Sunday…A Procrastinator’s Paradise!

If Monday is a day of miraculous change, then Sunday must be the last hurrah…a day of pure, evil self-indulgence and utter procrastination. After all, even if our bad habits have swallowed us up like quick sand, somehow come Monday morning we are supposed to be a new creation, cleansed from all our previous sins…a clean slate. Out with the old and in with the new, even our very DNA changes as fat comes thin, lazy becomes industrious and that book project is miraculously finished.

At least, it will be!

Of course, it all starts off with a bang Monday morning and we’re off and running.

So, with Sunday being our last day of freedom, does that give us some kind of all-day indulgence pass allowing us to have that final, last big fling? To blob out, eat as much chocolate as we can possibly stuff in our gob, carpe vice or simply bask in some procrastinator’s paradise?

This is my idea of a perfect Sunday!

This is my idea of a perfect Sunday!

Humph, I’d like to think so but I’m not so sure. Something tells me that if I want tomorrow to go off without a hitch, at least some of the hard work, needs to begin today…especially cleaning up my desk.

However, being Sunday, I’ll turn procrastination into an art form.

That means writing about tomorrow. In other words, Monday.

Mondays are weird. While Sundays are ripe with opportunity and our best intentions including the planning and detailed required to pull our best intentions off (i.e time tables, schedules, lists etc etc etc!!!) Monday becomes something of a “catastrophe”!

Instead of being fueled by Sunday’s zealous enthusiasm, when my alarm goes off Monday morning, I have something akin to a killer hangover. Completely immobile, I keep pressing the snooze button, praying that the kids have dressed and fed themselves and won’t put up a fight. Who am I kidding? Hearing the usual screams, I stagger out into the kitchen feeling like the Grim Reaper possessed me during the night and all that’s left is a ghostly shell.

Every cell in my body aches and I don’t know whether hangover cures work for Mondayitis but anything is worth a shot. Having just enough strength to power up the blender, I throw in the mandatory raw eggs, steak and spinach and even a few nails for added strength and while that’s whirling around I down a glass of Berocca. I’m hoping all that “B-B bounce” will somehow catapult us out the door.

No such luck! The kids aren’t moving. The boot up the backside, cattle prod and even putting Minecraft into time out for eternity aren’t working. Desperate times mean desperate meaures, so I threaten to drop them at the Juvenile Justice Centre just up the hill. Juvenile Justice is not very far from the local pound either. So, if the dog keeps barking at 5.30AM (thank you very much, Lady!), I can drop her off on the way.

Peace and quiet but, of course, I jest!

My goodness! I’m sure all of this strife wasn’t part of the new script?

After all, isn’t this a repeat from last week’s episode?

This Monday was supposed to be different!

“Cut! Didn’t you read the script?”

We definitely need to cut and find a new script every single Monday morning.

We definitely need to cut and find a new script every single Monday morning.

Apparently not!

You see, the trouble is that even though this particular Monday morning might be new, the cast of characters and the set are still the same. This being the case, why would I, or indeed any of us, expect this Monday to be any different from any other Monday and have things miraculously work like clockwork?

“It’s just Another Manic Monday”:

A detour on the way to school on my birthday a few weeks ago.

A detour on the way to school on my birthday a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, real life isn’t a motivational book turned real just in the same way that fairy tales are exactly that…fairy tales. We know fairies are pure fantasy, imagination and wishful thinking. We’d never expect them to come to life. Yet, for some reason we expect the kids to empty the dishwasher unprompted, the chocoholic to become sugar-free, the Minecraft addict to read a book and the house to clean itself just because it’s Monday morning.


Welcome to the real world!

The instant fix just isn’t going to happen.

There is no magic wand. Just persistence, being consistent, putting in the hard yards while having the faith that you can get there.

It apparently takes 6 weeks to break or forge a habit.

That might not be very long if you’re the sort of person who thrives on routine and methodical order but being creative, impulsive and haphazard, six weeks is an eternity.

