Sydney Harbour…A Rear End Perspective.

If you were painting a portrait of Sydney Harbour, no doubt you’d position the Sydney Harbour Bridge centre stage. Of course, the Sydney Opera House with its iconic white sails would be leaning over on the left and you might even include a smattering of Luna Park over on the right. Of course, it would have to be a postcard perfect sunny day with azure skies and diamonds sparkling over the the deep blue harbour. It would undoubtedly be that iconic portrait of Sydney Harbour.

However, there are all sorts of angles and perspectives on a diamond, which are all quite equally Sydney Harbour and yet comparatively unrecognizable.

So, today we’re trading in the “Front Door View” and I’m letting you enter my magnificent home city through one of it’s many back doors…Darling Harbour. You will be joining Miss and I as we walk from Matilda The Musical back to Town Hall Station via Darling Harbour and the Queen Victoria Building. (You can read about Matilda Here)


Rowena & Miss at Matilda

Actually, looking further through the photos, I might need to re-define “view”. After all, when you think of a view, you’re looking up and out at something. I can’t help wondering if I was focused on my feet on this walk. Indeed, I’ve even photographed my feet but for me, feet are very much a part of journeys, particularly when you’re walking and exploring. I like to think of all the many different places my feet have walked and how through walking through these different paths, that I am walking where so many others have walked in their own shoes with their own dreams and perspectives of these very same paths and what a beautiful thing that is. “We are one, but we are many”.


Miss and I on the wharf at Darling Harbour. Yet another shadow portrait. My camera doesn’t know what a selfie is.


Ship, Darling Harbour.


The Welcome Wall at the Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour  honours more than 6 million immigrants to Australia.


Maritime Museum reflection.JPG

I loved all these molten reflections in the front window at the Maritime Museum.


Me and my red shoes about to board a ship.


Miss and I indulging in luscious Iced Chocolates at the Lindt Cafe, Darling Harbour. They were the best! We had an impromptu afternoon tea with friends there.


Chinese Lunar New Year Lantern Sculpture in the Queen Victoria Building.



Queen Victoria is not too sure about the Tiger Lantern which has moved in next door for the Chinese New Year celebrations at the Queen Victoria Building, Sydney.

The Queen Victoria Building is located just across the road from the Sydney Town Hall where we caught the train home.

After such a wonderful day, I felt like Cinderella returning home from the ball and it was back home to prepare for another week.

xx Rowena

13 thoughts on “Sydney Harbour…A Rear End Perspective.

  1. roweeee Post author

    Thanks, Kat. I had fun taking them. Love photography. I see the world so differently through my lens. Notice so much more detail! xx Ro

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  3. Minuscule Moments

    Looked like a wonderful day Rowena. Each time I visit that amazing city which I use to call home it has changed and evolved. I never get tired of the bridge view from a ferry ride. We took a ride at night on the ferris wheel at Darling Harbour and it is such a pretty sky line. Glad you enjoyed the show, nothing better than Mum and daughter time.

  4. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much, Kath. A night ride on the ferris wheel at Darling Harbour would be amazing. I’d love to get up there with my camera just on dusk so the images don’t blur too much. Luna Park would be great too. I’m with you on ferry rides under the Harbour Bridge. My dentist is at Kirribilli and quite often I catch the ferry to Circular Quay afterwards. I found a French cafe on George Street in The Rocks which is in the old Police Station. You can eat in the cells. Enjoyed a few chocolate croissants there in the last year.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    xx Rowena

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