Rumi & Me…the US Election.

Like millions around the world, I was shocked to hear that Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States.
By now, there’s not much left to say, which hasn’t already been said. That is, other than to share my son’s insight on the fiasco: “Mum, did you realise that Donald Trump was elected President on 9/11?!!” Not a good omen, but we already knew that.
While doing some research today, I came across this quote from Rumi:

“If in the darkness of ignorance, you don’t recognize a person’s true nature, look to see whom he has chosen for his leader.”


That Donald Trump wasn’t a lone voice calling out in the American wilderness, is only one of the scarier aspects of Trump’s victory. That he has millions of followers and like-minded people who may not agree with all of his policies, but agreed enough to get out there and vote. Vote in a country where the hard won right to vote, is optional and millions bail out. Where voting requires a lot more political and philosophical motivation than it does here in Australia (we get fined if we don’t vote.)

So, these people really chose to vote for Donald Trump. Or, they chose not to vote for Hillary Clinton.
In addition to those who voted for Donald trump, there were those who didn’t vote in this critical election, even though the future of the so-called “free world” may depend on it. These people potentially trouble me more than those for voting for Trump.
Moreover, while I’m being critical of the US elections, let’s address the question of whether America is truly democratic. After all, is it democratic when you have to be a zillionaire to have any chance of being elected President? If the system is rotten to the core, how can you expect to elect good fruit?
This rot isn’t confined to America, of course.
Britain has its Brexit.
Australians have elected controversial Pauline Hanson to the Senate.
If our elected leaders, as Rumi suggests, do reflect who we are as a people, what do these choices say about us?About them?
It is a concern.
Yet, of course, it doesn’t say an awful lot about those who didn’t vote for him.
Indeed, many of these folk fought long and hard to block Trump’s quest for the White House.
So, what can they do now when they’re forced to live under his Presidency? How do they and those of us around the world,  stand up and fight for social justice when our faith seemingly flies against the wind?
Unfortunately, I am a woman of words, not of action. However, I know that I am not alone and neither are you. A  few grains of sand can gain momentum, building up into a mighty storm. However, we have to find the courage and strength to act.We need to get up out of the couch and plant ourselves somewhere we can make a difference. I don’t know where that is for me. As a writer, I hope that these words become seeds and get people thinking about what they are planting…seeds of love or seeds of hate. After all, those seeds will grow tall and strong fueled by sun, rain and soil and then they will bear fruit. We need to be very careful about the kind of fruit we’re mass producing as this is definitely not a game.
If we plant two seeds of love, for every seed of hate, anger and fear… then collectively we can overcome these negative vibes which are spreading throughout democratic nations which value freedom, truth and justice. We can defend the values our countries have always held dear, even under the terrorist threat.
After all, we don’t want to change our stripes and become what we hate…especially when we as nations have fought long and hard to defend democracy, freedom of speech, equality. Values which could see someone as small as an insignificant mustard seed rise up and become the President of the United States, the Prime Minister of Britain or Australia based on merit instead of money.
Evidently, the US election, as well as elections in Britain and Australia, have given me much to think about in terms of our political systems. Obviously, I’m idealistic but I’m not about to throw out my rosy-coloured glasses yet. How about you? What are your thoughts? Let’s keep this constructive. I’m wanting to encourage the good stuff at a time when it’s seemingly under threat.
xx Rowena
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13 thoughts on “Rumi & Me…the US Election.

  1. merrildsmith

    It is interesting to get a perspective from Australia, Rowena. As you know, I did not vote for DT. I think he is a horrible person and totally unqualified to be president. I can’t believe he even became a candidate, and it is mind-boggling to me that people voted him into the White House. My husband and I watched the returns that night with daughter and son-in-law–just stunned. None of us slept much that night. I will continue to fight for justice and rights.

    Just to let your son know–the election took place on the 8th, although the results did not come in until the early hours of the 9th. Here in the U.S. we write months first, so it would have been 11/8 or 11/ 9. When we say 9/11–it means September 11. But the news was still awful!

    Also, it is interesting to know that you get fined for not voting! It is definitely a choice here. And as you probably know, in the presidential race, the decision comes from electors in the Electoral College. HRC won the popular vote.