This means that for any of this to change, I’ll need to be extremely determined.

Not only that.

I’ll need to draw up something of a road map of how I’m going to get there and stick to it. No detours!

So, starting from tomorrow, I will be setting myself a daily schedule. Living by the clock, the “panster” is going to have to become a “planner” or I am never going to get my books written. Finished. Something I know could really work will never happen and while the blog is going well, I’ll just end up being a “wanna be”.

Writing in my journal at Perisher in 2012 while the rest of the family was skiing.

Writing in my journal at Perisher in 2012 while the rest of the family was skiing.

I have never been a wanna be. I’ve mostly gone and done it but I’ve taken too many blows over the last couple of years. I needed a breather. I need to rethink the direction of the book after life events radically changed the plot and sabotaged the entire philosophical thread.


That was a year ago. I’ve had time to rethink. Re-evaluate and create a different, probably more authentic and realistic way of looking at how we handle life’s setbacks. That it isn’t always just onward and upward. That indeed, just when we taste success, the whole mountain can come crumbling down and we’re seemingly back at the start again, buried in a snow and rubble but we still need to pick ourselves up and start over and that is my specialty.

Now, it’s time to become my own coach and motivator. Encourage myself to keep going in the same way that I encourage others and tell them that they “can do it”. That I am good enough.

Also, that I can somehow juggle all the stuff with the family, house etc and get this book done. That there will always be pressing priorities but they can be juggled and pushed aside to pursue what I know is my personal quest. I need to get that book out the door and I need to do it now


    I need to do that or I know that I am but a bonsai of who I was always meant to be. That this isn’t about dreams or visions but who I am almost as a physical being. Not only writing but being read and getting my journey into a published format is as much a part of each and every cell in my body as my DNA and yet, I freeze.

    Paralysis through analysis?

    If I just start writing, or indeed, gather up all the writing I’ve already done and compile it, will it all suddenly come together and somehow knit together like a scarf? Become something of a tapestry?

    I have to believe that it will.

    That I can do this.

    I know this isn’t going to be easy but I’m NOT going to analyze things anymore. That would only cause further procrastination.

    I need to become who and what I was always intended to be.

    Not only a writer but also an author.

    A person with that cherished book in their hand with their name on the front page on the cover and and the spine.

    No longer a “gunna do” but a “Done it”.

    For this reason, tomorrow can’t wait.

    Tomorrow begins today…even if it is a Sunday!

    How do you manage procrastination and crippling self-doubt on the writing front? What has got you through?

    xx Rowena

    PS: I let Bilbo have the last word…”I am NOT procrastinating!”

    Bilbo with his ball. Actually, that's another dog's ball. Humph! Just call him obsessed!

    Bilbo with his ball. Actually, that’s another dog’s ball. Humph! Just call him obsessed!

12 thoughts on “Sunday…A Procrastinator’s Paradise!

  1. Minuscule Moments

    Reach for the stars Rowena and follow your bliss. I have days when writing seems so far from my reality. But I know if I want to write I need to show up at my desk and do the work. I am halfway through an editing course, taking my crappy first draft from NaNoWriMo and learning how to make it into something worth reading. I doubt it will ever be published but we all need to start somewhere and I have so many stories inside my head, they will all need to come out. Cheering you on here!

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl

    I never have problems writing blog posts, as they are short (IMO) and the photos were easy. I’m actually somewhat obsessed with finding photos for posts. The software (in my head) is always running in the background for topics as I go thru my daily life.
    I do however have other issues that I’ve not addressed. I want to change careers to benifit the earth more (not the rich snobs I work for now). I also need to make a humble salary. The economy here is still bad and not many folks think plants and animals are important enough to pay someone to care for them. I would also need a bit more education surely. But working a full time job presents issues of attending school. After a 10 hour day and my post obsession, I have enough time left in my day to eat, sleep and poop. Finnegan begin again!
    Mondays… well I think the Boomtown Rats said it best. “I don’t like Monday’s. I’m gonna sho-o-o o-ot the whole day down!

