Weekly Pet Share: Introducing Aussie Dogs Bilbo & Lady.

Bilbo and Lady have been a bit cranky lately as they haven’t been getting a lot of air time on my blog.Of course, I’ve explained that they’re not the centre of the entire universe. That I do have other things going on. That said, much of the time, there’s just the three of us at home and so I can sort of understand their misplaced sense of importance.

Since we are new to Pet Share, I thought I’d better introduce the dogs who really are quite the odd couple. Firstly, I should point out that we’re Australian and live right near the beach just North of Sydney.

Bilbo appropriating another dog's ball.

Bilbo appropriating another dog’s ball.

While Bilbo is more of an introvert, a quiet, older Gentleman dog who takes awhile to warm to strangers, Lady is an effervescent extrovert who loves strangers and will even jump in their cars. She obviously hasn’t taken the stranger danger message onboard, even though she got in a stranger’s car (ours) and ended up with a new home.

We’ve had Bilbo for almost 9 years now since he was a pup. He’s a beautiful boy inside and out but can be fiercely protective and his fluffy coat can be a bit misleading. He’s also the ball chasing champion of the universe. Or, at least he was until a younger dog appeared at the beach who outruns him every time, reminding him that he’s not so young after all.Bilbo has had a severe flea allergy lately and has lost about 15 kilos, which was a good thing except he’s been quite sick. He’s just finished a course of antibiotics and is still on a tapering dose of cortisone. He’s been incredibly hungry and all that sheepdog obsessiveness has been focused on food. His nose, for example, is currently parked on my lap even though I’ve3 finished my lunch. He is desperate poor boy.

Lady at Ocean Beach, NSW.

Lady at Ocean Beach, NSW.

Lady is 3 years old Border Collie x Cavalier and we adopted her a year ago. She came from a farm in Tenterfield, in Northern NSW where she still lived with her dog parents and brother. So, moving here must have been quite a shock. She was exceptionally friendly for awhile and I think this was her way of saying: “Where is everyone? It’s been a wonderful holiday but could you please take me home!!!” She’s settled down much and pretty much gained the weight Bilbo lost but we’re not sure how. She has been known to help herself. Being from a farm, she is actually registered as a “Working Dog” but she doesn’t know the meaning of the word and likes sleeping on a blanket and a more regal way of life.

It took a few weeks for the dogs to connect but they’re now happy to share the big kennel and look out for each other when we go to the beach.

A family photo with Bilbo as a pup Mother's Day, 2007.

A family photo with Bilbo as a pup Mother’s Day, 2007.

Speaking of the beach, I generally walk the dogs off-leash at the beach. This is quite social and I’ve got to know many other walkers. Taking the dog to the beach is a great opportunity, particularly for older locals, to meet up and get to know people.

Well, that a bit of an intro to our furry family and I look forward to meeting yours too!

By the way, if you are interested in finding out about Pet Share, please click here https://hopethehappyhugger.wordpress.com/michelles-weekly-pet-challenge/ and here is the linky. http://www.blenza.com/linkies/links.php?owner=Hopethehappyhugger&postid=31Oct2015

xx Rowena

15 thoughts on “Weekly Pet Share: Introducing Aussie Dogs Bilbo & Lady.

  1. roweeee Post author

    It’s fabulous. I’ve had a bug and I haven’t got there for a few weeks and I do miss it and I know my fitness has slumped. It’s raining at the moment as well. Need to bite the bullet!

  2. merrildsmith

    I’ve “met” your doggy family members in other posts, but they seem very sweet. I’m glad they’re feeling better. I grew up with dogs, but now we have cats (and I adore my 2 boys!), and one daughter has a dog and a cat, so I have a granddog 🙂

  3. annabellefranklinauthor

    Millie says: ‘Hi Bilbo and Lady, it’s great to meet you! I understand your frustration at not getting enough air time. I have my very own blog, but Annabelle will keep muscling in to plug her writing. That’s when I get irritable and my DARK SIDE comes out. Like you, Bilbo, I can be fiercely protective and this has occasionally been misconstrued as aggression, but most of the time I’m a gentle, loving girl. I think I’d get on with you and Lady really well!’ ❤

  4. roweeee Post author

    I can relate to that. We do a lot of ball thropwing for Bilbo and his competitor Zac. Lady just seems to potter around sniffing most of the time.

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