Campbell Town, Tasmania.

At this point, I’m simply dipping my toe into Campbell Town and will be returning down the track for a more extensive visit.

While Campbell Town provides a convenient and fascinating break while driving between the North and the South, our interest in Campbell Town was personal and branches of our family history are intimately intertwined with the early days of English settlement in Campbell Town.


The Book Cellar, Campbell Town

Being ardent book lovers, our first port of call in Campbell Town was The Book Cellar. This is a fabulous bookshop located in the convict cellars of one of Tasmania’s most interesting heritage properties Foxhunters Return, an 1830’s coaching inn also offering heritage accommodation. I was really pleased to find a copy of Early Deloraine, based on the writings of Geoff’s Great Great Uncle, Daniel Griffin. Far from being a stale rambling about local history, this is full of riveting yarns trailing through the areas early history and includes detailed family snippets.

So, while there’s great food and shopping, we were mainly in search of historic Churches, graveyards and finding what was the family farm.



In particular, we were following in the footsteps of James Newton, a former convict from Norfolk Island and Port Arthur and his wife Bridget Vaughan, who sailed out to Hobart on The Beulah, as a free settler under the orphan immigration scheme (I’ll go more into that later).

It would appear that although James and Bridget were husband and wife in this life, their religious differences saw them divided in the next with James buried at St Mathew’s Catholic Cemetery while James was buried at St Luke’s Anglican Church, Campbell Town. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find either of their graves.


However, we did find their former home.

We ended up spending several hours at Campbell Town and really soaked up it’s colonial appeal. In particular, we loved historic Red Bridge, which crosses the Elizabeth River.

Unfortunately, time is marching on and I’ll never to leave Campbell Town there. Blogging and travelling are proving mutually exclusive.

xx Rowena




10 thoughts on “Campbell Town, Tasmania.

  1. New Journey

    Love that bridge…it isn’t going anywhere any time soon….I would of spent all my time at the book cellar, what a fun place to browse…..thank you for taking us on your vacation with you….xxxkat

  2. Rowena Post author

    Just a shame you weren’t there with us in person, although it’s hard enough travelling with four people. That said, we had a great time and had the experience of a couple of lifetimes thrown into one.
    That Cellar Bookshop certain captivated me and it was probably just as well Geoff was with me. We spent a lot as it was but they had a book about the area he grew up which is out of print so I personally felt it was worth it.
    You’d have to leave your diet behind unless you went more for the fresh produce. I’m afraid I went for high fat, high sugar and pure pleasure. I’m a covert hedonist. xx Ro

  3. Rowena Post author

    Hi Monika. Thanks so much for joining. We had a trip of a lifetime which we’re hoping to repeat.
    BTW…Lady managed to get out several times while we were away culminating in going missing. I couldn’t access my mobile phone most of the time we were in Tasmania and that’s the number on her collar. I went into a major panic but then Geoff re-gigged the phone and it came good. Our houseminder took her to her parents’ place for a few days after that. Bilbo, of course, behaved himself and stayed home. Such a good dog!

  4. Tails Around the Ranch

    Glad to hear your girl is safe. No doubt it was troubling while she was missing. Always a good thing to have a happy ending! Your trip photos have been marvelous (as always) and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your travels. Welcome home.

  5. New Journey

    Since I don’t eat fish or a lot of meat, the fresh produce and of course any yeast product would be fine for me…..I agree the book was worth it….nothing wrong with being a hedonist…..!!!! Like to claim it as well…xxxxkat

  6. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much, Monika. I got a bit stuck while we were away as I had no reception on my phone and with her lost, I was feeling pretty desperate. Fortunately, Geoff got it connected again and saved the day…again!
    xx Ro

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