  3. roweeee Post author

    Thanks so much, Kath. I thought you might be interested in a creative writing book. I’ve bought one for each of my kids. It’s called “Write Stuff” and there’s creative writing for boys and another creative writing for girls. My daughter’s is in the post so I haven’t seen it yet but when we were driving down to Sydney yesterday, I decided to make the most of the captive audience and go through the book with the kids in the car. We didn’t really get beyond character development and it introduces terms like the protagonist,antagonist etc and on the opposite page there are questions to answer to develop the character’s back story. With the four of us working on it, we came up with some fairly well-developed and unique characters and it was a lot of fun. My husband is a very avid reader and contributed quite a lot to the discussion while driving. My son is very down on his writing abilities and avoids it altogether both at home and at school and this was a sneaky little strategy for dropping a few gold coins into his think tank.

  4. roweeee Post author

    I am definitely with you and the Boom town rats on Mondays. Yuck!
    It can be quite hard to transition careers. If you could find something which could be a stepping stone from where you are now to where you’d like to be so you can use your existing skills to start making the change, that could work.
    The trouble with looking after plants and animals is also that people volunteer and do it for free because they love them so much. Humph! xx Rowena

  5. Minuscule Moments

    Rowena my daughter has a couple of these books, she is passionate about writing stories and I encourage her too. She goes in every writing challenge at school and is a book worm like me. My son does not get into it as much but when he does write his stories are always entertaining and unique due to him thinking outside the square. Even if I never publish anything my children are learning along with me. Funny we use to play the what if game in the car for stories and came up with my picture book from that, so anything is possible when we are having fun.

  6. roweeee Post author

    I think my daughter does that What if game at drama. I’ll have to ask her. Your kids sound very similar to mine. I am heading off to Sydney today and have a doctors appt at RNSH at 3.00 and so I’d planned to drop the kids at school and spend the day in Surry Hills beforehand. I go there now and then to dose up on the ar5tistic, inner city thing and go to a earthy vegan cafe, which had a statue of the Vegan Mary out the front. I have cocnut chai lattes there, which are like drinking fluffy, coconut clouds.
    Well, although Monday is supposed to be the day of new resolutions taking shape, it is also a bit of a rude shock and the kids and I always have something of a hangover. So, just when I was wanting to bolt into the city, Mister has been up coughing and is tired and still wrapped up in a blanket on the couch refusing to go to school. Managed to drop my daughter off half an hour late after she was holding a birthday party in the cubby she’d made out of the new dishwasher box for her toys. When I told her to get dressed, she told me “How would you like it if no one sang Happy Birthday to you on your birthday????!!!” She could not be swayed. I’m sure a donkey would be easier to shift. Anyway, I’m making myself a cup of tea and am about to ring Geoff. That usually gets the lad moving. That said, his cough is nasty but he can stay home tomorrow!!!
    I have had to cancel my doctor’s appt 3 times to accommodate the kids. It now about 3 months since my endoscopy and I haven’t got the results. Mind you, it’s really my stopover in Surry Hills and that time out that I’m really hankering after.
    I hope your Monday is going better!!
    xx Ro

  7. maxwellthedog

    Great pics, Roweee, you look well and happy. I guess it would be cruel for me to point out that we retired folk don’t much differentiate between a Sunday and Monday, both are great days to get up late and dawdle. OK, I won’t mention that.

  8. merrildsmith

    I hope your Monday is going well! I actually did a quite a bit of work on Sunday because I’m going to take some time this week to help my daughter with painting and moving to her new apartment. My husband is there with her now while I work some more today.

    While my husband was teaching (just retired in June) his Sunday nights were often the time to get work finished and ready for the upcoming week. I think this is true of many teachers.

    Your time on the beach with the dogs provides with you lots of time to think–not procrastinating at all! 🙂

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