The Virgin Campers…Friday Fictioneers.

Blood-curdling screams echoed through the night and the dog was going psycho.

Half-awake, Jack saw that young bloke grabbing his missus by the throat.

“I’ll get the bastard. Ring 000!” Jack yelled, putting on his pants.

“Jack? Stay out of it. You’re too old to play the hero. Leave it to the cops.”

“That couple camping at the creek… He’s killed ‘er.”

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

Margaret was so afraid, her teeth almost leaped out of her mouth and into the bush.

“P… h… The…the…there’s a h..h…h..huge ssssspiiiider in our t..t.t.ttent.”

“Struth! Thought you’d been murdered.”


This has been a contribution to Friday Fictioneers. This week the photo prompt comes from © Jan Wayne Fields


Drop Bear

To give a bit of background, I’m Australian and to be perfectly honest, I’ve never seen anyone go camping with a power generator thingy here. I was rather stuck on this prompt and showed my husband. He grew up in NE Tasmania and did a lot of real camping growing up, which included hiking up Cradle Mountain. His immediate response was: “You call that camping!!” They definitely struck both of us as virgin campers and they were just begging for some Australian wildlife to enter their tent. There is so much to choose from…the dingo, possums which are known to tear open tents to steal your food, snakes, spiders…even drop bears! My husband suggested writing about all forms of wildlife converging on the tent at once.


Huntsman Spider. Photo Jon.

However, then I remembered a hilarious situation I heard on the radio where screams were heard from a flat in Sydney. When the Police turned up convinced there’d been a murder. They found a guy standing on a chair with a spider on the wall…a huntsman. Not poisonous but it can give a nasty bite. There story makes for an excellent read!

Our daughter was terrified by a huntsman only the other night so even though it’s not poisonous, it’s still up there with Nightmare on Elm Street.

xx Rowena


18 thoughts on “The Virgin Campers…Friday Fictioneers.

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  2. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much, Doug. In my head, I set it in the Blue Mountains, West of Sydney. I must admit the characters became very real to me, although they’re not like anyone I know personally. My husband doesn’t try to be the hero but the dog does. He wouldn’t hold back to protect us.
    Best wishes,

  3. gahlearner

    This was hilarious beginning to end. I like camping (the real stuff with backpacking into the mountains and such) but I’d think twice if I was in Australia. I try to face spiders but that huntsman would have me screaming, too.

  4. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much. I haven’t been camping for years but both my kids are in Scouts so they’re seasoned campers like my husband. We are intending to have a go locally as a family so we can see how I go.
    I’ve just come back from a party. My friend shared a hilarious huntsman story. They had a huntsman in the house and she was going to deal with it. However, her husband said to leave it be. So, the huntsman had a reprieve. A few months later, she opened her daughter’s cupboard and freaked out!! The huntsman had produced what sounded like thousands of babies and it took her hours to get them out. I think I would’ve screamed too!

  5. Rowena Post author

    Definitely but I have quite a few family members with serious arachnophobia and have seen them freak out too many times not to do something with it. That and there was also that real story I mentioned about the guy with the spider in his flat. That was the real inspiration behind my take.
    Thanks very much for reading and your comments.
    xx Rowena

  6. rgayer55

    A girl I work with is scared of spiders. The day before Halloween, I taped a plastic spider to the gear shift in her vehicle. She nearly crapped her pants.

    I suspect she’s plotting a payback as I type this . . . .

  7. Rowena Post author

    Sounds like you need to pop Down Under for some desensitization therapy. Actually, I jest because I have a few phobias of my own and I am a champion of the double-standard!

  8. Rowena Post author

    That back story was incredible and went viral. If we’re not terrified of spiders, most of us know someone who is and could relate.
    My niece is terrified of spiders and once taped a huntsman to the wall so she knew where it was.

  9. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much. My son went to a scouting Jamboree last Summer and their troop was called the Drop Bears. They had a badge made up and decorated their site with photos etc. It was very clever. That’s when I found that photo of the drop bear.

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