Window Shopping: Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney.

I really love photographing reflections in windows as you can really capture some quirky images and intriguing effects.
Manikins and dolls also appeal. They look so life-like and yet there’s that vacant stare. I’m not really there, which can be quite haunting.
Anyway, all seriousness aside, I had a lot of fun capturing this lingerie model in a shopfront in Crown Street, Surry Hills.
Any thoughts about my belle dame?
xx Rowena

10 thoughts on “Window Shopping: Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney.

  1. colinandray

    “What the hell am I doing here?”
    “I’ve really got to get a life.”
    “Was I really made to do just this?”
    “Bloody Ozzies…………… WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT!”
    “God……. I’m bored!”

  2. Erica Herd

    She is quite the temptress. I photographed a manikin a few months ago who sits in a health food store / apothecary window. She dons a white terry cloth bathrobe.

  3. roweeee Post author

    That sounds hilarious, Merril. My cousin was making theatrical props a few years back and we had a fake hand in the Christmas tree that year. Apparently, my second cousin who is into acting has manikins in her house. She posted a few photos on Facebook and I was stoked to find a kindred spirit. My Mum is very conservative and I had this floral Laura Ashely wallpaper in my room growing up. I absolutely loathed it but my mother loved it and found it feminine and I guess a bit “posh”. I tried to rip it off in parts. I am just really remembered that wallpaper and how incongruous it was to who I am. My Dad now uses my bedroom as his study and years ago, had it removed and the walls are now painted antique white…his favourite wall colour. Sometimes, I wonder where I came from!

  4. roweeee Post author

    She did seem very striking and I agree with you about her looking the temptress, which is an interesting role for a manikin. I like the sound of your photo. I once photographed a pile of manikin bits stacked up in a shopping trolley no doubt being relocated and that did intrigue me. Wish I knew where those photos went.

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