Touched By the Light of the Moon.

Photography can be a lot like fishing. When you see that perfect shot, you’ve left your camera at home. Or, as has happened to me many times, the @#$% battery has been flat.Mind you, things were a lot worse back in the day when you could so easily run out of film and you didn’t have the privilege or looking in the back of your camera to see whether you’d got the shot. You had to be very particular and go through a lot of film “just in case”.

Well, tonight was our lucky night even if being able to capture the moment and save it for eternity might not be everybody’s idea of hitting the jackpot. Yes, indeed, I’m sure if you surveyed 100 people, most of them would take winning lotto over being able to take a photograph…especially a night shot of the moon, which, without a tripod and the inherent blurring camera shake,  is going to be a “mission impossdible” to perfect.


The moon rising on my father’s 70th Birthday tonight. What an incredible tribute!

But that’s not the point.There’s something incredible, spectacular, spiritual and beyond any kind of description about looking through the lens at something amazing and having your own version, interpretation or perspective on that. I also find that photogrphing something helps me to absorb it in much greater detail than I do watching it with the naked eye. There’s that focus. That intense focus where sometimes, I can almost feel myself merging in with the subject and becoming one.

Today is was my father’s 70th Birthday and it seemed quite appropriate that there was a particularly impressive, huge orange moon suspended in the sky as we droive home tonight.I didn’t even have to nudge Geoff to pull over at the lookout to take the photos. We were thinking the same thing and were pleased   that for once we had the camera in the car, battery charged and ready for action when such a brilliant photo opportunity was screaming out to be caught.

You can also get some very "interesting" effects taking night shots!!

You can also get some very “interesting” effects taking night shots!!

Being out there in the pitch black darkness staring at the moon through the lens and absorbing a sense of something so serene and beyond human comprehenion and understanding, was incredible. Time stood still for those few minutes and all the rush, bustle and “to-Do’s” melting away in the moonlight.

There was just peace.

Happy Birthdays Mum & Dad. Yes, Mum had her birthday during the week so it was a double celebration.

xx Rowena

13 thoughts on “Touched By the Light of the Moon.

  1. derrickjknight

    Well done. Your Geoff would appreciate how I got one of my favourite shots. Jackie was driving. I was asleep, and woken by the sensation of the car turning round in the road. We came to a halt alongside brambles dripping with icicles.

  2. roweeee Post author

    Dad seemed happy, aisde from the kids spending too much time on their ipads. I kept telling them to switch them off but they don’t have access during the week and had got them back before we left, which turned out to be a strategic blunder.
    The city lights you see are Woy Woy town centre, which I have to admit are nowhere near as spectacular by day. That said, it has some beautiful waterways and this is pretty similar to the view from the kids’ scout hall andit is so serene and breathtaking!

  3. roweeee Post author

    I’m envious. I got some fabulous photos of blue sky, sun shining on dripping icles down at the Australian ski fields at Blue Cow. That was my first trip to the snow and I didn’t realise at the time, that they would be my very best snow photos ever. Those conditions have never replicated on subsequent trips. Still, I remain the eternal optimist!!

  4. roweeee Post author

    Thank you very much. I haven’t posted any photos of the birthday people as they don’t want to appear online xx Rowena

  5. Minuscule Moments

    I know Woy Woy I use to live at Narara, so I get what your saying….good old central coast got too big for us Rowena. iPads can be a complete pain some times.

  6. roweeee Post author

    Had a good laugh at the clothing husband said that it’s not so optional here at the moment. It’s rather cold..especially at night. we watched a documentary about a naturalist community north of bLondon called Spielplatz. Not our scene but it was interesting. They’d enjoy a bit of naked dancing with or without the full moon! Xx Rowena

  7. Tails Around the Ranch

    Lovely shots here (no wonder you received the nomination!). Sorry for the late response-I’m playing catch up with my reader. Sigh. Belated birthday wishes to your pops. ♪ღ♪░H░A░P░P░Y░ B░I░R░T░H░D░A░Y░░♪ღ♪

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