? You can tell the world about a time you felt compassion for someone else, or you can tell about a time someone was compassionate to you. Really, as long as your post is about compassion, you can write or make a video (or both) in any way you choose.

Join 1000 Voices to Speak For Compassion

I really hope you’ll join me in this and at the rate the response is going, we’ll be looking at well over 1000 voices. Yay!

**If you are going to participate, please leave your blog details below and I will read your post and include it in a list. I will publish the list the day beforehand on February 19.

Love and best wishes,


36 thoughts on “Bloggers Unite for a Better World: 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion

  1. roweeee Post author

    Thank you very much, Louise. I am looking forward to reading yours too. I am so excited about being a part of this and to see how big this movement grows and how far we can reach. I have written quite a lot about this type of thing and it’s going to be hard to keep it down to just one post. I will probably write a few beforehand as well.
    Probably the kindest act of compassion I have heard about lately was from my aunt whose brother lives with a severe disability and has always lived at home with her parents. Her parents are now elderly and his care is challenging and complex. Her aunty, however, lives next door and does their washing. That touched me so deeply and I really feel like photographing her hands…the hands of love. So many people philosophise about the meaning of love, what is love and her loving, constant support year after year epitomise love to me.

  2. lbeth1950

    Thanks for alerting me to this opportunity. I welcome the chance to do this. I will definitely be doing this. I have several things in mind already I will write about. Are all these posts to be published February 20? Thanks so much.

  3. roweeee Post author

    Thank you so much for the reblog, Carol. I am getting myself mobiised. I’m planning to post links to bloggers who participate, especially who have assed through my blog.

  4. roweeee Post author

    Thank you very much for the reblog and it’s great you’ve come on board. Such a great idea!! I will be doing a post featuring participant’s posts so keep in touch. xx Rowena

  5. roweeee Post author

    Great to have you onboard. I can’t wait to read the responses and will be doing a post listing links to posts xx Rowena

  6. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much, Erica. I will be doing a post listing links to participants posts so stay tuned and keep the inspiration coming xx Rowena

  7. Yvonne Spence

    Thanks for spreading the word! I’m so pleased to read that you see compassion in the world and that people are often helpful when you are out with your stick.

  8. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much, Yvonne. I can now see a need to somehow distribute people’s posts. I thought I would do a list or summary of the people who have replied to my post and to some that I hook into through the Facebook page. I is such a great idea and just what I needed after recent events xx Rowena.
    By the way did you read my post about how the media team from the MH17 crash site went to great lengths to bring the sunflower seeds from the actual time and place of the crash site back to share with family and friends of the victims. See
    Looking forward to the big day xx Rowena

  9. roweeee Post author

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the reblog Victor. i can’t wait to read all the posts and have met some great bloggers along the way.

  10. roweeee Post author

    That’s great and thank you so much for coming on board. I really hope we can get the word out and really turn this compassion project into something amazing which can be a force of good against all the bad things which happen in our world xx Rowena

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