Nature’s Candlesticks.

Such beauty growing in my own backyard, even if I cheated, planting this  Callistemon as tube stock 15 years ago.


Red Bottlebrush Tree in our backyard.

So beautiful with their red brushes back lit by the sun, the tree itself can be quite scraggly but still a rugged Australian beauty.

It’s also popular with the locals.

Rainbow Lorrikeet

Rainbow Lorrikeet in a native Callistemon or red Bottlebrush Tree.

Goes to show that you don’t need to travel far to experience nature’s beauty or to find something to photograph, write about or find some inspiration.

What has inspired you lately?

xx Rowena


5 thoughts on “Nature’s Candlesticks.

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Beautiful plant! I always love the odd looking plants in the landscape. This one is clearly odd! 😃

  2. Rowena Post author

    Funnily enough, these red bottlebrush plants are fairly common here. They’re often used as screening plants and there’s rows of them along freeways. They’re also a great bird attracting plant so many people plant them for that too…and their beautiful red flowers. The whole tree explodes in flowers for a good month or so. I’ve got more photos of similar plants and will stick them up soon.

  3. Rowena Post author

    I never tire of rainbow lorrikeets. they’re such pretty birds and they have so much character. They’re quite common around here.

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