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl

    I did vote for Trump, although I have Libertarian views.
    Why did I vote for this man? I believe that he will bring change to our country that has (for the last 8 years) awarded failure, rather than success.
    There were a few things wrong with our Healthcare system true, however not enough to warrant this debacle of a plan! Before the plan (6 years ago), I paid $1800 per year, this year it will be $6700. My salary is about $50,000 gross (with overtime) I am considered “rich” here and get no kickbacks/help with my payments. “Affordable Healthcare Plan” my ass!!
    Companies with over 50 employees must pay for insurance. To combat these laws, companies have laid-off enough to bring the count to 49 or cut full-time workers hours to under 40 to avoid paying for insurance. How is this going to grow our country’s economy?!?
    My house has lost $100,000 in value in 8 years! If a democratic party was so great, why did my value keep ticking down, rather than up? 8 years is enough time to show at least some progress to the positive, not continue to go down.
    When it comes to “slinging 💩” around, the Hillary campaign was just as hateful and mean!
    If all rumors were true… I’d rather have a president that grabs women, than a president that risks the security of the nation by using unsecured emails. Period.
    How soon folks forget that Bill Clinton was messing around with Gennifer Flowers & Monica Lewinsky while in office! Many wanted him impeached! I honestly felt this had nothing to do with our country, it was a personal issue, and we all have them.
    Speaking to Trump’s mean nature… I do want a strong leader. I don’t want a sissy-lala leader, who will just be stepped on by other countries.
    When Ronald Reagan (R) took office in 1981, many thought he would razzle the USSR enough for them to bomb us 😂. He got our economy humming and back on track after the Carter (D) debacle. All done in 8 years!!
    However it happened, the man is a billionare. How many folks can say that? He worked his ass off to get where he’s at. He’s not a slump that sat by waiting for handouts, he worked hard for what he has.
    I do have a problem with immigrants that want citizenship handed to them. They cry that they will be deported… well then, do the work it takes to become a citizen! Why should it be handed to you?!?
    Why should America let you in without you caring enough to follow our rules? By an immigrant’s action of coming here, they obviously feel it’s better here and should want to keep it “status quo” and follow our rules. Period.
    I can’t wait for him to take office and make the changes this country needs. With his business savvy, I anticipate many jobs becoming available and our economy getting back on track!
    In the end, I’m happily looking forward to a new America, where folks are proud to be American again.
    Sorry for overloading your comment section. I had to challenge the quote you started your post with, as it can have two meanings.
    I think you can view me as a strong, no nonsense person, who just wants to succeed in life and enjoy my life.

  3. aFrankAngle

    Many thanks for your thoughts. I knew your requirement to vote or be fined. The flip side of that is how many uninformed vote. Yes, we in the US have a choice, but I’m not suggesting that all who vote are informed …. and to me, informed means more than a view associated with a political party.

    Rumi’s quote is a good one because the choice of leaders tells much about people … just as the choice of friends tells a lot about a person.

    This election was so strange. For whatever reason, the members of each political party selected candidates with baggage … and a lot of baggage. I have asked these questions for a long time … 1) What if the ballot would have said “For Trump, Vote Trump but more against Clinton, For Clinton, Vote Clinton but more against Trump …. (I think the against votes would have been high 2) What if “None of the above” was a choice? (I think it would have won)

    Of course the partisans on both sides would disagree, after all, that’s why they are partisans. Clinton got by vote, but it was a vote against him … and in the past few days I have been shaking my head at both sides. I continue to take the high road for the moment to give him and his team a chance. Although I wonder about much (which will be my next post).

  4. Rowena Post author

    I think he deserves a chance. It was a very heated campaign and now that he’s won, perhaps he will settle down. His acceptance speech seemed quite level headed.
    I look forward to your next post.

  5. Rowena Post author

    You’re welcome, Corina. I found it very interesting to be able to read your insider account of what happened and the helpful response really touched me. Take care! xx Rowena

  6. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much for your lengthy comment and it is much appreciated. We had a lot of coverage of the US election here in Australia and even people here go quite fired up about it, which isn’t usually the case. Australians don’t usually get fired up about politics.
    I can understand why you voted for Trump based on what you wrote and I’d be wanting change too if my house was going backwards. US debt is also a serious thing too. I can understand the need to see America great again. I’ve never been to America but I remember when my aunt and uncle returned from America and brought us back some Fisher Price toys and they were amazing. You couldn’t get anything like that here. It was like the land which had everything. That has changed, which might have been inevitable but people still remember the good times and I don’t blame them for wanting them back.
    I have been feeling more comfortable with Trump since the election. He’s not taking a wage and he seems to be doing this to make America better. These are noble things. At the same time, I don’t like the idea of building a wall with Mexico. We had the Berlin Wall and it’s gone. We don’t need another wall.
    Anyway, it’s time for me to start relaxing and getting to bed. xx Rowena

  7. New Journey

    I am glad the election is over…going to be an interesting next 4 years…I did not vote for Trump, but am very anxiously waiting to see what happens the first 6 months after he is in office…then I will either call BS on it or yell bravo….time will tell…until then I am trying not to listen, or see anything to do with politics…..just trying to enjoy life…..xxkat

  8. Rowena Post author

    I can’t blame you for wanting to escape politics after the intensity and length of that election campaign. It seemed to be never-ending. I am hoping that President Trump is different to the campaigner.
    Can’t believe it’s time to wish you a good weekend already. It’s Thursday night here. I’ve just arrived home from my last dance lesson for the year. I’m going to miss it. xx Ro

  9. New Journey

    yes the weekend is just around the corner….we are heading to a big church bazar this morning…..then the wind is suppose to picking up….so we will hunker down inside…I am so happy that I can say I have a ballerina as a friend….xxx

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