Short-Sighted Time.

If you’re not short-sighted, then no doubt you’ve already worked out that my clock radio is upside down.

However, to be perfectly honest with you, it took awhile for me to work it out. That’s because I’m so short-sighted without my glasses, that I can’t even see the numbers at all. The screen is blank.

As for how my clock radio ended lying belly up like this, the answer is simple. I couldn’t sleep and found the light from the LCD screen annoying. So, I pushed the clock out of the way in the dark, and it could well have taken a swan dive off the back of the chest of drawers and that’s probably how it ended up upside down.

Why it stayed upside down and undisturbed is a bit more complicated. My only defense is that when you’re as blind as a bat without your glasses, it doesn’t really matter as long as the alarm goes off. My alarm just happens to be my husband, followed by the two dogs who he sends in to wake me up with this enthusiastic: “Where’s Mum?” Bilbo is so proud of himself for finding me too. Lady may turn up eventually in which case, she’s usually madly wagging her tail.

The other possibility is that I’m some kind of topsy turvy character out of Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree who likes walking upside down on their hands.

Something tells me that short-sightedness is the better explanation.

xx Rowena

PS With my alarm clock upside down, chances are that my glasses have fallen on the floor and it can be very humbling feeling the floor with my fingertips trying to find them!

14 thoughts on “Short-Sighted Time.

  1. colinandray

    From my experience, it is even more humbling to hear the crunch of crushed glasses as you step out of bed (and hopefully the lenses popped out of the frame)!

  2. itsathought2

    My eyes have recently taken a fast turn for the worse and I’m feeling all the sympathy for this. Eyesight is one of those things you take for granted until it betrays you.

  3. Barbara In Caneyhead

    WOW. I can’t imagine having that much trouble seeing up close. I have been terribly near sighted since my mid teens. I actually “saw” better before I got glasses, as I learned to memorize the “walk” of the boy I had a crush on and could spot him at 100+ yards. Could spot the headlights of boyfriends car coming at me at night WAY down the road by their shape and slant. When I first got glasses I walked out and said, “I never knew you could see individual leaves on trees without being up next to them!!!”

    Barbara from Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  4. tinacypark

    Hahah yes I totally empathise with you! I’m blind as a bat as well. It’s so painful when you misplace your glasses because you’re too blind to look for it!

  5. Rowena Post author

    I’ve had that problem with my glasses too! Fortunately, there’s usually someone else here who can find them for me. Somehow they manage to fall off the chest of drawers and under my bed. You’d think they had legs or something.

  6. Rowena Post author

    I had similar strategies when I was younger but my sight deteriorated to the point where long distance is beyond the edge of my nose. Well, perhaps a little further. Although I hated wearing glasses when I was younger, it hasn’t bothered me for awhile…except now that I’m having trouble reading and now have bifocals, which aren’t quite right for reading music when I play my violin.

  7. New Journey

    I hate the light from the alarm clock…I even went out and bought one with yellow lights (suppose to be more soothing to the night time eye) well its not….I had to get a bigger display also as the numbers were blurry….but I end up covering it with a sock anyway and I keep it across the room from me….LOL I should just unplug it as I use my cell for an alarm ….and in all reality who cares what time it is in my house…..LOL kat

  8. New Journey

    I lived in California, so earth quakes were part of life…yes it was always “some excitement” when it happened but it was part of what happens in California, LOL.sometimes the hanging plants or whatever was hanging around you would start swaying so then you say oh, we just had an earthquake and watch the news later to hear there was a small one….the biggest was the Loma Prieta quake in “89 that stands out the most…it was 7.1 and a bad one….it reeked havoc all over the bay area, one of the big bridges actually fell apart and killed someone…..many people lost there lives…I was home getting ready to watch the world series on TV, our 2 local baseball teams were playing against each other….snacks ready, TV on, kids bathed and just settling down to color in the kitchen….I remember the TV went out…I just started to complain, when my daughter yelled Earthquake…she was grabbing her 18 month old brother dragging him under the kitchen table…she was a good big sister…I ran from the living room to the kitchen to make sure the kids were safe and at that moment I watched the sliding glass doors actually bow outwards like they were giant bubbles and someone was blowing air on it…then in an instant they were coming back towards us….I grabbed the kids in one fell swoop and heading back into the living room to get away from all that glass that I thought was going to explode….as I ran back into the living room, my daughter who had a death grip on her brother ran to the door going outside to stand in the door jam, one of the areas we are taught to stand in during an earth quake besides under tables…I witnessed the living room big glass windows bowing outward as the roll of the quake went under us….hummm it was something I will never forget, I didn’t know glass could do that…LOL we survived better than a lot down in the bay area…sad, dark time for many. (mind you this was the longest quake I had experienced, it actually felt like it was never going to stop, well over 30 seconds of rolling) left us with cracks in the walls in several rooms…. there was another time I was sitting in my chair in the living room ( back in the late 70’s) and an earth quake happened and it actually tussled my chair around and moved it about 3 inches…felt like it had come alive and was trying to walk away. (about 20 seconds)..another weird feeling… the most recent was right before we left to come to the desert last year….it was in the middle of the night…I believe it was around 4.5 magnitude, somewhere in there….it actually rolled me right out of bed onto the floor….I was sound asleep and then I was awake on my face on the floor….at first I thought someone pulled me out of bed…I was terrified….then after I screamed and rolled around kicking wildly thinking I trying to fight of an attacker, I realized I was all alone…LOL then in the next second a jolt hit the floor and I realized it was an earthquake…my husband slept right through it…LOL he thought I was making it up…until the internet went wild…the dog knew and wasn’t happy either…just a few I remember….kat

  9. New Journey

    Just heard on the news right now there was a 5.2 magnitude earth quake in southern California…LOL funny how life is….happened as I was writing my post to you….LOL hope we didn’t cause it…LOL no one was hurt…just a big rolling quake, per the news cast….kat

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